Grow Up and Get Serious

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Time to Get Serious

Time to Get Serious

We’ve all heard the expression: Grow Up – Get Serious, but have you ever taken the time to really think of the impact and importance of those four words on your life.

One thing about successful people is that at some point in their life, each one has looked in the mirror and decided that once and for all they were done playing games, they were done settling for table scraps, they were done standing by idly on the sideline while other people that they did not perceive as being as bright nor as talented lived in nicer homes and enjoyed a better quality of life.

It was at that moment that they decided to get serious about being a mother, father, spouse, boss, teacher, leader or student.

All the great ones have had this conversation. Have you?

Have you honestly made the decision to get serious about your life, to stop blaming others, and to finally becoming the best that you can possibly be?

It’s a simple yes or no answer, one that is clearly demonstrated by your actions as behavior never lies.

Simply put, your behavior tells the world if you are serious or if you are just screwing around.

So what’s the answer?

The sad part is that far too many people take a casual and cavalier approach to life and have the audacity to complain and make excuses when things don’t go their way.

This is some sick kind and demented joke as these people are delusional if they think that they can really get ahead in life without getting serious about how they are going to use the precious and limited time they are given.

You can disagree strenuously with the following aggressive statements, but eventually you WILL come to the understanding that you have no choice but to accept them as reality.

You will become rich when you get serious about becoming rich and NOT a second sooner.

Until you decide to get rich by developing a plan and executing your plan consistently, you will forever remain in the situation you are in.

You will get in great physical shape only after you get serious about getting in great physical shape and NOT a second sooner.

Until you make the decision to get in shape you will continue to suffer the consequences of obesity, high cholesterol and poor fitting clothing.

You will enjoy a great marriage and a loving relationship only after you decide to get serious about having a great marriage and certainly not a second sooner.

Until you choose to build a loving, nurturing, safe and supporting relationship your relationship will remain as it currently is.

Let’s face it; until you accept the wisdom of those four words Grow Up -  Get Serious, you will waste a lot of time and energy.

The purpose of the 100 Day Challenge is for you to set and more importantly achieve a number of challenging and worthwhile goals. This is a serious program for serious people who want serious results.

If you are finally ready to Get Serious about your future, than take the challenge!

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One Response to “Grow Up and Get Serious”

  • You are absolutely right! Until you make your mind up to make changes in your life – your life will stay exactly the same!

    Look at your life and how it is right now and know that your life is the way it is right in this very moment because of your thoughts!

    If your not happy – change your thoughts and you change your life!

    Life By Design Fitness Training Studio Camp; Life Coaching
    Chicago, Illinois

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