Chronic Lateness Syndrome

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Excuses are a dramatic, ongoing theme for Knuckleheads.

Excuses are a dramatic, ongoing theme for Knuckleheads.

One thing you can count on from far too many people is their consistency in being late for just about any meeting. They are an equal opportunity offender and THIEF of others time, and patience.

These knuckleheads are not the sharpest knives in the drawer; they waltz in late, apologize profusely and insist that this incident was highly unusual.

They are never, ever late they say. The victim of their excuse finds the knucklehead amusing because experience has shown them to be late for everything.

Let?s cut to the quick on this issue. Being chronically late is irresponsible, unprofessional, and is a significant factor in annoying those that have been on time.

Knuckleheads would never admit this but they are getting some kind of demented jolly by getting other?s attention when they walk in the room ? late of course.

This demented behavior reinforces a sense of inadequacy that the Knucklehead feels about themselves and this is their creative way of demonstrating their incompetence to the world.

Excuses are a dramatic, ongoing theme for Knuckleheads. They consistently over schedule, become flustered when they fall behind, and continue to insist that they are never late. A rendezvous with reality is the only hope for change!

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6 Responses to “Chronic Lateness Syndrome”

  • Great post. I especially agree with your point about getting some kind of satisfaction over being late. It seems like a cheap way to get control of a situation. Some people like being the center of attention and they mistakenly think that being late is a good way to get it.

  • I very much enjoyed this and will be sharing it with a knucklehead!

  • Hey Gary- Your blog indicates a certain degree of animosity toward those who are late. Venting perhaps? Actually, I don’t blame you. Those who are chronicly late are terribly difficult to deal with. They appear unreliable and inconsiderate. In fact there is much evidence to suggest that chronic latecomers are acting out their hostility in a passive agressive format. They would like to be on time, but can’t seem to avoid getting caught up in the “last minute” format. This is true even for those who don’t overschedule and have plenty of time to be prompt. Ah well, the pitfalls of working with others, eh? Tolerence is the order of the day!

  • My son is chronically late and I think he enjoys both the negative and positive attention he gets, no matter how it goes.

    He is highly distractable and cannot plan time. As a new driver, he hopes a 20 minute trip will take 10 (if all the lights are green), but I wish lateness was the only consequence. It comes with job loss, school failures and no possibility of references for the future. Knuckleheads pay in droves, but what does it cost you?

  • I will tell you this. I found this blog because I was late for work again this morning. Nothing crazy, just that annoying little 10 minutes, but wanted to see if there was something wrong with me. I’ve been late for most things most of my life. Here I am 36 years old and STILL running late. Either I hit the snooze button too many times, or take too long in the shower, or run out the door forgetting to feed the cats (turning around and going back to do it)…it’s always SOMETHING. I tell you, I get NO enjoyment from this. I’ve lost several jobs over my lifetime to tardiness. NO ONE enjoys getting fired, especially for something so ridiculous. But alas, here I am, still late again this morning. I had been written up with my job threatened, so that “sense of urgency” kicked in, and I was on-time – for a spell. Didn’t take long, though (a month or two) that I was back to my old routine. Looking at the clock, running out the door without brushing my teeth (I have those items at work so I can save time at home and brush when I get to work), rushing so much I forget to feed the cats, forget to grab my phone or my lunch…and swearing to myself the entire ride to work as I’m driving somewhat short of maniac-style to gain time, watching each minute of the clock advance.

    So. To all of you that think chronically late people are “inconsiderate knuckleheads”, yes, some absolutely are, and really just don’t care. But keep in mind, that there’s the rest of us that DO care, and you have NO IDEA the battle that goes on inside, and that believe it or not, we’re quite just as sick of it as you are. Offering some help instead of criticism can make a difference. Knucklehead.

  • After years of tolerating a dear friend’s constant lateness and reaching a point of not being able to do so any more, I realized I was the one who had to change….to only socializing with her occasionally but talking with her more frequently by phone…and that helped me a lot. How unfortunate I couldn’t see her as often. Found out she was paying her bills late also. I would love to understand this situation better!

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