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The Fork in The Road

A  FORK IN THE ROAD is a powerful metaphor for a defining moment in  your life, one where you must make an important decision when faced with multiple options. Written in 1916, “The Road Not Taken” is a poem by Robert Frost. In  the final stanza he closes with these words…Two roads diverged in a  wood, […]

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Going Up

Going Up

A VERTICAL JUMP or vertical leap is the act of ELEVATING your center of gravity higher up off the ground. A high vertical jump is one of the key tests and important measurements in almost every sport    …continues

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Dare Something Worthy

The ultimate reason to dare something worthy is to entice you to become the person it takes to actually deliver on your dare. As you are about to find out, who you become, as well as the traits and skill sets   …continues

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JUST DO IT…while well-intentioned, is purely one-dimensional as it only focuses on the QUANTITY of one’s performance, but it falls short on measuring or inspiring the QUALITY of one’s performance.  …continues

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Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time

Managing energy, not time is the X Factor behind peak performance, personal renewal and overall well-being as every action, no matter the size, either adds or robs fuel from your energy gas tank.   …continues

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Moving the Needle

Sometimes we can become dulled to words like goals, objectives or priorities, and something as simple as changing the language you use can make all the difference in the world. Heck, it worked for   …continues

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Think It, Ink It, Do It, Review It.

The story of Humpty Dumpty was first printed in 1810 and became famous through Lewis Caroll’s book, ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’. It’s one of those unforgettable nursery rhymes, and perhaps   …continues

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Finish It Out Strong!

Your bank balance and your satisfaction or dissatisfaction with it is more a reflection of how you invest your time than a reflection of anything else. This is the more dominant factor in wealth or   …continues

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