Flawless Perfection

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Nobody’s perfect but everybody is trying!

  • Building the perfect athlete
  • Pitching the perfect game
  • Laying the perfect bunt
  • Chasing the perfect season
  • Finding the perfect diamond
  • Buying the perfect gift
  • Riding the perfect wave
  • Singing the perfect note
  • Cooking the perfect dessert
  • Creating the perfect wine

Any driven athlete–any serious physicist, philosopher, winemaker or entertainer, for that matter–will tell you that while they all chase perfection, there is no such thing as perfection; there is only the ongoing pursuit of the ideal.

We each have our own idea of “as good as it gets”, and while perfection will never be obtained, our individual and collective goal is and should always be to perform as flawlessly as possible!

What To Do Now? Share your thoughts on what it means to perform flawlessly.

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One Response to “Flawless Perfection”

  • I think it has become increasingly important to strive for perfection and excellence in business because competition is getting harder and consumers have more possibilities to compare options.

    But obviously striving for perfection in all domains and every time Is not sustainable, one of the key elements of time management is the 80/20 principle and what I’m asking myself is when is it okay to apply this principle and when is it necessary to strive for ultimate perfection.

    Maybe you could share your opinion and insights on this question, that would be great.

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