Pay Attention to Details

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Pay Attention to Details

Pay Attention to Details

If you long to accomplish great and noble tasks, you first must learn to approach every task as though it were great and noble. Even the grandest project depends on the success of the smallest components.

The popular philosophy that instructs us not to sweat the small stuff is flawed, because it breeds poor customer service, under-performance, wasted opportunity, mistakes, inconsistencies, rework, and oversights.

From typos to tardiness, many people and organizations act as if details just don’t matter much. The result of this mindset is that they treat customers poorly, deliver sloppy results, and show up both unprepared and late.

Many people downplay small details, dismissing them as minutia, the small stuff that we’re encouraged to ignore. But in fact, our entire environment is simply an accumulation of tiny details. Although we measure our lives in years, we live them in days, hours, minutes and seconds.

Every action, every detail of our lives–has bottom-line repercussions; and it’s dangerous and derogatory to think of any of those details as trivial, unimportant or inconsequential.

Successful people, in many walks of life, understand the importance of detail:

  • Crime scene investigators know that it’s often the smallest, most obscure detail that results in the arrest and prosecution of criminals.
  • Athletes and coaches are all too aware that one minor misjudgment can swing momentum to their competitor and result in a loss rather than a win.
  • Doctors and nurses understand that the slightest mistake or loss of focus can result in a tragic situation that carries massive liability.
  • Business people carefully oversee the details of their products and services, knowing that one simple slip-up can cause a series of events that negatively impacts the bottom line, brand integrity, and public perception.
  • Engineers and architects know that the stability of the most gigantic structure depends on the integrity of its smallest element; a failed bolt or a misplaced pin can have huge consequences.
  • Fireman, first aid responders, and other emergency personnel are trained to focus on details even as a tragedy unfolds; as every second can make the difference between life and death in an emergency situation.
  • Amusement parks know that the safety and physical well-being of their guests?and the financial viability of the company?require consistent and meticulous attention to the minute mechanical details of rides and attractions.
  • Computer programmers spend their careers tightly focused on detail, as one incorrect digit in a code of millions can create an operational nightmare for the end user.
  • Automotive detailers make their living by restoring a car to showroom condition. This requires the removal of every last piece of lint, dirt, and grime; and the major tool of their trade is a simple Q-tip.

Ultimately, the key to quality in every aspect of our lives is doing little things correctly — all the time, every time, — so that each action produces a quality result.

When every detail is lovingly attended to, and each step in the process is given complete and careful attention, the end result inevitably will be of the highest quality.

Consistent attention to the small details produces excellence, that’s why we must all sweat the small stuff!

WHAT TO DO NOW? Share your two cents worth on the importance of paying attention to detail.

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11 Responses to “Pay Attention to Details”

  • As a Professional Organizer and owner of It’s the Details, LLC, I could not agree with you more! Not only is the highest quality found in “the details” but so is our our individuality and personal touch. Well stated.

  • Good to hear that you agree with me.

  • This is a really a great article, detail is really important. Furthermore, I am impressed by the vocabulary used and would like to see this type of topic more in future.


  • This is a really inspiring and true article, I am someone who is currently working in the corporate world where carelessness and thoughtless mistakes have risen awareness to the quality of my engagements and questionable performance.

    Can you suggest ways that i can improve on these flaws and regain my manager’s and senior’s confidence?


  • Great article. I agree the small things are just as and sometimes even more important than the big things. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed by the big things that I forget about the small things and then my life gets hectic.

    Thanks for the reminder that the small things do matter.

  • Excellent article. I am going to distribute it at our directors’ meeting today. Thank you Gary!

  • If you were to “measure” someone’s attention to detail what question or questions would you ask and what rating or measurement questions would be presented as possible answers?

  • This is excellent! Well, you have another follower of all of your work! Now please write something for those who cannot micro-manage ants in a bucket like me. :) I will also pass this link on.

  • If you long to accomplish great and noble tasks, you first must learn to approach every task as though it were great and noble. Even the grandest project depends on the success of the smallest components. – Gary Ryan Blair

    I used the above information in a message to our members. I love it and Yes…Everything Counts! Every choice, no matter how big or small, determines your future.

  • This pay attention to small details will help me be more successful in my business, thanks for this “powerful info” I will use it in everyday tasks, I expect amazing results in my techniques. Your words are wisdom!

  • A light bulb went off in my being when I stumbled upon your book. It’s one of the most powerful tables of content I’ve ever seen. Wow!

    It’s so weird that most people don’t pay attention to details but wanted to be treated as such. I’ve come to the conclusion that everything rises and falls on details.

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