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I evaluate this 100 Day Challenge as an 11

"On a scale of 1 to 10, I evaluate this 100 Day Challenge as an 11"

Here at the 100 Day Challenge, we are blown away and humbled by the amazing letters that arrive each day from people who have had powerful experiences that they would like to share with us.

Some are full of thanks and good vibes, some tell of stories of goals and milestones achieved, and a few can only be labeled as AMAZING as they are all about monumental performance gains like:

Michael Wilcox who used the 100 Day Challenge to pay off his $190,000 mortgage, and…

William Brooks who was able to rip 100 pounds of fat off his body and is now the poster child of massive results.

Each of these posts consists of deeply meaningful stories from people all over the world who participated in this special program. This steady supply of inspiration keeps our engines running, and that’s why we call it MOJO.

I’m happy to share these with you and hope that you can send us a note with your own story.

What To Do Now? Check out the 100 Day Challenge and remember to share your testimonial and personal experience on the bottom of this page.

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129 Responses to “RAVING FANS – Love the 100 Day Challenge”

  • I gladly add my congratulatory and laudatory note with the international community involved in the 100 Day Challenge. Results unfold by the day much like unpacking an Advent calendar one day at a time before Christmas.

    My partner and I will travel to Maui in January to find a home, to establish our business, and to survey the island. We will meet with a contact made possible by our coach.

    The 100 Day Challenge is magna cum laude and worth its weight in gold. The daily lesson inspires a modification of the existing belief system, the production of a new hologram, and the initation of a specific action. The action (result) is measurable and tracked by the 7 day AAR. May I add and underscore the lovely people I met on the way and with whom I shared postings.

    Currently I raise money to purchase professional coaching with Coach Blair. I am ready for the next step. I urgently desire to launch my business on Maui and start a new chapter of life with my partner-in-love-and-business.


    Dr. Robert M. Santry
    Pfungstadt, Germany

  • Dear Gary

    My sales last month was 100% more than my best month in this year, I owe that to your wonderful teachings in the 100 Day Challenge.

    Another target was to get involved with my church and be a pastor there… I had a serious conversation with my pastor and I’m in charge of the young group… Last service a lady accepted Jesus as her savior and another girl was baptized with Holy spirit. Imagine this in a small church, it was wonderful.

    It’s a great program!

    Marcelo Macedo, Brazil

  • I have been taking courses over the past two years and had created a mission statement for myself. I was introduced to the 100 Day Challenge and it intrigued me, but of course I wasn’t sure whether to join or not. The price was affordable and I decided to join.

    My goals were not the huge goals that some people have set, but they were my goals. My first goal was to finish a draft of “Coins of Gold”, a book about my Mother and the times she lived in – the draft has been finished, I am working on choosing the pictures to include in the book, then I will approach publishers to get it on the market.

    My second goal was to lose 10.6 pounds and I have .8 pounds to go. My next three goals were to finish scrapbook projects that I had started, on our East Coast Trip in June 2009, my 2008 Memoirs, and figure skating scrapbooks. All of these goals were finished early.

    I did not then sit back on my laurels and coast along. I started reading books on how to write and get a book published, and then I started writing every day for a minimum of 15 minutes twice a day. (I am now into my ninth week of this habit.) Before long a fiction novel began to take shape and I have about one third of it written.

    I have assignments outstanding on one of my courses that I am working at completing; and notes on two other courses that I have been making to help me live them each day. I have done some work on a watercolour painting I started but never finished. Lots of little tie-up projects, not big money makers, but things I enjoy.

    The other major project that finally came to fruition was to have my job as Ambulance Staff Scheduler upgraded for a salary raise – a year-long process that was finally completed – required signatures of my two bosses and was held up by them for over a year after my submission of a detailed document to them.

    I learned in the process what changes should be made another time. I also pursued getting reimbursement for some courses I purchased which had really helped me in my job as well as personally; another project that was held up for months, but which I now know better ways to do it the next time.

    What does all this have to do with the 100 Day Challenge?

    The 100 Day Challenge was a daily motivation to keep on track, set your sites on your goals and pursue them and don’t take any excuses, always do your best. Although I did not comment on a daily basis on the forum, many of the posts were really helpful and occasionally I did present my comments.

    Barbara Raue, Ontario Canada

  • When the student is ready…the teacher will appear.

    Gary, thanks for your inspiring words and visuals over the last 92 days. Even thought I am normally a highly motivated individual, your insights have taken me to a HIGHER level in my business and personal situation. I have started a new company that is expanding much more rapidly than I ever expected. We’ll be in profits in the first month!

    I have a passion for my business and life that has been missing. To create something that saves people money and takes them to experiences and memories that will last a lifetime makes my heart sing.

    In an economic climate where businesses are closing up their doors daily, I feel blessed. Thanks for your wise insights. They made a difference on a daily basis.

    Chasen Chess – Boulder, Co

  • Dear Gary and “the 100 Day Challenge Team”,

    Thanks a million for the program! The timing of your program was perfect considering I started my own business this past February.

    The Goal Pal and After Action Review were fresh ways for me to renew my goal setting and tracking. My old ways of doing this were getting stale and your new energy breathed new life into my goal setting and tracking.

    I met several goals that I considered stretch goals and one in particular was a goal I had been saying I’d do “one of these days”. It’s done now and in the history books now and is a life long change that will be an outlet for my creativity for years to come.

    In addition I’d also thank you for the daily messages. These short daily reminders on essential principles of success were like a slow drip of sustained coaching I could rely on every day. I look forward to the end of the 100 day challenge only because I have already set my goals for the next 100 days and know they too will be achieved.

    Thanks and all my best wishes this holiday season to you and your team!

    Jeff Kiefer

  • Dear Gary,

    I am one of those people who have really had a rough time of late. This is an accumulative mess that has been adding up for years. I have been in business for myself since 1988 and have had a very “roller coaster ride” during this time.

    Good times and bad. South Africa going through its Democratic changes in 1994. With all its challenges especially if you happen to be white – like myself- its Apartheid in reverse.

    As I am a born and bread and very proud citizen, I decided that despite these changes, I will stay and help rebuild this beautiful country of our. So, despite these challenges , I keep going on regardless.

    One disappointment after the other, adds up to the point where we are at present. In Financial marshland and my marriage of 26 years at breaking point…

    You get to a point where you feel like you are at the end…the world is squashing you to death….But as they say. “when you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on!!”

    There is a very true statement that says:”You keep doing the same thing, expecting different results.

    I was cemented in my bad habits, and not realizing my errors.

    My family means the world to me and I will do anything to keep it from being destroyed.

    I don’t know where it will end, BUT, this is not the end of the story, merely the end of nightmare chapters, and the beginning of a whole new life for me and my family.

    I had been blessed by a friend who is sponsoring me to see a business coach at his expense,(my first session was 11 september 2009) when I received your mail regarding the 100 day challenge. there was just one problem, I was out of cash and added to that your course has to be paid in US Dollars. With the conversion, it multiplies the amount by 7.

    As I was at the lowest point in my life, I knew if I could get to do your 100 day challenge, it would be life changing and help with my turn around….I needed any and all the help I could get.

    Each one has a certain amount of pride and I was reluctant to ask for further help…

    As the days for registering was closing in fast, and receiving reminders that the end for registration was at hand- I decided to put my pride in my pocket and made contact with this Gary Ryan Blair and made my case -even if I could get a lower price or arrange to somehow pay for it, not knowing where the money would come from. But as Gary was so sure that the 100 day challenge would cause a turn around for those who follow it, I knew I would be able to get the money somewhere.

    I wrote a letter and asked Gary if there was any way he could help and I got a beautiful reply the following day.

    As Gary understood where I was at, he would let me have the entire course FOR FREE!

    Yes, thats right, FOR FREE!.

    I am living proof that by following the content in the 100 Day challenge, My life has been dramatically changed.

    You might say, what about the business coach anyway?

    Yes, it is true BUT the lessons in the 100 day challenge is confirmation of whatever I dealt with the coach and more!

    I see my coach every 2 weeks for an hour, But I meet with Gary every morning!! Gold nuggets every day…

    Please understand The person has the title of Sport Psychologist/ Executive Business Coach.

    So, it confirms the content of the 100 day challenge is of the highest quality!

    I have truly been blessed with the generosity of Gary Ryan Blair and as I promised I will Pay It Forward someday.

    I add not just to someone in the future, but anyone I can help in the future!!

    I am so impressed with the change in my life- I am seriously considering becoming a life coach myself.

    My way of doing business and my approach to it is like night – to – day. My children are so proud of the changes in my life, it inspires them.

    I see my clients as a professional now, not just as a visitor, but someone who adds value to them!

    I have been building up a momentum with the 100 day challenge, which is going to catapault me into 2010 with impact, and great benefits!

    Unfortunately, I can’t tell you my darling wife is back- she recons the damage has been done…

    One thing I know- my life will never be the same again!

    So whether Its my present wife(which I pray it is) or someone else that shares my life in the future…whoever it is – will have and live a fulfilling life with me and my children.



    South Africa

  • Dear Gary,

    What an interesting and amazing 100 days!

    I set 5 Business and 5 Personal Goals for the challenge 9.23.09 through 12.31.09

    1.) CARF accreditation November DONE!
    2.) Building the new Finance Committee DONE!
    3.) Raising the Bar for Services UNDERWAY
    4.) ACAP program and Building Purchase DONE!
    5.) Develop Community Staffing UNDERWAY

    1.) Lose 30lbs 4LBS OFF, WEAK
    2.) Lower Golf handicap from 12 to 10 (LAST 4 ROUNDS 80,78,82,79)
    3.) Finish STAR Property Management Program UNDERWAY
    4.) Increase income/reduce expenses by $1,500/month DONE!
    5.) Learn how to invest in stocks UNDERWAY

    I found clarity throughout the challenge and I was able to complete most of my goals. Having identified 5 business and 5 personal goals to address during the challenge really was inspirational.

    I run a non-profit organization that helps individuals with disabilities, work and live in the community. My two greatest accomplishments on the business side were leading the organization through a major accreditation and buying and renovating a four family house which will provide community living for 6 of our disabled consumers.

    Personally I am well underway or done in reaching goals I set with one exception losing 30lbs, it looks like that will only be 8 to 10 at the end of the challenge. However there is the next 100 days :-) .

    I have incorporated the program into my life and established a “Raise the Bar” program at work where each of our 18 business locations is identifying ways to improve our business in six different areas.

    1.) Service Improvement
    2.) Talent Management and staff development
    3.) Fund Raising & Development
    4.) Operating Systems
    5.) Utilizing Technology
    6.) Budgeting and Finances

    Thanks for your leadership and support in helping all of us set and achieve goals. All the best for a great 2010.

    Dick Venne

  • The 100 Day Challenge is BY FAR the best product of it’s kind on the market… hands down!

    The reality is that we are all human and consistency and reinforcement is a prerequisite for success, and Gary delivers just that every day during the 100 Day Challenge!

    Thank you very much for being such a great mentor.

    Dominic Siano

  • WOW!! My immediate thought right now is how fast 100 days actually goes by in your lifetime.

    The video clip in the 100 days “Do it Right the 1st Time” and every daily message was like an “ah-ha” moment.

    Some lessons were simplistic yet grounding. I have a remaining 8 days and will likely not complete two of my major goals but the progress made and lessons learned in the previous 92 were unbelievable as well as invaluable.

    The best bang for my buck in 2009 for sure. Looking forward to “what’s next” with Gary and/or maybe even repeating the 100 again! Thanks for everything.

  • Hi Gary,

    The 100 Day Challenge for me was a wonderful experience and I have learned that I am still a work in progress!

    This year I believe will be our breakthrough as we have set our MLM goals, have planned, planned and planned and will be taking positive action each and every day.

    Thank you for the ongoing videos, and daily tips they are fantastic….will keep you posted as we achieve our 3 month and 6 month goals.

    June McCarthy
    New Zealand

  • Dear Gary Ryan, your slogan for your 100 Day Challenge-Start Fast Finish Strong course, could be “Everyone deserves to be at least a little more successful.”

    The 100 Day Challenge was like nothing that I have ever experienced or taken in the field of Goal-Setting or Personal Development. This program stands alone in a ‘Category of One.’

    The whole course is done so well-it is UNPRECEDENTED. So if I could choose just one word to describe his 100 Day Process- I would choose the word, WORLD-CLASS.

    Gary Ryan Blair provided us with Powerful, remarkable and inspiring lessons each and everyday ( via World-Class audio and video formats) to help us get our mojo working and man did it work for me!

    Other than working one on one with a Live Coach, then this is the next best thing!

    Besides having inspiring lessons each and everyday, we belonged to a ‘Circle of Excellence’ which was in this case, some 26,000 thousand people who joined in internationally on a forum to share what was or what was not working!

    So I really enjoyed posting comments on the ‘Circle of Excellence’ blog post, but more importantly enjoyed reading and learning from others on his 100 Day Challenge!

    And Gary Ryan did NOT just leave us to flounder on our own with our goals. Instead, he offered an unprecedented process called an AAR, which was a review-a ‘checks and balances’ system that allowed us after every 7 days to see where we were or in some cases with students like me to see where we were NOT and just where we needed to be!

    In this way, we could do something about the direction or the tactics, resources, etc. to improve our situation.

    So when I think of Gary Ryan Blair’s 100 Day Challenge, I think of a ‘BRAND’ which challenges us to change the way we think, the way we operate, the way we feel and the way we live. This World-Class 100 Day Challenge reminded me of my former Dale Carnegie training, the classic book,”Think and Grow” with a little of Deepak Chopra thrown in and this is one of the highest compliments that I can pay Gary Ryan Blair. So Congrats!

    Gary Ryan Blair, better known as that ‘Goals Guy’ of his 100 Day Challange-knows what he is talking about and simply exemplifies Excellence. So I want to express Gratitude for helping me get my Mojo working each and everyday even when I wasn’t necessarily ready!

    Completing four out of five goals (a couple-huge and very personal for me) was a much needed gift and hopefully I will do better the next time around!

    I Challenge All of You to Sign-Up and Win Big

    With Admiration, Gratitude and Joy, Catherine Ross Blair

  • I love your program.

  • I’ve used so many of your challenges to write my mission statement loaded with affirmations for values and beliefs.

    I highly recommend that anyone considering the 100 Day Challenge sign up right away!

    Sue Ellen Eggett
    Elk Ridge, Utah

  • Dear Gary

    Where can I even begin to thank you for all those great videos ?

    I have taken a lot of notes along the way and I will most definitely use the method of the 100 day challenge again in the future.

    Getting easily overwhelmed, the “Divide and Conquer” lesson will help me reach a certain goal quicker. I could set myself a 50-day challenge for example; or 7 days; etc. I’m completing 3 of 5 paintings. That may not sound like much; however, it took a great effort to getting my MOJO back.

    Thanks to Gary I’m back in the saddle again.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

    Susanna Beltrandi
    New York, NY

  • As a masters level educator, professional coach and trainer I am extremely impressed with the quality of Gary Ryan Blair’s 100 Day Challenge. From an adult learning stand point he has created a very effective program from; fast moving content rich daily video lessons, audio lessons, goal worksheets and the priceless forum community.

    Anyone could use the 100 Day Challenge as an individual or as a company to create a success habit daily of focusing on your goals and connecting with an international support community within the forum section of the 100 Day Challenge.

    There is so much content here it’s amazing. However, it is delivered in high energy daily doses that make it enjoyable and easy to take in.

    I recommend Gary Ryan Blair’s 100 Day Challenge 100%. It has helped me gain perspective and achieve goals I could not have done in any other way.

    Sheri Fermanich
    Speaker, Author, Real Estate Broker
    Middleton, WI, USA

  • Gary,

    I too want to thank you for your coaching. This is not my first time having the opportunity to have an extraordinary coach. I’ve had a business coach and various mentors for over 12 years. I have developed a goals program for over 12 years with results that are nothing beyond miracles, but I stepped forward to receive them. I’ve also read over 2000 books in the area of performance improvement over the last 12 years.

    Some might say, Jason you are a pro why would you join a 100 program?

    For me success is a never ending quest to be your best and you should never underestimate the smallest improvement in every area of life. I call this the Better-than-Great attitude.

    In reality, you can never be better than great, but it is worth moving in that direction.

    I set some lofty goals for the previous 100 days and beyond and I knew that you would give me a fresh perspective on some old ideas. Sometimes the student just has to be ready and I was ready for many of the ideas you shared.

  • Good Day Gary!

    I am sending this email to let you know, the 100 Day Challenge has been outstanding for me, both personally and also my new operating philosophy for the personnel who participate in advancing my business, to be truly successful.

    I have personally purchased 6 of your books so far and more in the future to distribute to new personnel who join my company.

    Your way of driving this information home to knuckleheads like myself, has made me embrace this information TOTALLY!


    Rick Birch

  • Hi Gary,

    I started the 100 day challenge for the first time this fall and I absolutely loved it. To me it’s a powerful way to start my day and to take notes. I am a musician who also owns 3 rental properties and I had all of my tenants leave at thte same time this fall.

    Add to that a scheduled heating/cooling system overhaul with other major expenses and I was out 40,000 PLUS no rental income. I ended up doing most of the work myself which was a behemoth effort this fall. I figure I saved myself at least 10,000 doing much of the work myself.

    All of this to say that when I started the 100 day challenge my two life goals were to start a new drum lesson web site and learn about trading in the stock market – NOT to become a full time rental property contractor.

    I am very proud to say that as of this testimonial email on Dec. 26 the property repairs are done and all apartments are rented back out excpet one.
    By february of 2010 my cash flow will be getting back in the right direction and I will be able to focus my energies on my drum lesson web site launch and learning more about trading.

    This 100 day program taught me many things I did not know and gave me inspiration to to keep working hard through one of the most challenging falls of my life. I would love to start this all over again when I get done – maybe even two or three times more. The repetition would be great for ingraining these lessons.

    A GIANT heartfelt thanks to you Gary for putting this together. It must have been a tremendous amount of work creating all of these 100 videos and getting this all together.

  • Gary,

    I want to express my gratitude for your incredible program that exudes excellence. I was involved in the 100 day challenge in the beginning of last year and was truly inspired. I have also been fortunate to have worked with you as a business coach in this past year (I would recommend this to anyone who wants almost instant growth in their Business or Life). You are full of insight and have a way of always looking at things and seeing how they can improve and become excellent.

    This is very clear even in your own life after seeing the incredible changes that were made from the first 100 day challenge I did that started on groundhogs day to this one that started in September. Wow it is hard to imagine the amount of time and effort involved in your pursuit of Excellence. Your book “Everything Counts!? is a masterpiece and carries on your constant and unwavering message. You are a true inspiration! Thank you. Jeramy

  • I want to thank Gary Ryan Blair for a number of things –

    1. For making the price of this wonderful course manageable for those most in need of it.

    2. For the depth and breadth of the lessons. Every aspect of our lives has benefited.

    3. For the inspiration to get our collective butts into action!

    4. To look forward to the next goal – what a life to behold!

    5. Most importantly – to give control back to each and every one of us. No longer are we being tossed around like rudderless boats!

    I personally, have lost my procrastinating. My new business is looking healthy – with my first employee beginning in February.

    I express my gratitude outwardly now, instead of just thinking it.

    I focus more on my family and the fun we have together on weekends. I am much happier in myself.

    Thank you so much Gary for being there when I needed you.

    Anne Astorino, Melbourne, Australia.

  • Gary,
    The 100 hundred day challenge has been excellent and much more then I thought it could be.. It has turned my internal “pilot light” into a jet engine. I have always pushed myself and have been setting goals for years in sports and in business.

    Your program and lessons have helped me get organized and have given me the tools to better execute and to refuse to accept excuses used in the past.

    I have broken my best road cycling times to included braking a record in a race close to my home by over 10 minutes. This time is better then what I did 8 years earlier. It’s a mountain top finish which is beyond hard for anyone.

    I also hit and exceeded 3 other goals set in the challenge and I’m finishing strong in my business development goals. I will finish this year with the best Q4 of my life exceeding my income goal. This isn’t a program it’s a road map to change your life. The best part is it changed the way I will approach things forever.

    I’m sharing what I have learned with my kids as much as they will listen trying not to lecture….best part is I just finished listening to “show me don’t tell me.”

    I know they see the change in my working out and starting fast and finishing strong everyday….It’s rubbing off as my high school son who plays football just started running more and asked me to work out with him…He can’t stand that I’m out working out and he is on the computer…setting an example is truly everything for kids his age.

    Thanks Gary I’m very appreciative for this experience!

    Best Regards,
    Dave Humes

  • Bless you Gary Ryan Blair …. this has been an amazing program. Everything you have taught has been one valuable lesson after another. I have volumes of notes, and I can’t say where I enjoyed it the most, but I can tell you that I enjoyed the process you took us through.

  • Hi Gary,

    This has been one of the greatest experiences in my life. The greatest ‘take away’ issue for me is the fact that if one wants to achieve anything they set for themselves, the critical factor is is execution. It is execution in the most consistent, super-performing and excellent manner that takes you to your ultimate destiny and greatness which you set yourself.

    Through the 100 day challenge, I have set myself really lofty goals. I have achieved some of them and have achieved parts of others. Most importantly though is that I am focused on results, since RESULTS ARE EVERYTHING I have learned from Gary.

    Now toward a even more powerful 2010 of super execution and successful results being achieved.

    Kind regards,

  • Hi Gary,

    The 100-Day challenge has been instrumental for me. Not only over the course of the past 100 days… so many of the lessons have now become a part of who I am. And paraphrasing the words of Jim Rohn, success is not to be sought directly… success is to be attracted by the person you become.

    Although I did not reach every goal I set out to achieve, I’ve attracted and locked in additional opportunities I never imagined would occur. Such is the adventure of life.

    I have a newly strengthened discipline for goal setting and numerous tools that will serve me well for years to come. The value I’ve received has far exceeded the cost.

    Thank you, Gary!

    Mike Buck
    Ace Copywriter

  • Hi Gary

    I have to express how this program has been the best I have ever worked with.

    All the information is so thorough and vibrant it has motivated me daily in the past 100 Day challenge.

    One of my goals was to save 20% of my income and pay down my mortgage by 20% and I did so last week which was due to the goal I had set at the on set of the program.

    I will be doing it again in the next 90 day and payoff my mortgage this year .

    Thanks for the inspiration I am now looking forward to the alumni program and joining the COE and hopefully meeting and helping others achieve there dreams and goals!

    Bernard Borenstein

  • Gary,

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    I was hesitant at first to join the 100 day challenge. I knew I needed some help in redirecting my business and life but did not know, of all the coaching options out there, what would be best for me. I am glad that providence led me to choose the path of the 100-day Challenge.

    Each segment has at least one important or inspiring lesson. The program makes one think. More importantly, is the emphasis on action

    When I finished the 75th day I realized two things. First I recognized how far off track I had been. Secondly, I realized how far I had come in the 75 days toward getting back on track. I really appreciate the holistic idea behind the Everything Counts idea.

    I am writing to express my appreciation and to express my concurrence with the importance of humor in helping us keep our perspective and enjoy the journey no matter where it takes us. A few years ago I volunteered to help on a men?s retreat. The theme of the weekend, ?Love and Laugh?. That weekend was a turning point for me. This 100-day Challenge is another very positive large step in the right direction.

    I am going to continue taking advantage of the wealth of information that you have collected and present so well. I am also going to incorporate your programs into my business and share the information in my circle of influence. The more individuals that get on the path toward excellence the better off in every way we will all be.

    I look forward to working with you and your organization. More importantly, I look forward to helping others get on a track of improving their lives.

  • The 100 day challenge to me was more about becoming than achieving goals…..What was I becoming in the process….the relationships which transpired and the opportunities which availed themselves.

    If one desires change then the l00 days is a wonderful place to start…….I highly recommend it!

  • I, my daughter, several of my friends, and a number of my team members participated in the 100 day challenge. In every case, people have reported unbelievable results.

    My daughter wrote 10 loft goals, posted them on her door, and achieved every one of them.

    I set several business, personal, and even body goals. I am so thrilled with the results.

    Thanks, Gary, for the powerful messages. The 100 day challenge is truly life changing.

    Margie Aliprandi

  • Hi Gary – I loved this 100 Day Challenge and am looking forward to the coming year with you by my side. I think what these first 100 days did for me is bring about an awareness in my life that I am the creator here and through all the challenge helped me to take responsibility for my life and take POSITIVE action in my life instead of just reacting to it and being a victim.

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for being there for me and for your generosity and support when I needed it the most!

    I am grateful and am looking forward to this year with everyone in 2010… :) Always, Jana

  • Hi Gary~

    I was absolutely blown away by this 100 Day Challenge, and cannot thank you enough! I have had the privilege of working with many phenomenal coaches and in various courses, and can honestly say this was the best combination of mindset and action that I have ever experienced!

    To have a (give or take) 5 minute dynamic, inspiring, kick-in-the-pants, value-packed video to watch every single day is a real treat! This, along with your brilliant system for setting, achieving and reviewing goals really took my life to the next level. I felt myself engaged in more focused and laser-like actions, with more energy and greater clarity ~ and taking on my most challenging tasks in the beginning of the day allowed the rest of my day to flow with efficiency, ease and power!

    I have to say, my mantra quickly became “To Inspire, Promote & Celebrate Excellence” ~ and I am more passionate about recommending this program than any other I’ve taken.

    Thanks again, Gary! I am so grateful to have learned about this course and to have taken the actions I did to participate at 110%!

    In Health & Prosperity,
    Beth Allen

  • Hi Gary and friends from 100DAY CHALLENGE group:
    I started the 100 Day Challenge focus in reorganize my life and start a new phase after several big changes and challenges I had to face.
    I?m back. I got myself back. I?m confident and acting as I usually do.
    I?m proud of myself : the awareness that I had to find and work on the 100 Day Challenge.
    I did also SENSEI program, which I highly recommend.
    I want to express my gratitude to all of you, especially to Gary.
    It is time to celebrate!
    I?m in the Alumni with you folks.
    See you soon!

  • A HUGE thank you to Gary and the 100 Day Challenge!

    I’ve tried similar types of courses in the past, but, nothing has ever packed as much punch as Gary’s course. So much of what Gary teaches and discusses spoke to me in ways I’d not found before.

    With the daily video lessons, exercises and all of the value that’s packed in the investment in yourself is more than worth it.

    I now consider Gary as the life coach I’d been looking for, and I’m so happy I’d heard of, and took the challenge for myself!

  • Hi Gary,
    The reason I liked the 100 day challenge is quite simple: inspiring. It made me realize what I was already doing right and where I could improve.

    Your challenge has one BIG advantage over many things I have read or heard about self improvement in the past year: you never try to makes us feel guilty which is a great way to motivate us even more to improve.

    Wishing you to inspire tons of people for many years!

  • The 100 day challenge was a way for me to start my day the right way. So much truth the words, “everything counts.” I became aware of time I am wasting, and trying to fill more of it with meaningful thoughts & actions.

    It has helped me increase my focus, and helped me get my mind right each morning before I go to work. I signed up for the Alumni, because I was worried what may happen if I don’t have all this to wake up to.


    Reese — Great Falls Montana

  • I super enjoy your 100 day program – soooooo well done. I’ve also written a lot of books on success and found your approach veru stirring and effective.

    However, I’d like to suggest that you not run it through 7 days a week — and everyday on Christmas holiday & New Years.

    Trying to ‘catch up” during overloaded seasonal work demands, holiday company, and preparations was sometimes impossible! Even with setting GOALS & having determination to do it!!!

    thanx again
    Dr. Kluane (pastor)

  • As a wife, mom, double entrepreneur working alone, I am a powerhouse with the 100 Day Challenge.

    I love the excellent daily video lessons, tools to support what I am striving to accomplish, but absolutely the best has been finding a like-minded International group of support in the 100 Day Challenge forum.

    For $1.47 a day and a 15-20 min daily commitment to yourself every person in developed countries should be doing this. It’s amazing! There is a recession? I hadn’t noticed. No more excuses!

  • Gary,

    I want to thank you for the 100 Day Challenge. I have accomplished more in these 100 days than I ever thought possible. This is on top of the first 100 Day Challenge that I took.

    Yes, this program is so great that I had to take it again and will continue taking it as many times as it is available.

    I had to reset my goals many times to think bigger each time. Every lesson was a new wake up call. A new insight into what I was doing or the habits I had formed. Each day’s lesson came at me like it was meant just for me, though I know everyone in the challenge heard the message and we were able to share with each other in the forums.

    Thanks again Gary and I wish you the very best, as you have helped me to bring out my best.


  • I loved the 100 day challenge and I actually set a goal to be a consultant for a direct selling company. I have achieved that goal and I feel that it was with the 100 day challenge that helped me.

  • I have recommended the 100 Day Challenge to close to 500 people by email, most of those were already my email and personal contacts. It is an excellent character building program and I am excited to be part of the affiliate program so I can encourage others to get the training I have had in the last 100 days.

    First, I can tell I have increased in maturity and gotten very serious about the more important things in my life that I have prayed, tried and not achieved in the past. The challenge put what I already knew in perspective and with God’s guidance I see clearer how to go forward with the success that has escaped me in the past.

    I have a website for a mission program I have been working on since 2000, I have been able to thin down some of my possessions (a long way to go), I see how I can learn Spanish now, play a musical instrument, learn birds, plants, stars, etc. Being part of the Affiliate program has brought in some needed finances (I picked this up in the middle of November and already see its potential.) I actually finished the 100 days and I call that a great accomplishment. I also have a place on my website for an Affiliate program, but I am planning to get a separate site for that soon.

    Thank you so much, Gary and staff for the hard work you have done for each of us and Thank you also those who were on the forum and the help you gave.

    May each one of you find your place and be the best you can be to inspire others with the same goal.


  • Gary,

    You’ve already used my one example from early on.

    Now that we’re in the week after the 100 Days, I have reflected and found something new that occurred. I am a different person. There is more confidence that I can achieve anything, know how to do it and need to use that carefully. I’ve also gained an inner peace that I didn’t have before.

    What is more important is that the most important people in my life have had more of me and in a positive way. Our family is closer. I am more directly willing to put aside what I like or don’t like and do things for others – to see their joy, or just simple pleasure. I don’t have more time in my life, but the better use, the purposeful direction of what and how I spend my time is definitely putting more life in my time!

    Was it the challenge only? No, of course not. The Challenge was the catalyst, the awakening of all the possibilities still in this man.

    By the way, I grabbed the 30 day and have been on fire this week.

    I was told by one of the engineers at the company in which I am a VP that they (the folks) watch me, and as long as I’m positive and optimistic and smiling they have faith that we have a future. So, your point about being a winner, being a leader carries responsibility far beyond personal achievement rings so true.

    Therefore, I’m enrolling in the personal strategic plan – there is so much more to do.

    It’s going to be one GREAT 2010!

    Your friend,
    Ron Ferrill

  • Hi Gary,

    You promised the possibility of a Quantum Leap.

    I delivered.

    My life has shifted big-time. Thanks forever!


  • Hi Gary,

    For the first time in six years at my current job, I finished the year at over 100-percent to target (103% to be exact!). I have never reached 100% to target–ever.

    I previously struggled year in and year out, feeling inadequate, frustrated, and trying to figure out what it is that I’m doing wrong–and now I’ve learned the power of focus, of writing down goals & pushing myself to achieve them. I’ve learned the power of the wonderful subconscious mind (a/k/a the Reticular Activating System) that the Good Lord has blessed us with, and it is amazing!

    Thank you for all that you teach and for being persistent in getting me to join this challenge. I look forward to renewing my subscription.

  • Dear Gary, Team and co students

    First of all Best wishes for this new year

    What can I say, I have been totally “wowed” by the program and am ready to start again on Monday

    I found it inspiring, motivating, never dull or boring and very well structured. Loved the pictures, the expressions used (I learned quite a few new ones thanks to you). English is not my mother tongue…

    The wonderful thing about the challenge is that although I have never spoken to or been in touch with Gary or anyone else, I always had the feeling that you were behind me to encourage me, that you believed or demanded that I could do what I set out to do, which I then started believing myself and the result is that I actually reached the goals I had set.

    - One of my goals was to lose 5 kgs (10lbs) I actually lost 10kgs
    - I have read the books I had decided to read
    - I have started exercising on a regular basis
    - I have also started learning a new language

    The goal I didn’t reach, was doing the 100 day challenge on a daily basis, because working in the Events & Incentive Travel Business I am away from home often, in planes or trains and always move around with groups (little time left for me) so catching up on the missed lessons is not easy when you miss 10 days in a row, which is why I am starting the challenge again

    I am addicted and love the 100 Day Challenge!

    Kind regards to all of you all over the world and I wish you a Goal Reaching 2010


  • Sorry I am late in posting results, but I did very well considering I bit off a lot.

    As a result of the 100 Day Challenge, I:

    #1 Lost 20 pounds (I dress size)
    #2 Paid off 3 of 4 credit cards
    #3 Got the promotion I had been going for for the last 3 yrs.

    My ministers asked me how I did it and if I knew enough about goal setting to teach a seminar there. I was honored and I am doing it. The basics principles have been around for some time now..but, you can lead a human to enlightenment but you can’t make him think (let alone take action). It is having that every day, everything commitment. I am thrilled that the 100 day challenge has kept me focued and I have signed up for the next round.

    for the next 100 days, I will

    Lose 20 more pounds
    Begin a knee-friendly exercise regimine
    Pay off that 4th card

    Finished pretty strong, I do say. Happy New Year to all.

    Virginia Ivanoff

  • Dear Gary,

    Thanks very much for your great program. This past was quite challenging for me. It involved loss and constant changes throughout the year. Your program helped me to stay on course with my goals. Your wisdom, inspiring visuals and words helped me to consistently take action. As a result, I’ve achieved some things that I am very happy about.

    I love the excitement and positivity of your messages and have looked forward to seeing them each morning. I would highly recommend your 100 Day Challenge program to anyone.


  • Dear Gary Ryan Blair and 100 Day Challenge team members:

    I am a professional coach and get invitations many times a day to participate in what I am sure are very worthwhile and beneficial programs that would offer me some opportunity for growth.

    I am grateful that in the case of the 100 Day Challenge, I stepped up to the challenge, made the investment of time and money. The return on the investment is continuing as the impact of your delivery of time-honored principles become ingrained in my way of being.

    Like the companionship of our spirit within, I looked forward to seeing an email from Gary Ryan Blair in my inbox every day, and every day feeling inspired and motivated to focus on being the best that I can be for me and for all of the people who depend upon me and simply come in contact with me.

    To others, I say invest the money, invest the time. And, practice living for 100 Days like Everything Counts because it does and with continued practice what you’ve learned will become habit. And, you will be rewarded in the purest form there is…the reward of setting a goal and achieving it…creating a plan for your life and work and executing it.

    I’m celebrating, and beginning the journey again.

    Thank you for being a role model Gary Ryan Blair.

    Warm regards,

  • I’ve been visiting your blog for a little while now and wanted to comment on how much I enjoy your work.
    I hope you keep posting on this subject.

  • Hi Gary.

    Thanks for the continuing emails and for allowing me to participate in the last 100 Day Challenge.

    Just so you know how much it has changed my life, here are some things it has done for me:
    I have managed to lose 12kg (27 pounds) and am now at my ideal weight of 50kg (around 112 pounds)
    I have just started my own proofreading and editing business
    I have completed my studies and looking at other training
    I have been riding horses again – my own two plus one other
    I am more assertive and focussed
    I have helped my husband make some very difficult decisions about another business we own
    I have joined a business mentoring and coaching programme
    I have stepped way outside my comfort zone and joined Toastmasters
    I have chosen to be an active participant in the game of life and although there is still room for improvement, it’s all good and do-able.

    So again a HUGE thank you for the opportunity. And may the participation in your 100 Day Challenges continue to grow.

    Best regards
    Sue King
    Amberely, New Zealand

  • Gary, thank you for the last 100 day challenge. I will tell you honestly that I very actively participated in the first 52 days and achieved my most important goal at the time: to find work that I was passionate about as well as provide a specific income.

    On day 53 a family situation needed my full attention and I intentionally redirected my focus to that, with intermittent visits to the forum and your daily messages.

    Day 9 was a HUGE turning point and ultimately the key to achieving my goal: boldly and confidently asking for what I wanted. Each morning your message felt like it was designed specifically for what I needed as the next step in my journey.

    I can’t thank you enough for your guidance and wisdom. I am very blessed to have achieved my big goal while also stepping away to be present for my family when they needed me.

  • Hi Gary:

    Just wanted you to know that as a recent finisher of the 100-Day Challenge and now an Alumni Member, I recommended the challenge to 50 insurance agents at a branch meeting in Deerfield Beach, FL, Friday.

    When my branch manager recently asked me “what changed?” after I had two of my best months ever – by far – in November and December. I told him about your program and he asked that I tell the entire banch about it at the meeting.

    After telling the group that I was always terrible at achieving goals and hated the entire process (even though I’ve run businesses in the past), I noted that I saw your internet promos just as we were setting fourth quarter goals and when I broke down the cost on a daily basis, I realized it was definitely worth the risk.

    I read the group the titles of 10 of the 100 daily challenges just to give them the flavor of the course.

    When I was done, my branch manager not only encouraged everyone in attendance to take the course, but said if they did and met their personal goals, he would reimburse participants for half the cost.

    I’m looking forward to the next 100-Day Challenge on Monday to continue the success of the last quarter.

    Thanks for producing a very excellent and very professionally presented program.

    Bankers Life & Casualty Co.
    Deerfield Beach FL

  • 100 day challenge – i thought business – you brought life – what it is to be a human being on this planet.

    I specifically used the challenge for a performance residency in an university – everyday – i got up and was inspired/again and again – forgot my personality crap and my excuses. And, I took your tools in everyday to undergrads, and talked about and input into their brains and bodies the daily practice i did with your daily focus – they brought people – the community grew – their stories came – and their desires for their own future revealed themselves – i put it all on stage. I know they will become leaders in whatever they choose to do – with heart and meaning, with integrity and an awareness of ” I can do anything i choose and i need to choose”

    Personally – i have seen my weaknesses and my strengths – (best coaching i’ve ever had/hard to admit – as i like personal contact) i have to do the work – and i will and i will continue – i have a list that means something to me for 2010.

  • Hi Gary

    Some years ask the questions and others answer. This is the year that is a answering and the answers are flooding in almost too fast… To get a bigger picture on my life, 3 years ago, I almost died during childbirth?and in the moment of the awareness of the truth of that ? 2 questions popped into my mind:

    1. Are you living your truth?

    2. Are you loving unconditionally?

    From there I set out to make changes but I was full of fear and doubt of my own power to make the changes nor was I ready to take responsibility for my life and thus my life spiraled out of control as I shed light on my darkness. I couldn?t see clearly what I needed to do to make profound changes in my life. I have made huge strides but things still weren?t clicking. And then I found the 100 day challenge and what I have gotten from your program in 100 days is exactly what so many have tried to show me in my lifetime. My father, my husband, so many relationships and experiences. Commitment to Excellence and Everything you think, say and do counts. I feel this in every cell in my body and am making small and big changes. I finally feel like I have emerged out of the tunnel and into the fresh air from that day 3 years ago?especially after hearing your information on legacy. It?s helping me clarify even further?..

    I just wanted you to know how grateful I am for your generosity and kindness in my life, I will pay it forward in my legacy every single day.

    I?m enjoying my 2nd round of the 100 Day Challenge?.and moving forward in my life.

    I hope your day is great!


  • Best stuff on goals I’ve ever seen Gary!

    Absolutely Brilliant!

  • Gary-


    You really make sense of all this and my and I read everything you roffer and love your content and delivery.

    We listen to Tony Robbins for over 20 years but you have it in a fashion with forms we can make sense of!

    We would like to go to the Orlando meeting but we have my wife?s cousin getting married on that Saturday. Will you have another one?(or maybe I can skip wedding and go there??)I?ve been married 27 years and I guess if I want to be married another 27 ,I better go to the wedding.

  • Hi Gary,
    I am a member of the 100 Day Challenge (currently on day 32), and I can’t believe what a difference it has made in my life! I’ve achieved more in 32 days than in the last year!
    Keep up the good work!

  • Gary,
    I participated in the 100 day challenge this fall and am missing the daily inspiration it provided for myself. I loved it – great program!

  • I loved the 100 Day Challenge so much the first time around, I decided to take it a second time. As soon as I’d heard about Gary’s Alumni program I didn’t even think twice. I joined promptly…

    As an full time internet marketer, and also J/V Co-ordinator for some of the Internets top names in marketing, I needed something to get my “mojo” running. That’s exactly what I found from Gary Ryan Blair and his 100 Day Challenge.

    I found my inspiration, the proper course and guidance, and the means to make my dreams a reality.

    The man’s name who fuels the inspiration is Gary Ryan Blair, and the course is The 100 Day Challenge. The dreams…well, those are mine!

  • Gary,

    I am by nature highly organized and motivated, but I needed a big kick in the pants to launch new goals I had set for 2010. I started the 100 Day Challenge in early February and it has been THE catalyst to making things happen. Because of your coaching, I’m buried in work and loving it.

    Thanks so much.

  • Gary, your program is some of the best money I’ve ever spent – what amazing value you give – but I’m glad it wasn’t priced any higher because I really stretched my budget to buy it!

    You have blessed my life, I’m on Day 32 and I’m not the person I used to be 33 days ago. I am like an unstoppable machine – jumping out of bed every weekday at 5am and making the most of every moment.

    Everything’s changed because you have inspired my mind to change, and I just keep achieving and growing and amazing myself. My goals are sweeping towards me with great momentum and I’m continually adding to my list because what is happening is spiritual – its the best feeling when at te end of the day I go to bed so unbelievably fulfilled and satisfied in the knowledge that I’ve had a quality day, achieved so, so much and FINISHED STRONG!

    What you’ve created here will have great eternal consequences.

    Much love and respect…. Marion

  • I’m just getting off the ground with my goals, but what I have noticed is that I don’t make excuses as much, and I don’t accept them from other people. My children especially have heard me encourage them to not make excuses and just get busy. I have turned around several would be lack-luster days into fairly productive ones. Your daily motivation is just what this perfectionist needs! Thanks so much, and I look forward to great things during the rest of the challenge.

  • Gary,

    Just a note to express my gratitude for the 100 day challenge.

    I participated in the last challenge and got great results. I got more actively involved in the current challenge, set bolder goals and am happy to report that my progress to date (day 48) has exceeded my expectations (and those were high).

    Since joining the challenge, Ive earned 8 top sales awards, increased my income by about 30% (in what my co-workers are calling a “down market”) and have happier, more loyal customers. I had my best year ever financially!

    I’m in better physical shape in my late forties than I’ve ever been.

    Watching the daily lessons every morning starts the day off in a positive way. The challenges give me an opportunity to stretch. The Forums are an excellent way to expand on the lessons and to share with like minded people. Everyone is extremely supportive and helpful. Whenever I’ve e-mailed Gary a question I’ve always received a reply within an hour or two…great support!

    I’ve spent several thousands of dollars on books and improvement programs…some good…most bad!

    Gary’s 100 Day Challenge is bar none the wisest investment I’ve ever made! Gary’s approach is action oriented and no-nonsense. No pipe dreams or mysticism!

    Simply put, if you want to achieve spectacular goals and benefit greatly from the journey…invest and participate in the 100 Day Challenge!!!

    Thanks Gary …can’t wait for the next challenge!!!

    Your student,
    Mark Roberts
    Dallas, TX

  • Gary, there may be many many books, lessons and courses *out there*, but yours is unique and in my opinion, the best.

    I have long been a student of learning. I have long read, taken and bought many. I have most of the time, listened to/read and studied them.

    However, they didn’t have the extra nudge to get the action taken. Most say to write the goals out, but I never had the courage to do so. I never before believed that I deserved dreams. I’m just a fat old grandma who though I secretly for years wanted my own business, wanted to be a success, I never believed I COULD have it all. Never thought I was worthy of it.

    I have long been punishing myself for choices my kids made. I thought if I could just do enough for everyone I would …..so I pushed my dreams aside, my hopes.

    You made them rise up and say YOU CAN. YOU can dream, hope and achieve. You made me realize that the choices others have made, are that, but I can make MY choices, my own and I can succeed. AND that it is my duty to do so.

    I swallowed hard, and started…first time by just reading it daily, starting my day out each and every day first thing.

    Gradually I started practicing the daily things, and started noticing that exactly what I needed for that day would come along. How did you do that Gary?

    Then slowly, little by little, I experienced daily successes and victories. They just gradually started creeping in. By the time the first 100 day challenge ended, I knew I couldn’t live without that daily nudge. Couldn’t get enough of it.

    Now for the second time around. WOW, I’m amazed. Just when I didn’t think it could get better. How to learn, using the same things we just went over?

    It was great first time, but the second time is amazing. Week by week, I have grown so much, so gradually that I haven’t seen most of it coming. I was quiet, shy, and had a hard time at networking meetings (a necessity in our business). The 30 second commercial was torture. Now, I LOVE every part of networking. I LOVE meeting new people, finding all about them. I try to make sure I meet everyone there AND most amazing of all, I’m doing things I NEVER thought I could do.

    I’m in a new BNI group, got asked to be secretary/treasurer…….it’s a BIG job. Not only that, I have to sit at the head table in front of everyone. GASP, before I couldn’t have done that. I’m still working at being comfortable speaking in front of others, but I’m not wanting to hide under the table anymore.

    I have goals, written goals, accountable goals. I LOVE the AAR review, love the accountability of it. I am so loving it all AND my business is growing and prospering because of choices I have made. Choices I was able to make because of things I learned in the 100 day challenge.

    Sorry this is so long, but I just can’t say enough. I can’t thank you enough for bringing this to me. This is no hype, but from a real life grandma, that now has a REAL business, making a little more each month, and feeling legitimate…..no longer do I feel a fake. I can handle the business, do what I need to do, and I can and will SUCCEED!

    Thank You,

  • The 100-day challenge kicked me into gear on Day 1. I’m making rapid progress on all of my goals and have never felt more alive!

    As Gary states, “Results are Everything,” but I think the real secret to this program is that “Encouragement is Everything!” Thank you. Thank you! THANK YOU!

  • Hi Gary!

    I was delighted to have your email this morning. We recently corresponded about having bed bugs and getting behind on my goals, and I have to say, I’ve been absolutely tickled at how, while I haven’t been on top of everything as I completely want to be, I’ve still made significant progress in terms of my goals. Some things have taken a little longer, some things have been put off for a moment, but you know – we’re getting there!

    I just put together the first draft of my acting website (it’s rough, but it’s up and coming!), the wedding planning is going beautifully, and my finances are coming together. I still have some work to do in getting an agent…Regardless, what I want to say is that your constant reminders have helped me keep on track, even when living out of a plastic bag. :) And I’m grateful for, happy about, and proud of that.

    Wishing you all the best –
    With gratitude,
    Gretchen :)

  • It is almost easy to predict and achieve goals. This isn’t lightly written. Dedication is required to be successful with the 100 Day Challenge. What I learned during the 1st Challenge though is that it is about much more than any one person’s individual goals.

    It is about how we choose to live. No matter our circumstance, no matter our education, our wealth, our physical capabilities, or even our age, we can become greater.

    Somehow, I’ve changed. My life is now more directed toward others. Don’t get me wrong – I am still focused on personal goals, but they seem to lead me to wanting and being able to do more for others. Without belaboring the point that I am in my 60’s, it is as though I am putting it all together. The pieces and trips of my life before are synthesizing into a different man.

    So, take the Challenge. Achieve your goals. But beware – you will be changed – and a better person for yourself and all in your life.

  • I have found the challenge extremely successfull in directing me to the right actions to become more productive which will ultimately achieve my goals. I have become more focused on achieving results leading to accomplishing and therefore energyzing myself. Looking forward to the rest of the challenge.

  • Gary I love the 100 day challenge because it keeps me focused on my goals. It’s so easy to let life get in the way and throw you off track and put what’s important on the back burner. But by having this challenge in place, my goal is what I keep my focus on. Thanks so much for having this. It is worth every penny it cost and then some!

  • Good morning from Paris!

    What can I say, I loved the challenge the 1st time and loved it even more the second time.

    Gary thank you for pointing out some basic values, which I totally share, but which seemed to have disappeared from the world! All simply put, but extremely effective and valuable. To use the words of Leonardo Da Vinci: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

    I am very grateful that one day, at the right time, you turned up in my life! We have never met, never spoken but your voice and encouragements are with me all the time.

    Du fond du coeur, merci! (from the bottom of my heart Thank You)

  • This 100 day Challenge is Magic! It is beyond the rational mind and it moves the mind to tether to the camel of intuition. Somewhere deep inside we know we are Divine in human form creating our reality.

    Gary focuses us on the positive aspects of ourselves, our relationships and our potential possibilities of what we choose to do be and live. Life is Complex and we are designed as a perfect memory of what is possible – we forget – Gary says remember who you are – and be in conversation with your Divinity.
    Practically – you choose goals – you actually achieve them – how about that. That is the impossible – not drudgery – its joy.

  • WOW – the 100 Day Challenge has been a God-Send. We can’t start a day off without the Lesson to help us battle all distractions that come our way and try to keep us from attaining our GOALS. Excellence is all we do and for all we Serve is our Mission and we’ve adopted DIRTFT (Do It Right the First Time) as a motto that the 100 Day Challenge Lessons help us to recenter and refocus each morning!

    This has been such a life changing experience and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to significant and lasting change in their life and business.

  • Thursday/Morning/080410

    Testimonial for our Head Coach, Gary Ryan Blair, and the 100 Day Challenge program:

    The gains, benefits, and growth derived from the program–my second time around–are manifold since my first testimonial in December 2009:

    A. My Lebensparterin and I flew to Maui in January 2010 and established an official residence, made some significant contacts, and looked for property. We established a goal to move by 30 June 2010. The dogs–Lucky and Rowdy–will be flown directly from Frankfurt to Kahuli (no quaranteen).

    B. We went to court in January. I received an additional $1600.00 monthly payment from my military retired pay as of 1 February 2010.

    C. We flew to Orlando–we found the money–and enjoyed the Extreme Success Conference and met some wonderful people and achievers. We also affirmed our life-long commitment to each other at a ceremony.

    D. We found a debt consolidation company and started the program on 1 March 2010. I will be debt free in 40 months.

    E. We celebrated our first anniversary of our new business on 1 April 2010. We will take Wellness Associates to Maui and continue to building the business of coaching/consulting, training (workshops and seminars), and direct marketing (health, beauty, and motivational supplies).

    F. Our children will receive gifts of the 100 Day Challenge for their birthdays.

    G. My Lebensparterin begins the 100 DC on 22 September this year.

    This has been the best investment in my life. In addition, the investment for the alumni program is worth its weight in gold and diamonds.

    Sign up today. You will be glad you did.

    Dr. med. Robert M. Santry
    Facharzt fuer Psychiatrie
    Wellness Associates
    CEO and Director of Clinical Services
    Pfungstadt, Germany

  • Why I Love the 100 Day Challenge….

    What’s not to love?

    I started the program in September of 2009. I knew from the beginning this was a special program that was really going to speak to me in many ways.

    I walk two paths in this World and my “challenge” has been to blend them together and communicate my authentic self to the Universe. Not easy, you see I’ve been a management consultant for small, medium and large firms – commercial and government – in the US, Latin America and Europe – for 20 years. I’ve made a name for myself in Executive Leadership Coaching, Training, Change Management…. and 10 years ago I began training as a Shaman with a renowned healer and teacher of the Peruvian Healing Traditions. Not exactly something I advertise on my corporate brochure, but I do confide in some of my corporate clients my other gifts.

    I started the challenge looking for my first new client for my new company, wanting to get fitter, and improve my financial situation. During the Challenge I began a Bowflex routine, returned to Pilates and walking my dog every day at least once a day. I’ve gone from a size 8 to a 4 in clothes and reduced some chronic pain issues. I have tried new recipes for more variety in healthy eating. A side bonus – my husband has lost 30+ lbs on his way to his goal of 125 lbs.

    Business wise I’ve made excellent contacts. Setting the ball in motion to take on huge, meaningful work to support our Armed Services and a large not-for-profit. I also allowed myself the grace to contemplate what was truly holding me back. I changed my management team and discovered last night why I was holding onto a member who was good, but not reaching their potential… I had not identified the best use of their talents.

    In a meeting last night we brainstormed a new position that will create a new division in my firm. It will serve the needs of many organizations battling with the new Health Care Reform. This could literally generate us millions of revenue in the next few years. It re-ignited my passion and re-engaged another’s destiny.

    In addition I created a JV with a colleague. I developed a Retreat for Executive Women to use Nature, Passion and Wisdom to create their “what’s next” plan. The outcome will be Women empowering themselves and mentoring junior executives in the Art of Being a Powerful Woman. Powerful meaning full of intelligence, wisdom, beauty, courage and strength from within… not anger. Using the path of flow versus the Warrior Path.

    The 100 Day Challenge is a program I can grow with and use with no reservations. It is full of integrity, purpose and aligns with my core values.

    Thanks Gary!

  • Gary Ryan Blair and the 100 Day Challenge came along for me at a time when I was in a terrible slump. I was making the transition from having an employee mindset, to being in charge of our company, along with my business partner. I did not know which direction to point myself in. In previous jobs I always had a supervisor to give me a to do list, yearly evaluations and so forth. I knew I wanted to do great things, take my company to the next level, experience unlimited abundance for myself and for those around me. But how?

    The 100 Day Challenge definitely gave me direction! The beauty of the challenge is that it doesn’t do anything FOR you. If you answer the challenge it gives you the tools to do it yourself.

    I am now the sole owner of my company. It wasn’t one of my goals, but the opportunity presented itself and I went for it. It’s likely that I would not be the sole owner today if I hadn’t participated in the 100 Day Challenge, simply because I would not have thought it was possible for me to do it.

    As I continue with my mindset shift, I am excited about the endless possibilities that await. Even more excited that I now have the tools to choose from among those possibilities which to pursue, and the discipline to follow through on them, instead of just getting overwhelmed.

    Thank you Gary Ryan Blair, the 100 Day Challenge, and all the forum members for sharing your wisdom and allowing me to grow with you!

  • The 100-Day Challenge makes me a better person in every way, which affects every aspect of my life. Although I’m only half way through, my life is richer now than it’s ever been. I can’t even imagine what it’ll be like come Day 100!

    With sincere thanks and gratefulness,

  • The 100 Day Challenge is unique in that EVERY DAY it keeps you on track, keeps you thinking, keeps you accountable, and keeps you ON TARGET for reaching your goals.

    Other programs that I’ve tried (some of the best and top names) have provided stimulation but always temporary surges of self power. Nothing I have ever done compares with the 100 Day Challenge.

    I was committed to building a new house in a new area but had trouble really working hard to reach that goal. The 100 day challenge had me analyzing myself in ways I have not done before and had me focusing on exactly those things that I needed to focus on in order to accomplish what I wanted to do.

    We are now in the final stages of beginning to build and are on target for finishing this project in the time frame I created. I am focusing on other major goals I have set for myself and I know that each of my goals is reachable.

    I intend to continue with the 100 day challenge, building on my successes and remain super impressed with what can be accomplished when you hook up with the really very correct mentor like Gary Ryan Blair.

  • Hi Gary,

    With gratefulness I would like to share what I learned in The 100 DAY:To identify and be in my own gravity center is the best way to express myself 100%. I?m able to operate from high standards naturally and not only show my best, but contribute in the best possible way.

    During the time I have grown, and I can say A LOT. I have a long term commitment: I?m moving – in my life ? towards an IDEAL DEODETE. She is the lady waiting for me at the end of my life. She is my model of excellence. Each time I redefine her I do know what I have to do today in order to achieve my goal. Each time I improve, she improves more. The 100 Day Challenge definitely makes us grow very big in all areas. And I know I want more and I will do whatever it takes.

    Here are some concrete evidences that I have achieved my goals:

    This program provides fuel! I took actions. I did lose 21 kg. I get rid of all of my debts. And I did remodel my business. I wrote two new books. I?m back on stage after dealing with threatening challenges recently in my life.

    The 100 Day Challenge Program was the open door I found which supported me to make it happen.

    I recommend the 100 DAY because IT IS A SERIOUS PROGRAM for those who want serious results!

    Thanks Gary for creating such a tremendous program.


  • The 100 Day Challenge has been a huge blessing to myself and my family, not only because of the phenomenal content that Gary has put together, but also because of the process and habits that the Challenge helped me build over 100 days.

    Having over 20 years in the corporate world as a senior manager, I “knew” how to set goals (or so I thought), but the Challenge put a structured process underneath those goals, such as daily lessons and the After Action Reviews, that made them truly attainable.

    For me the biggest awakening was that goals don’t have to be incremental, but that Quantum Leaps are definitely possible and not only for the lucky few.

    Through Gary’s lessons, I have come to understand the roadblocks in my thinking that have prevented me from moving faster and achieving Quantum Leaps.

    When I began the Challenge the first time in September 2009, I had left the corporate world less than a year prior and established my own consulting practice. Although I got off to a fast start in my business, by September I was “running out of gas” and didn’t quite know the best next steps.

    The Challenge focused me on setting some specific goals and then in a disciplined (I use this word in a positive context!) way got me moving forward. By the end of December, I had made substantial progress on each of the goals but more importantly had begun to uncover my passion and the direction that I wanted to take my business.

    I continued with the Challenge in the new year and have found myself gaining momentum. My goals were better focused this time, and I’m on track as I near the end of the 100 days to complete several of them. I have gained several new consulting clients thus securing my income for the balance of the year. I have made a lot of progress on a challenging personal legal issue without succumbing to the emotions and procrastination.

    Gary’s lessons the second time around have challenged me to “get my thinking right” and continue to remove the layers of “corporate crud” and get further in touch with the passions that drive me to excel.

    How can you NOT – for a few dollars a day – invest in yourself, your family and your career for 100 days?

    In my opinion this program is invaluable simply because it lasts 100 days and builds good habits around goals, “right thinking”, feeding your mind, and connecting with a community of like-minded people.

    In contrast, other programs costs hundreds or thousands of dollars, last for a few days and then you’re left to your own to carry on. I can’t recommend this program highly enough!

    Thanks Gary for the vision for this program and for your example of Excellence.

    Eugene Z.
    New Jersey

  • What the 100 day challenge has meant to me- a changed life for the better.

    The 100 DC has been the icing on the cake for me in obtaining results in all areas of my life. The method and principles in the 100 DC work.

    Although I am using some of the terminology from the 100 DC, these principles have helped me to achieve results. 1,3,5 goal setting has helped me to focus on obtaining excellence in all areas. So five specific measurable goals with three whys and five how-to?s has given me a focus that I have not had in the past. Then applying the concept of quantum thinking to the goals has fixed in my mind the end result. I can visualize my goals and keep focused on what I want to obtain. Then doing the weekly view and checking on myself keeps the goals before me. As simple as this seems, I did not have this focus in the past with goals and was all over the place.

    Keeping five main goals on growing myself has been truly awesome. By day 75, I had reached two of my first five goals and have set two more goals. I am super excited about the results I have obtained and will continue to obtain. Vision, passion, excellence, character and focus do count and I love hearing this.

    Hearing that failure is a chance to improve and not the end of the world as I know it has encouraged me considerably to keep moving forward. Being encouraged in pursuing the smallest details and everything counts has motivated me to be more than I am. So yes, the 100 DC is for me and the principles I have learned are going to be applied from here on. I have changed as a result and will continue to pursue results through what I am learning and using to make me a better person.

  • It’s impossible to find where to start about the benefits of the 100 day challenge.

    This is so unlike ALL of the other courses, motivational things. This wonderful program stands ALONE because it WORKS.

    So many of us that listen to motivational speakers, learn something from each of them, and go on to the next. Maybe the term is “movtivational junkies” “learning junkies” I don’t know. I have heard all that Gary has said for years. The difference: because of the daily lessons, the daily nudges, it makes a world of difference.

    I start my day everyday listening to the post. It gives me focus for the day ahead, something to work on.

    Goals, I have long KNOWN, that goals need to be made. I have also long known that goals written are achieved. Gary makes it personal. He teaches how to break things down, HOW to achieve.

    Even with all that, sometimes I don’t follow the directions. AND guess what? I pay the consequences, the PROOF, that when you do follow how he tells you how to do things, it all = success, goals achieved.

    When you don’t, same consequences, success NOT achieved. I have LEARNED, it’s up to me. I can no longer blame anyone else for MY success/failure. IF I do what needs to be done I become responsible for my success. IF I slack off, if I don’t do what is taught, the same is equally true, only very sad. Because I was told what to do, how to and because I didn’t follow that, I don’t get the results that I wanted to.

    This is a total system, but it isn’t for wimps. It isn’t for those that want to pay money, sit back and expect success to fall in their laps. This is a BOOT camp for winners, a boot camp for success. Only by following the lessons, only by learning is success achieved. AND then it’s personal. I become a success because I did the work I needed to do.

    Personal coaches, business coaches, and especially Gary, are paid BIG bucks to teach people the things he teaches us all. AND most of those big buck teachers, give big seminars to many people in a huge room.

    WE have the priviledge of daily contact with Gary in such a way it feels very personal. Listening to his weekly After Action Review (AAR) lessons feels like he’s talking personally to just me.

    Wow, I just can’t describe what this course means to me. My business has grown, I started out very insecure, like I was a fake. I now feel confident that I OWN my business. I am responsible for it’s failure, but more than that, I AM responsible for it’s SUCCESS. I feel like I’m empowered to run it, I feel REAL now.

    When I started the course, I had such a hard time pushing the button. With a small business and money so tight, and I have so many books, CD’s etc from so many others.

    All Good, All I listen to regularly…..so what could I get from Gary that I didn’t have from others?

    I was so afraid to spend the money I needed so many other places…..but I did, and have NEVER looked back. I have grown, my business has taken off, I feel self-confident that I can handle more. And I panic at the thought of NOT having this daily, of not having the wonderful forum of so many others that help tremendously.

    The other participants from all over the world have truly built a community of excellence as they all help when I do feel down, when I feel unsure of what to do. I can honestly say, I can’t think of anything at all negatively about this. Nothing. Nothing I wish Gary did differently. He has it so organized that it feels all my needs for what to do, how to do it.

    I also feel very confident in referring others to him. As usual, my posts are way too long, but I’m just so excited about how this has helped me.

    Judy Gilliland

  • The 100 Day Challenge:

    Our country, our world, we as a people – are in a new state of realization of one simple and undeniable fact: ?we are responsible for where we find ourselves?. Those of us who desire true change, who know there is a better way, seek out education in order to create our individual change.

    Enter Gary Ryan Blair?s genius through the 100 day challenge. A single no nonsense program that provides ?each person? with their own unique steps to success.

    Gary challenges you to dig deep, be honest with yourself, and take the steps you have been hesitant to take before. The tools and support to do so ? are provided daily. We have all read hundreds of books, attended workshops/seminars, etc. and there was always a missing piece. Not here. If you don?t succeed with this one, you?ll just have to look into the mirror ? fess up ? and start again. It?s there. Everything you need is provided.

    Thank you Gary! Onward and upward!

    Gayle Vickers
    Community Developer

  • What have I learned from the 100 Day Challenge?

    ? The importance of doing it now, no more procrastination

    ? Results are the bottom line, the only thing that really matters

    ? The power of deadlines, until I set a deadline to complete a goal, it is only a wish or a dream; once I set the completion date I commit myself to complete it and work in a dedicated way to accomplish it.

    ? Always move forward.

    ? Honouring commitments to myself is of major importance ? what I choose to do is important. What is the point of deciding to do something if I am not going to bother to put out the effort to complete it?

    ? I have to be willing to say ?No? to many things in order to say ?Yes? to a few things which will move me towards my goals.

    ? What is to be gained from failure ? learn what didn?t work; try something else to achieve my goals.

    ? Focus on my strengths.

    ? Everything counts; everything is either moving me towards my goals or away from them. How have I grown?

    ? I have learned how to accomplish a goal! I found a letter the other day that I wrote almost twenty years ago that indicated I was going to compile a family history book. Twenty years have gone by…I have now written the book! I set the goal for completing the book from March 1 to 31, 2010 ? I didn?t quite finish it by that deadline, but was able to complete it by April 8.

    ? Although I have always been organized, I have become better organized and definitely more goal oriented chiefly by setting a date for completion for each goal.

    ? The After Action Reviews every seven days help me to keep track of my goals and where I am at with them. Reviewing every seven days allows me to make course adjustments on a regular basis in order to keep moving forward.

    What goals have I achieved?

    ? Completed a biography of my mother and submitted it to a publisher

    ? Completed a scrapbook on our trip to the East Coast of Canada last June

    ? Updated a family history book of cousins in my mother?s family

    ? Compiled a book on my Mother?s Father?s Family

    ? Compiled a book on my Mother?s Mother?s Family

    ? Completed my 2008 Memoirs

    ? Completed the first three months of my 2009 Memoirs

    ? Completed the first two months of my 2010 Memoirs

    ? Written about 80% of my first novel

    ? Successfully had my job upgraded

    Why would I recommend the program?

    ? It is a well-organized program that gives you a kick-start every day for 100 days.

    ? It provides basic information on how to set goals, and how to achieve them.

    ? Nothing is magical that will just happen ? I have to put out the effort, be committed and don?t let anything stop me from moving forward.

    ? The After Action Reviews every seven days are a very important part of the program to keep track of where I am at in the pursuit of my goals.

  • Gary,

    As we near the finish line on my second ?100 Day Challenge?, I wanted to let you know how much your program has meant to me and how much I would recommend it to someone wanting to take their life and performance to a significantly higher level.

    To anyone interested in the 100 Day Challenge,

    Prior to entering the first challenge in Oct. 2009, I would best describe my life as ?stifled?. After the devastating loss of a business I had been involved with for over 25 years, I found myself completely starting over having lost everything. I settled for a job that provided security rather than meaning and fulfillment. To say I was ?existing? rather than ?living? was an understatement.

    It?s been said ?When the student is ready, the teacher appears.? I reluctantly took the challenge due to some persistent marketing on Gary’s behalf. (I am so glad now that he was persistent?but more on that later!) I simply wanted to achieve some health goals and increase my sales.

    The orientation materials and goal setting forms inspired me to set bigger goals than I had originally intended. They had me really question why I wanted to achieve the goals, list the steps I needed to take, whom I would need to involve, time frames, obstacles to overcome, and most importantly what I would have to give and give up in order to achieve these goals. I thought I understood how to set goals?but many of these ideas were new to me. Gary taught me that until I take 100% responsibility for my life and results, there will be no meaningful and lasting change.

    I?ve spent thousands of dollars on self improvement programs. This is by far the best money I?ve ever spent. Gary has created a very unique program in that it is easily implemented and very user friendly. He has created an action based program. Every day I am presented with a short video lesson covering a multitude of ?life skills?. They are always informative, entertaining, filled with good common sense and end with a challenge to implement the lesson throughout the day. The quicker you begin to use the concept the sooner you are on your way to ?owning? it.

    Gary’s battle cry is ?Everything Counts!? and it is highly evident with the attention to detail he has put into the program. The Challenge tools are top notch, the daily video lessons are extremely well produced, the links work and everything is easy to understand. If I have ever asked a question, I?ve had a response quickly (usually by Gary himself). Such excellent service after the sale speaks volumes and shows me that he truly walks his talk!

    The program also differs in the use of weekly written reviews of what progress has been made towards each one of the goals. It?s a weekly progress report that helps me see if I am on target and/ or what adjustments need to be made. I particularly like this in that it shows me my progress in black and white and keeps me inspired.

    Perhaps the most unique aspect of the 100 Day Challenge is the online Forum. You can comment on the daily lessons and get other challengers interpretations of the lessons. People often expound on the ideas and information is freely exchanged. The amount of research people do for the good of the group is astounding.

    The online forums greatest asset is the positive atmosphere and spirit. Oftentimes in forums you will experience clashing of egos and bickering. I?ve never seen anything like that on the challenge forums. Everyone is respectful, supportive and positive. They will challenge you and give you a sense of accountability. It truly is an online community.

    I entered the challenge with the intentions to?

    *Increase sales and income by at least 25%.

    *Lose 20 lbs and enforce a better diet and exercise regime.

    *Improve family relationships.

    I achieved all of that? but I also received?

    *A dramatic shift in my self esteem.

    *A sense of purpose, meaning and passion in that ?Secure? job.

    *An ?Everything Counts!? awakening and a desire to serve.

    *An amazing host of supportive co-challenger friends who keep me inspired, accountable and passionate. They give me renewed hope with every goal they achieve as we all celebrate together.

    *A willingness to stretch out of my comfort zones, remain flexible and open minded.

    * To acknowledge my past as a learning tool as I move ?North?.

    * A desire to focus on my legacy. (Something I had never even considered prior to the Challenge)

    Pretty good gravy!!!

    Anyone with a strong desire and an open mind coupled with Gary Ryan Blair?s incredible program can?t help but become a better person along this 100 day journey!

    It was always simple, never easy and often uncomfortable, but I am so grateful I took the Challenge.

    Perhaps the best testimonial I can give is that I look forward to my third challenge? and the fourth?and the fifth?.

    Never South!

    Mark Roberts
    Dallas, TX

  • The 100 day Challenge was a godsend for me. Gary was able to teach me things about life that I have been trying to learn and people have been trying to get me to understand for the past 10 years in less than 100 days, I am so grateful!

    Before the 100 day Challenge, Gary found me struggling in every area of my life, literally. Down and Out is an understatement. What the Challenge did for me was really to help me look at my life and take 100% responsibility for my results which was humbling. But in the same breath he gave me daily powerful lessons and tools that when incorporated have changed my life.

    Just 2 weeks from starting the Challenge, I landed a new job which I am thriving at. And from there I have dramatically improved every area of my life; my relationships with my husband and children have improved, my addiction to sugar is on the way out the door, In 6 months I will be debt free.

    I am getting ready to start another 100 days tomorrow to see what I can really accomplish if I apply myself. Life is short, so beautifully short and Gary is helping me to create my life by my own design. I think the biggest change in me is that I no longer feel like a victim and I have found the confidence and courage to live my best life because I have been given the tools with which to succeed.

    I recommend this program whole heartedly whether you are struggling or if you just have BIG exciting goals you want to execute. DO it, do it NOW, you won?t regret it!!

  • It’s pretty simple–trust the system, BE dedicated and it works, not just for you, but I have taken the actions steps and the results of what I do and have applied them directly into my practice, which in turn has created a higher level of results for my patients.

    Here is what it is all about, IT IS NOT ABOUT ME, it is our responsibility to make this world a better place for our children to raise their children in, by taking the daily steps-videos-accountability steps, applying them to my relationships with my practice members, and they elevate their lives we are creating and evolving a better environment for an improved and happier humanity.

    I have learned that if you don’t like the results you are getting, pretty simple change your behavior, make new commitments to yourself, act with a massive level of responsibility and the results are intense. But the real beauty of it is simple, when you change your behavior, elevate yourself to a new YOU, those around you have no choice, it’s like a black hole, in the most positive way, they change too, BEcause of the new you and in turn you elevate humanity.

    I am 7 days into, the most powerful of all the goals to date are simple, my level of self-responsibility has been triggered. With that simple change any thing can and WILL happen.

    Anyone would have to be unconscious to not want to participate in this program, it is my personal opinion that this should be emphasized in the school system, I do know that when the next program comes up for “start up” my 17 year old daughter will do it. It is very simple to sit around and feel sorry for yourself, no more, it is the TIME to change and if you want to change, be bold, change your behavior and it can and will improve.

    The program is simple, basic and there are no excuses why someone would not have time–you can watch first thing in the am or listen to on your phone or computer, the simplicity and accountability that are set into the program make if success.

    Be bold and change.

  • Before the 100 Day Challenge, the only thing I had been consistent with was giving up and selling myself short.

    One more time, I found myself sitting around contemplating my ?good intentions? and how those ?intentions (thoughts, ideas)? were going to transform into some big reality some day.

    Have you ever tried to drive a car with no gas? You get nowhere. You might look good sitting in it, but that vehicle is worthless without fuel, and unless you change that reality you will never move ? no thoughts, ideas, or intentions will start that car.

    Consider the 100 Day Challenge as the fuel for that vehicle built of your hopes, dreams, and intentions. From the very first daily lesson that you hear, your engine will begin to warm up and you?ll soon begin driving toward your goals and dreams ? only this time you have a great map and a visionary guide.

    There?s even an Autobahn on the way to your goals ! It?s called the Quantum Leap strategy ? a profound principle that can propel you by leaps and bounds and is actually very simple, you just haven?t heard it laid out like only Gary Ryan Blair can do.

    If the 100 Day Challenge is the fuel, then Gary Ryan Blair is the spark plug that ignites the message into easy life application through his endless examples and pearls of wisdom. Every 5 minute lesson makes perfect sense and can be applied immediately.

    My goals were to re-establish discipline in my life through 2 goals: Daily exercise and Daily Bible reading. I have accomplished that and have run 4 5K races since Jan. 2010 ? and my last race was my best time ever.

    My third goal was to improve my communication with my husband and I?ve done that through reading materials, and being responsible for my actions. The Challenge taught me that I can control only 3 things: What I Say, What I think, and What I do?. And further, I can NOT control the consequences. So before I loose my cool, I remember, I?m in control and am responsible.

    My fourth goal was to pursue a career change. It was the daily reminders that kept me on course to keep that goal in sight. Although that is a more long-range goal, it was all-the-more important that I have constant encouragement to not let it slip away.

    My fifth goal was to ?deliver on some promises? I had made and I have done that? My previous inconsistency meant I didn?t always deliver as promised ? the Challenge says there is no room for such behavior among the ?excellent?.

    If you want to change your life, you can. You CAN! YOU can! It?s as easy as acknowledging that your tank is on empty and taking the action to fill it. Who, besides you, will lose out because you did not pursue your dreams? There is a world waiting for you to shine.

    Now, get in your vehicle of hopes and dreams, fill it with 100 DC fuel, and get ready to PUT THE PEDAL TO THE METAL !! You?re in the driver?s seat!

  • Goal setting was something I always felt weak at. I was deliberately looking for some guidance in this area when I came across the 100 Day Challenge. I had no idea how comprehensive this Challenge would be when I signed up.

    The powerful daily lessons revealed to me the things that were holding me back and the steps I could take to make the changes necessary not only to achieve goals but to really be a better person.

    I have to admit that sometimes this process was uncomfortable as I began to realize how I was unknowingly sabotaging my success. But the results I have achieved in 100 Days have been astounding.

    So far, my business is having it?s most profitable year ever even in this challenging economy, I will be launching an E commerce website in May and have started putting the plans together for an expansion that I had only dreamed about doing ?someday?.

    Personally, I have cleaned up my finances and now have another $20,000 in my retirement fund, have taken two big trips by myself, one to Maui and one to Orlando and I am going to China in the fall. Oh the things you can do when you have a vision and are focused!

    I am no longer willing to sit back and let life happen. I gave myself a great gift when I signed on for the 100 Day Challenge. You deserve the gift of success too. Get ready for more than you bargained for.

    See you at the next Challenge?

    Lynn C.
    Edmonton, Alberta Canada

  • More than any program I have ever encountered, the Start Fast, Finish Strong 100 Day Challenge is a turn key success system. It doesn’t just teach you, it insightfully guides you through the intricacies of goal setting, to planning your action steps, to achieving your goals, and even what to do when you have arrived at your goal.

    I started the Summer of 2009 on a magnificent journey; taking on truly working for myself, with a product completely conceived by me during the Fall 2009 challenge, in an industry I had never been a part of.

    I faced a world of people asking when I was going to go back to a “real job”. People who wanted to take whatever setback or road block was at my feet as a sign of failure.

    Through the Start Fast Finish Strong 100 Day Challenge I learned both why these people do these things but also how to deal with them when they do. Perhaps more importantly, I also found a real community of like minded, positive, inspiring people on the forums.

    What sets the Start Fast, Finish Strong 100 Day Challenge apart can be summed up in two simple words. Everything Counts. While that can seem gargantuan, in reality it is rather simple. And in our hearts and minds, we already knew this. Everything Counts.

    In terms of the program’s structure, the short daily videos are fast to watch, and easy to understand. Gary Ryan Blair has a masterful way of boiling the daily action plan down to a simple, concise idea or set of actions. The content of the daily videos is also uniquely insightful and inspiring in the way it gives perspective on the ideas behind each daily message. The built in progress review system (AAR) not only shows your progress but it effectively breaks huge goals into manageable steps and actions.

    I find staying motivated is also a factor of the breadth of the content of the videos. Every once in a while there is a curve ball which gives you a wonderful and different facet of life to work on that day. This is a nice change of pace for the mind as well as a reminder that this is not just about your goals. This is about your life, your total life. And Everything Counts.

    It is precisely because of this broad range of the program’s teaching that my relationship with my father has improved, something I never would have thought possible. It is precisely because of the broad range of the program’s teachings that I have become far more involved in the community around me, including winning a competition to compose a slogan for a San Francisco neighborhood campaign to get people to put their cigarette butts in the trash rather than the street.

    But most impressively, it is because of every detail and facet of the Start Fast, Finish Strong 100 Day Challenge that I wake every day to a new adventure and can keep my sanity because I learned that set backs, road blocks, adversity, persistence, reinvention, innovation, inspiration, and perspiration are all necessary elements in success.


    Tom Cutts
    Creator of Real Wine for the iPhone

    PS Oh yeah, and along the way I got those 6-pack abs like I have never had in my life! Is there anything this program can’t do?

  • Dear Gary

    Thanks very much for opening the doors to a new world where, literally anything can become possible.

    “My goal in creating the 100 DC was to provide you with the vehicle to change the trajectory of your life and help you make your life extraordinary. You succeed in living an extraordinary life by focusing seriously on the goals which make your life passionate and which radiate your full potential” Gary Ryan Blair

    That?s quite a goal and quite a promise. Suffice to say, you have a remarkable program which delivers on its intent. Despite all of the goal setting programs available, your 100 Day Challenge is the one that has actually made it possible for me to learn to goal set.

    The use of fabulous media delivered online every day for 100 Days which places the responsibility right in the participant?s lap. This is the only way, really.

    The benefits can only come with the doing. Your coaching has been inspired and I looked forward to hearing every day?s lesson, as well as reading the feedback on the daily forums written by a broad cross section of people from around the globe.

    ?Patience and perseverance are two of the most difficult things for one whose commitment is being tested and tried through the fire. But if you patiently persist in doing the right things I Promise you, you will ultimately get the results you are looking for.? Gary Ryan Blair

    In the program I personally have learned that the true reason for goal setting is not only to reach a goal but to actively involve us in the world around us with a sense of self, of pride and of purpose. Big Goals. Little Steps. Perseverance.

    ?The ultimate measure for setting goals is to entice you to become the type of person it takes to achieve them. For what you become is so much more important than the goals themselves.? Gary Ryan Blair

    So I lost 20 pounds and gained $29k (yes, Quantum Leaps work !), I am on target to get other major goals finished in not exactly the time frame I envisioned, but, re-dated more realistically and finished, nonetheless.

    I will start your Personal Strategic Planning Program in another month using the skills I have learned from the 100 Day Challenge. And I am even finally going to read ? War and Peace ? from cover to cover.

    Reading about the military campaigns therein certainly provides for a motivation to be vigilant in my reading as so much of what happens is directly dependent upon leadership and goal setting. And, mainly, I am inspired to go forward: there?s no looking back !

    What an amazing skill set I have now – and you have enabled me to move out on my own with confidence. When I began the program I couldn?t decide what to make a goal, I just knew I had a lot of overwhelming things in my life to confront and no approach.

    Your support has been tremendous and you have delivered on your promises every step of the way. I know that my life is the better for having met you, your program, and the wonderful people who participate in the daily Forums. A life changer and a way forward for many people in years to come who I hope who are fortunate enough to take the Challenge.

    Now I can actually set long-term goals and am learning everyday how to move forward on deciding exactly what it is I want and need in life and how I intend to get it.

    A lot can happen in 100 Days !

    I am interested in introducing people to the 100 Day Challenge mostly because It will make me feel good to help others live better lives. If we who have been fortunate to participate in the Challenge learn to live the principles, we will have an impact. I am happy to consider your program part of my legacy.

    The 100 Day Challenge is a fine use – the best – of the new world of the internet.

    In closing, quoting you once again:

    ?Being involved in this line of work for years and having worked with thousands of individuals, managers, and companies throughout the world I can say with confidence that what follows is a strategic mindset for starting fast and finishing strong and, most importantly, winning big in life.?

    You go onto my personal list of people to have touched my life. A big responsibility! And the 100 Day Challenge itself has been great fun with big payoff !!

    Everything really does count.

    Many Thanks and Kind Regards

    Chris Lee

  • Dear Gary,

    I have now gone through the 100 Day Challenge three times and plan on going through it many more times.

    Thank you for all the hard work you have put into making each time seem like the first time with new and exciting material.

    I was like many here. I have always known what I needed to do in my life to accomplish tasks and get myself out of an excuses mentality, but I lacked the wisdom and skills to do so. The added benefit that we share our experience with others through the forums helps to stay on track.

    Of all I have learned, not allowing for excuses and to only accept excellence have been the keys to my success.

    Through this program, I have overcome weight issues (lost 100 pounds) , exercise issues (I can do push ups that I never could before) , and have finally started taking the necessary steps to get myself out from under the massive credit card debt that I got myself into.

    I just have to keep doing what it takes to take each step closer to my goals and give up the things that take me further from my goals.

    Thank you so much for this program that gives me the tools and daily motivation to make drastic improvements in my life.

    Warmest Regards
    William Brooks

  • I’ve posted on this before, but as you know, things in life change more rapidly once you become part of the 100 Day Challenge Team.

    I love to work. Unabashedly, it is joy to me. So, when I was layed-off 2 weeks ago, it was a hit to my gut and ego. What was incredible was that my immediate feeling was one of freedom. Following that I have had nothing but a sense of well-being and optimism. Guess what? One walk in interview became an immediate “can you be here tomorrow?”. A follow-up on another potential leadership position where I would be helping to change the operating systems of healthcare, improving delivery of services while lowering the cost – “we need you to get here and meet with the CEO and Board of Directors” – that CEO was 1 of 5 who met with President Obama and gets it, that survival is great change. Today, while relating that possibility to a technician in my home town system, she said “That’s EXACTLY what we need to do!” and gave me the name and telephone number of this city’s largest hospital system. I’ll be calling him tomorrow and the CEO of the Mayo Clinic. Because I can and I can bring the breakthrough thinking of the 100 Day Challenge to the most important part of our economy and the one that needs the most change and improvement. So, I’m thankful for the opportunities losing my job and having the strength that this Challenge provides.

    Community, powerful tools, insight into the traits of real winners, a PLAN for achievement, Urgency without frantic waste, Continual feedback, Personal Growth, Opportunity to Give MORE where it is needed and never worry that you’ll run out of whatever you give, because you will always get more in return. AMAZING!

    We truly can do anything. It’s a glorious future when you know you have the tools and power to achieve any goal. “Be careful what you set your heart upon”

  • Hi Gary,
    I want to thank you for the 100 day challenge. It has been a wonderful experience with the information that you give. I have become more conscious of what it means to have and set goals. I have also seen how my time was taken when I did not plan and nothing got accomplished because there was not the focus. I am grateful for all the teaching which was not taught in school, and now one has to relearn how to discipline your life, time, money and relationships. I like the program very much and I have recommend it to a friend, and she is now taking it again for the second time. Thank You for your Love of excellence.

    Margaret Pemberton

  • The 100 Day Challenge is an every day start up engine. When you read the lesson early in the morning you already know what you have to do. Every day I wake up thinking about what I will learn today, what the next step will be towards my success.

    My main goal is to find a job. I have already developed a plan about how to increase my chances to be called to an interview. Even if there are moments when I feel down, I just remember the commitment and the lesson(s) at the beginning of the day and somehow they make you keep going, no matter what.

    Now, these lessons got into my subconscious and it seems like everything works by itself because I am already more responsible, I have more speed, I stick to my plan. In the mean time, I have had an interview, a recommendation for a job and things are progressing every day. I build my self confidence, step by step, day by day, lesson by lesson.

    So this program is a reminder why some people are more successful than others. All you have to do is just follow the recipe, mix the ingredients all together and at the end you will be delighted about the taste.



  • Upon review of my submission above, I have surmised a succinct phrase so delightful to me that I must share it. I believe it boils down exactly what I hoped to convey into one simple sentence.

    “On the journey to success and excellence you can be on no surer footing than that of the Start Fast Finish Strong 100 Day Challenge.”


    Tom Cutts
    Creator of Real Wine for the iPhone

  • Hi Gary

    Thank you for one of the most encouraging and motivating courses I’ve ever done.

    Being sort of alone on the Mission field since my husband’s Homegoing to Heaven, it has not been easy to stay motivated in the right direction for the right reasons.

    The lessons I have learned are helping me day by day to “Stay Focused!” (my hus- band’s last written words to me before he died.) and to accomplish positive things on a daily basis.

    The principles taught are clearly Biblical principles which make it easy for me to accept and desire to do. I want my life to have positive results on the Mission field and you have given me many ways to do just that.

    Thank you for helping to change my thought life to be one that is positive and energetic and pleasing to the Lord. God bless you!

    I definitely recommend this course and I am so grateful that I have been able to make it available to my son.

  • Through a recommendation from a business partner, I enrolled in the 100 Day Challenge. Impressed with the calibre of the daily challenges and the personal changes I was experiencing, I reconnected with the program for a second session.

    While the daily lessons have inspired me to live with excellence, I have also learned: the value of daily accountability, to goal set with greater clarity and most importantly to accept my reality…to be honest with myself and to live consistently with integrity.

    The program has helped me to grow in self confidence and revealed to me “the act with boldness in everything philosophy”; these both in turn have helped me to contribute positively to business and financial goals.

    I also have grown in an area that I was not expecting to, when I began the challenge… a consistent yearning to win the battle of my undisciplined vs. my disciplined self.

    I highly recommend the 100 Day Challenge… a change accelerator. It has inspired me to change with excellence.

    Sending you a heartfelt thank-you Gary.

    Causing the effect!

  • This program, in a step by step process showed me how to become the best I can be in every phase of my life and that there is an infinite amount more that I can accomplish in my lifetime.

    The key is the four words in your title: Start Fast – Finish Strong! All we need to do is focus on those 4 words and we’ve got it made. This does not have to be complicated. Thank You!

    Steve in Colorado

  • My goals were relating to my business; improving my finances, improving my fitness level and finding a partner.

    I am very challenged with my business at the moment and for me the most important thing has been to hear Gary’s message every morning as it has inspired me to start my day on a positive note as well have discipline in my life.

    I feel I would have given up many times if I had not been involved the challenge so timing for me was been ideal.

    My goals so far:

    I am dating a very nice man at the moment and even it is early days it feels very good. :)

    I have been keeping up my exercise routine – and have lost 2 kg

    I have made good progress in marketing, sales and product development.

    So yes I am convinced that the 100 Day Challenge has made and is making a huge positive impact in my life and recommend this wonderful to anyone who is willing to improve their life.

    Thank you Gary – you are amazing inspiring person!

    Satu Raunola

  • Gary,

    I was introduced to the 100 Day Challenge by my dear friend, Dr. Lyle Koca. He knew that my husband, Stephen and I were not where we wanted to be in our lives, and felt that this program would be a fit for what we were looking to accomplish.

    When someone as successful and admired as Dr. Koca makes a recommendation, I take it seriously!

    Needless to say we jumped into the process with nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    To tell you all the ways we have grown would take more time than I have here, so I will give the overview!

    The orientation gave us a solid foundation of how to correctly set and write our goals. You have given us daily lessons to prompt thinking and action. We have learned what is needed to BE the people required to reach our goals, to DO the activities necessary (and sometimes inconvenient), and thus we will continue to HAVE the rewards that come along with completing our goals.

    The main goal I reached in our initial 100 Day Challenge was to manage my time in order to volunteer 60 hours in the month of November towards our ministry work with the local congregation.

    In addition to this, the lessons I learned contributed to consistent sales and growth in my network marketing business. Just two months after completing our first 100 Day Challenge, I had my best sales month in over a year!

    This also came in a month where many in my company were struggling due to concerns over the company’s financial stability. By learning better systems our home is more organized and company ready at a drop of a hat! That is a huge accomplishment with a 8 year old and 16 month old!

    As a family we now have a balanced budget and have set new goals to reduce our debt. Only a few months prior we did not know if we were going to be able to keep our home due to our financial situation. To see these types of changes in our lives in just over 100 days is amazing to say the least!

    Why would I recommend this program to others?

    I know that there are people we pass each and every day that have dreams and goals, and like us, have absolutely no idea of how or where exactly to start! With this program it is outlined, step by step, how to set goals, the activities to do daily, and the weekly review of progress.

    It has never been laid out for us so simply, or with the amount of content to propel us forward even when we are unsure of our own abilities.

    Gary’s 100 Day Challenge is a must for anyone wanting to improve themselves: physically or spiritually, financially, business, personal relationships or attitude.

    We are proud to be involved with the 100 Day Challenge as alumni, and plan to continue with the lessons over and over again for the rest of our lives. So for any of you wondering whether or not to join Gary, be decisive and do it today to change your tomorrow!

    Thank you Gary for all of your efforts to continue to help each one of us to achieve our goals, and make sure that EVERYTHING COUNTS!

    Amy L. Smith

  • Have you ever had a ?mountain top? experience? Me too. Motivational programs, seminars, countless books . . . fast climbs to the summit, only to find myself back at ?base camp? within days. An exhausting quest for success with programs that lacked substance and support and inevitably left me defeated, unfocused and unmotivated.

    When an email arrived introducing the 100 Day Challenge, my first instinct was to push delete. After allowing several days to pass and reaching the deadline, a gut feeling told me to go for it. It was a life changing decision!

    The 100 Day Challenge stands alone. It grabs my attention and rewards me with daily doses of wisdom that build a foundation of serious focus, introspection, goal setting and action.

    Gary Ryan Blair is an expert in leading and inspiring people to excellence. He is personally accessible and passionately committed to our success. His daily message reflects principles of integrity and virtue with an unexpected, enlightening twist. Each day the Challenge is my personal call to action: move one step closer to my goals, enjoy the journey and celebrate success!

    Because of the 100 Day challenge . . .

    I was prepared when an opportunity presented itself and I now work in a job that I am completely passionate about.

    I have committed to daily gratitude journaling and Scripture reading and feel spiritually balanced.

    I share my successes and challenges with an International community of like-minded people who are a daily source of inspiration, wisdom, friendship and accountability.

    I have set a higher standard for myself and I?m focused on action and doing everything with a purpose.

    I have the tools, the system and the support to achieve any goal I commit to.

    Because of the 100 Day Challenge . . . I have my joy back . . . I have my passion back . . . and there?s no going back!

    See you at the next Challenge!

  • Why I endorse the 100 day Challenge.

    I found Gary Ryan Blair through a respected and long time Mentor, Brian Tracy. Little did I know how much of a wondering generality that I was.

    Approaching fifty years old, many failed relationships, self employed in the same industry for 25 years and still not goal oriented, empty and faced with an alcohol problem. I took the Challenge in 2009. Clearly unable to excel, but I started feeding my brain a healthy dose of organizational skills and a fuel for growth.

    I knew that I was on to something huge for my career and hopefully my lifestyle. It was frustrating to view my goals and all of the set backs through the 100 days. I was so sure that at the end of the Challenge, I would be fixed and achieving my goals.

    So I took it again, for the second time. Since 2009 and starting the 100 Day Challenge, I have broken away from an abusive relationship, realized a problem with alcohol and am dealing with it. Sold my home and bought another. Increased my income by 400% in the first quarter of 2010.

    My life is better every day. I have surrounded myself with quality and motivated people. I look forward to my next 100 Challenge and the stories that I will be able to promote this course to others. People that wish to improve their lives.

    Thank you Gary Ryan Blair,

  • I am a high school English Teacher and a theatre producer in NYC and I have found the 100 Day challenge to be very helpful in my latest endeavors as an entrepreneur.

    I am looking at ways of changing my industry and I have been teaching my students to do the same. It is my firm belief that we are heading towards a future where you will either be an innovator or you will be working for one and the goals system that is in place as well as the challenge lessons help create innovators.

    The people who take this challenge and follow through with their goals will undoubtedly be the people who will be talked about in the years to come.

    Seth Godin points out that Linchpins are the indispensable people in any business. The 100 Day Challenge helps build Linchpins. Gary cultivates those who will as Godin says, ” ignore the lizard brain and do the work” and then he shows incredibly generosity, by sending each of those Linchpins out into our world to do their art. Thanks for sculpting us Gary!


    Michael Roderick

  • Hi Gary,

    Last year was a hard year for me. Several close friends passed away and I wanted to do something in honour of their memory to ensure that I was still living when what I really wanted to do was closet myself away.

    Well, the 100 Day Challenge is truly that!

    The Daily Lessons were almost always on cue – something would come up in my life and on a daily basis you seemed to provide the basis for looking at those areas. Not quite sure how you manage that but it felt like a form of telepathy on your part!

    You have inspired me to look beyond the everyday and see the magic that life holds.

    I haven’t yet completed all five goals but I know I have the resilience to carry on with them and I have, in the interim, created some other fantastic accomplishments including supporting teenagers in completing Youth Projects relating to their dreams.

    I have invested in Kiva. I have walked away honourably from a job that was risking my integrity. I have employed a teenager who had dropped out and given her hope. I only hope I can live up to the new expectations I feel placed on me!

    You’ve opened up a whole new world to me. Thank you!

    With love,


  • Hi ?

    My name is Jack Liguori ? and I?d like to share with you a thumbnail sketch of just a few of the tremendous benefits I?ve gotten out of Gary Ryan Blair?s 100 Day Challenge program.

    First of all, let me tell you that I?m 71 years old ? and in addition to being a former airline captain with a major airline for a number of years, I have also been an entrepreneur for over 50 years.

    I have been a student of self improvement ever since I can remember. Over the years I?ve read dozens of books ? from Napoleon Hill?s Think and Grow Rich to Wallace Wattles Financial Success.

    I?ve listened to, or watched, many, many recordings and videos ? from Earl Nightingale?s Lead the Field to the recent movie The Secret.

    And make no mistake ? I have gotten a wealth of knowledge and wisdom out of all those books and programs ? BUT, I have never ? I repeat NEVER ? experienced so much all encompassing ?help? as I have from the 100 Day Challenge program.

    In fact ? I found it so rewarding that I felt it was well worth repeating ? over and over ? so I am presently half way through my second go around with Gary?s ?Challenge? program.

    I tell you all this about myself so that you know that it is a safe bet to say that I?ve pretty much ?seen it all? ? and, quite frankly ? I don?t impress very easily.

    Now, I know that you are probably constantly bombarded from many directions with offers that include glowing testimonials urging you to try this program, or that program. And no doubt some of those programs have much to offer.

    But, hopefully your will truly listen to what I?m saying ? and know that I?ve been around long enough ? and extensively enough ? so that you can believe me when I say this is a program you don?t want to miss out on!

    The essence of Gary?s intent is to INSPIRE ? PROMOTE ? AND CELLEBRATE EXCELLENCE.

    Those few words are indicative of Gary?s succinct style. He uses the same ?economy of words? in his recently published book ?Everything Counts!?. Its no wonder it took him 10 years to perfect and edit it ? but out of its wisdom came the 100 Day Challenge

    It doesn?t take long to realize how he consistently condenses powerful thoughts into a few concise words or sentences. I find myself reading or listening to everything several times before all the benefits of what he has put together fully dawn on me.

    My favorite Zen saying is ?to know and not yet to do ? is really not yet to know?.

    One of the greatest benefits I got out of the ?Challenge? is that it helped me re-realize and organize many of the simple principles that I mistakenly thought I had previously ?known? ? but, I was not ?doing?.

    The first words I read about this program before I decided to try it were simply ? START FAST FINISH STRONG.

    Those four words are so simple that it is easy to let them go right by without realizing the power they represent.

    By being exposed to a different one of Gary?s five-minute video first thing every morning for the 100 days of the Challenge I was able to start ?doing? and ?being? many of the things I had been previously exposed to, but, had never internalized them to the point where I ?owned? them.

    We all know how important goals are ? but, most of us go about achieving them in a rather sloppy slipshod manner. But, this program helped me really identify my true goals, weed out all the lesser goals that were diffusing my focus, write them down, make them time specific, commit to achieving them ? and then to check my progress every 7 days ? evaluate how I was doing in the achievement of those goals ? and then making mid course corrections towards their final achievement.

    I guess that?s why they call Gary ? The Goals Guy!

    This method works for any kind of goal. For instance, at my age I need to work extra hard on keeping my body in condition so that I have enough energy to complete projects I want to complete.

    Through participating in the 100 day challenge I was able to go from being barely able to do 5 pushups to now doing 50 pushups every day. I know that may seem like a rather mundane goal ? but it was important to me ? and, along with achieving that goal came the renewed physical, emotional and mental energy ? and confidence ? that is helping me achieve my more complex and difficult goals ? on schedule.

    Space prevents me form listing all the specific things I?ve learned from the 100 Day Challenge, but, I can say that the entire program is ?integrity based? and everything being learned (or re-learned) is of the highest value.

    For instance ? when I set my daily goals the video for that day asks me to be accountable to myself by stating the following:

    I will honor every commitment.
    I will keep every promise.
    I will achieve every goal.

    Through that simple act of being ?accountable? ? if only to myself ? I have measurably increase my productivity ? and my self esteem.

    It works ? as does every other thing in the 100 day Challenge.

    Have you ever seen a great movie, or had a great meal at a certain restaurant ? or experienced something truly extraordinary that you?d like to tell all your friend and acquaintances about ? so they too could experience it?

    Well ? that?s the way I feel about the 100 Day Challenge. I only wish I could accurately and effectively articulate all that I have gotten ? and continuing to get out of it ? so that you too will be moved enough to take action and enroll in the next Challenge ? so we can all experience it together.

    I?m sorry this turned out to be so long winded ? but, there is so much good to say about this program that even as long as this is, I?ve only hit on the ?tip of the iceberg?.

    Thus, the bottom line is this ? do I feel like I am giving you something of real value when I recommend you enroll in the next 100 Day Challenge coming up on September 22nd, 2010?

    You bet I do!

    I only hope you?re convinced enough to take action and enroll ASAP.

  • For years as probably many adults I was putting some additional weight and inches to my body, as probably many people with extra pounds over them, every year? for the last at least 10 or 15 years, I have had the New Year?s resolution to reduce weight and waist. I even had bought one size smaller waist pants as self pressure practice? the result: you already know it.

    Last December I went to my so called ?annual? physical, finding out that I have not done it for almost 5 years? at the end of the series of examination I was happy and excited because I was able to pass the treadmill test even better than 5 years ago. I was congratulated by my wife and three children, 2 daughters and a boy.

    2 weeks after I was reading the actual results? If I should continue with the same trend, the high risk for a heart attack will become reality? that specific moment I told myself, I will not share this with my family but will do something to correct it. Being a coach and HR specialist, one hard thing is to make sure that you coach yourself, so decided to look for a tool that could help me and assure me that I could lose the extra pounds and inches.

    After searching the internet and consulting my own programs I found something that looked too good to be true? sad, sad, sad? I was not able to afford it at that moment, I tried several things, and God finally helped me to initiate the 100 Day Challenge, I was anxious but at the same time hesitant. What this program may have to make the difference. Once started I realized what is the difference? every single day is packed with very powerful insights that actually make you reaffirm your goals, but most important to think in the benefits of achieving your goals, and enjoy the journey to do it.

    I did all the homework I needed to do, research all the nutritional programs I could find and purchase? in my mind was the fact that is now or never. So following the daily message and the concepts on the forum, shared by other participants, my journey start making sense?

    I established deadlines, kept moving forward, I decided to discipline myself to actually create a breakthrough, raising the bar on my eating habits and fitness practices. I learned a different perspective of the power to focus in one goal at a time, I decided to eliminate any excuse to not follow the eating plan, so any failing I could have, I?ll compensate it to make sure that I?ll reached the goal, on day 87 I claim my goal as achieved, I reached the goal one and a half months prior to the target date? this couldn?t be without the 100 day Challenge.

    This is good, because now I have more days to come to assure that this is not a random result, but a consistent one, one that I will be able to maintain at least for 3 months.

    I want to thank Gary and his team for making this possible, applying the serial reciprocity, I hope that this testimonial help others achieve their goals by using the 100 Day Challenge.

    Since I do not leave in the US and English is not my primary language, I authorize Gary and his team to make the needed editing to my note, to improve the writing quality, I?m looking forward to learn what is next in the alumni area, because I have many more goals to accomplish.

    Again thanks Gary, 100 Day Challenge team, ?colleagues? and thanks God for helping me to achieved these excited and extraordinary endeavor.

  • Dear Gary,

    83 days ago, if anyone had said ? change is not only possible but expect the return to be many many folds..I may not have readily believed them!

    Just over two weeks to go still?.even as a professional Counselor, Facilitator , Broadcaster and an author ..I stand here in true amazement as I look back at what I have already achieved, with an all important daily dose of super charged wisdom, inspiration, and motivation to propel me forward during this 100day challenge ?

    Gary let me share with you what it is to use your tools, to turn my dreams in to achievements , vision in to reality and well on my way to leaving a legacy?.

    So let my actions and results demonstrate what I mean by this. At the beginning of the challenge I set these goals to realize by 10th of May:

    ? To successfully pass my driving test
    ? To promote Self Esteem / Confidence of 50 women
    ? To help 550 Bulimia sufferers via Self help book/Workshops/Telecoaching
    ? To make my two websites more visible by attracting 500 visitors a week
    ? To raise awareness & body image / confidence of 325 students

    Now, not only have I re-defined, fine-tuned my goals to be S.M.A.R.T. specific, but with the help of such awesome Circle of Excellence, like minded people around me, I am also enjoying the taste of the fruits of the intense, enriching, transformational journey I am currently on.

    ? I am well on my way to nailing my driving by the 10th May
    ? Self esteem conference for women ? DONE (more than doubled my target)
    ? 368 Bulimia sufferers participated by the International Eating Disorder awareness week in February, & I have now superseded the number I set for my self ! DONE
    ? Although not consistent, web traffic is on a steady incline ? on schedule for 10th May
    ? Body image work ? count so far: impacted 480 students..and still growing!! DONE!

    To me the best bit is not even the above, but the meta-morphasis of what ?I? have become? here are some glimpse of the winning habits I have now formed:

    ? I am debt free
    ? Very clear about what I want in my personal relationship
    ? Very mindful and aware of Time as a precious commodity
    ? Super productive in the early hours of the morning
    ? My own personal standards are unshakable and high
    ? Looking forward to keep on expanding on this fantastic success and momentum so I can see even a better version of my self emerge out of the next 100DC?

    I owe it all to the skills, ethics and high values you instilled in us from the very 1st day Gary !

    It set the bar for me and the path of excellence is what I am now on..I cannot even think how I existed without your blueprint for achievement!

    Your most grateful student.

    Vathani Navasothy


  • Gary,

    What an amazing program!!

    If you want to reach some goals, If you want to change your life, If you want enter a new level of prosperity, this is your ticket. So many programs out there are just fluff. They give you things to read and tell you to do things and basically give you the same thing everyone else does just said in a different way.

    The 100 Day Challenge is so much better. First of all, it starts off with a message each morning that is less than 5 minutes. This is key for people who already have a busy life. But rather than something to read, this is a video message and not just some guy standing there talking to you but a very well done video which has key points driven into your mind with words and pictures and the voice is incredibly motivational.

    I know that making a huge change in your life is hard, but it is necessary if you want the outcomes in your life to change and this program does more than it’s fair share to give you the energy and thought process to accomplish that change.

    I can’t wait to see where I will be at day 50 and 100 as I expect some great things to take place in my life.

  • Gary,

    Your program really jump started my year. I had several personal, professional and financial goals that I wanted to reach and I surpassed just about every one before the time was up. I have always been a goal setter but I especially liked about your program because it taught me how to chunk the goal down into bite size pieces and then do at least one thing toward achieving that goal everyday, without fail.

    These two minor adjustments in my goal setting has actually taught me how to focus and stay focused until the goal is reached.

    The hardest time to keep chipping away at your goals is when you have a crisis. I had a major crisis happen in February when I lost my son.

    Well, everyday I would listen to your uplifting comments and try to stay focused on the goals. I can’t say I was 100% successful everyday but they did help and despite everything, I have still achieved 4 out of 5 of my goals and I know by the end of the year the 5th one will be realized.

    Thank you Gary for being a sane voice in an insane world. This program really works and I’m looking forward to signing up again in September with some new goals, dreams and visions. Thanks again.

  • Dear Gary,

    You are the best person in the world that I KNOW to motivate people to achieve GREATNESS with Brian Tracy who introduced me to you and the wonderful work you are doing.

    You have made me realize wonders. Practically, I have increased my earnings by 30% last 6 months in taking more responibilities inside our Company.

    I can say if anyone will follow your program there is a guarantee that you could not lose . The way you motivate people is absolutely exceptional .


    With your help, I have turned an operation which was a complete loss into one of the most beautiful Spas in the Middle East.

    Our profits have exceeded even rich the highest earning incomes in our category in PARIS by more than 40%

    Gary you are the person who makes me discover there are no limits on what could be achieve as long there is also a balance life

    I am most grateful to you and the 100 Day Challenge and encourage everyone to participate. This program WILL change your life and I’m living proof of it.

    Michel Maudet

  • After my experience in the (first) 100 Day Challenge, I have to declare now that ?Everything Counts.?

    Given the difficult economic situation which we have to face during this period of time here in Greece, Gary offers a clear view, a “window of opportunity” to follow a different approach by convincing my self that I always have to move forward.

    I am trying very hard to move forward and I know that there are? no limits!

    Thank you Gary!

  • Hi Gary,

    Greetings to you. I attended 100 day challenge recently, the course content is excellent and I enjoyed the program. This is the BEST COURSE in the market that covers all of the self management.

    In my opinion, everyone should attend this program for personal growth and productivity.

    God bless USA and all great Humanity who are making this world a better place to live.

    A gift from me to all great humanity in search of excellence, a quotation from Orison Swett Marden(1850-1924) founder of sucess magazine:

    ?People who have accomplished work worthwhile have had a very high sense of the way to do things. They have not been content with mediocrity. They have not confined themselves to the beaten tracks; they have never been satisfied to do things just as others do them, but always a little better. They always pushed things that came to their hands a little higher up, this little farther on. That counts in the quality of life’s work. It is constant effort to be first-class in everything one attempts that conquers the heights of excellence.?
    – Orison Swett Marden (1850-1924),
    Founder of Success magazine

    Have a great life…
    Thanks & Regards
    Sreekanth P

  • Hi Gary,

    USA Independence Day Greetings to you and all. I am celebrating independence day on July 4th, on this glorious 4th, I want to gift all 4 glorious quotations that will transform your life from the great people of USA to the World. Please check quotations at the end of the letter.

    Great nation USA has always inspired the entire world with great inventions, discoveries, universities, politicians, entrepreneurs and has produced great people (great humanity) who have established great companies that created jobs around the world and gave peace, prosperity and happiness to the world.

    On this great independence day July 4th, we take the blessing of mother USA for making the world a better place for all children by doing excellent work that will transform the world to a great place for all.

    For doing inspiring work we need an inspiring coach like Gary, so in my opinion for achieving the excellence every one should attend the 100 Day Challenge, which will transform you to great people and achieving all your goals.

    My Gift on this glorious July 4th, 4 glorious quotations from the great people of the USA to the World:

    1) Try not to become a man of success but rather to become a man of value. -Albert Einstein(USA)

    2) Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing. -Abraham Lincoln. -Abraham Lincoln(USA)

    3) Associate yourself with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation for ’tis better to be alone than in bad company. -George Washington(USA)

    4) If I find 10,000 ways something won’t work, I haven’t failed. I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward. -Thomas A. Edison(USA)

    Have a great independence day…
    Thanks & Regards
    Sreekanth P

  • ?Holy Cow!

    One of my goals is to prepare, condition, commit and finish the 2010 National Marathon to Defeat Breast Cancer. This past Saturday, the first Saturday of the 100 Day Challenge, I committed to run in the Susan G. Komen 5K to defeat breast cancer in Greenville, SC.

    Got up early, focused on that commitment (in honor of my wife, who is a 7 year survivor), got there early, and was incredibly moved by the event prior to the race.

    The Race: I was serious, but in a joyful way. I kept within myself, and trotted along, not trying to beat anyone else, or prove anything other than a good training run ? doing my best that day.

    I stayed around for the awards ceremony, being supportive and congratulatory to teams and individuals.

    When they got to the 60-64 Male age group, they started with 3rd ? not me, 2nd ? not me, and I figured these guys were probably pretty fast, then 1st place ? Ron Ferrill ?. Surprised, happy, and thankful.

    Doing something for good has special rewards.

    By the way, I?m 64 a prostate cancer survivor myself, and this was the 1st 1st place in a running race I?ve EVER had.

    Think there?s something in all this?! No doubt ? Thanks Gary for whatever ?mojo? you injected. I absolutely love the 100 Day Challenge.?

  • Hi Gary

    I wanted to write and thank you for helping to make my life better. When you were holding the 100 Day Challenge last year, I really wanted to participate and felt that I could not because I did not have the money for the program.

    I wrote to you and asked if I could make payments and you were so nice and gifted me the program. I had to promise that I would work hard and stay committed. I kept my word and wanted to share my results with you.

    I knew I had to reinvent my life and business and I trusted that the principles you were teaching on abundance would allow me to create something out of nothing.

    In December of last year, I went from essentially $0 to $14,800 in just one month. And so far this year, I have made close to $250,000.

    As a result of participating in the 100 Day Challenge, my family and I now live in an amazing home in one of the most amazing places on Earth. We are debt free and happier and healthier than we’ve ever been in our lives.

    My plans for the coming year are to double my earnings and I will once again be participating in your wonderful program to receive your daily advice and motivation.

    I just wanted you to know that you mean a lot to me, you believed in me when I did not believe in myself. That means so much and I will always be grateful.

    Love and Blessings,

    Catrina Posada

  • Hi Gary,

    I want to take a moment and share a wonderful miracle with you… My time has been consumed with spending time at the hospital and have had many visitors, but one special friend has done something so special.

    The many times Kathryn has been visiting as I sit with my husband in the hospital, we have had many visits about where life is headed, we have been visiting about all that we have accomplished this year and all that has yet to be accomplished… this conversation led to me telling her about your amazing program and the accomplishments that I have accomplished, only stopped short by my commitment needed here. Kathryn knew how upset I have been as to not be fully engaged in the habits that I have created. Your program has been life changing.

    My dear friend took it upon herself to stop by my home, pull out my binder in which my daily reports and logs are neatly filed of all that I have been working on, (goal sheets, etc.) along with a list of people to get scheduled for my upcoming photo shoots in spring/summer. My sweet friend called everyone of these families, collected their sitting fees and presented me with a completely booked calendar for the spring season. You have no idea what this has meant for me.

    What I thought was a milestone that would not be finished, she took upon herself to give me this huge blessing that is so needed at this time!

    Just wanted to share. When you are blessed, you must be a blessing… this is what my sweet friend has done to bless my life this Christmas.

    Merry Christmas!

    Deb Gibb

  • Dear Gary,
    Thank you soooo very much for creating a fantastic program like 100 day challenge. It was a good feeling to start a new day with your daily goal message. I love your messages , the pictures and the expressions on the pictures.

    Many days I had to say Wow!!! what a wonderful messages and what beautiful pictures you presented. You really did a wonderful job. I’m surely going to
    recommend your program to others. It was exciting to open up my computer to see what message I’m going to receive. Every day it was a good day to read your wise and meaningful messages. It made me feel good to start a new day.

    May God bless you , your family and your business abundantly.

    Tina Shin

  • Gary,
    I hate to admit it amongst all this success, but guest what? I DIDN’T complete my goal in the 100 Day Challenge.

    But what happened instead is a true depiction of what a high achiever (in-training) must become! On Day 33: Adapt to Circumstances, I had to fire my program developer and start all over again. As frustrating as this was, I am SO glad it happened now in the beginning, rather than later when I’m a huge success.

    Your messages helped me to face the issues honestly, assess the situation accurately, make decisions quickly and make another strong start. We’ve done that, and are well on our way! I’ll definately achieve my goal in the next 100 Day Challenge for sure!

    Thanks for your continued support.

  • Well, here I am again/still. Today my message is different in ways never expected a year ago, or even a couple of months ago.

    12/20: I am sitting in Greenville Memorial Hospital. At 5 a.m. October 17th, my wife collapsed in my arms. I called 911 and the ambulance arrived within minutes. The EMT’s did what they could but it was clear that she needed to be rushed to the hospital.

    Within minutes of being admitted through emergency, I was told that any chance to save her life required immediate surgery. 4 hours later a surgeon told me that I should be prepared that she wouldn’t make it. 6 more hours of surgery that day, and a total of over 25 hours during 4 contiguous days, and she had a chance. Since then she has had ups and downs, mostly downs. Still, she fights and the doctors have all said she’s a “fighter” and the ICU nurses nicknamed her “Miracle”. I just call her “Toots”.

    So, over 2 months now. What does that have to do with the challenge?

    Ask yourself, friend, what does tomorrow hold for you? Will you have done everything great that you’ve ever dreamed of? Will you have given all of yourself to those you love, and those you don’t even know who can benefit from your unique gifts? Is there a reason in the world that you should hold back from becoming GREAT?

    GREATness doesn’t necessarily mean notoriety. It doesn’t have to be monetary wealth. You have gifts, you are called to things that fill your heart and beckon you to step off the precipice – and soar.

    I’m spending more time now making others smile, and little anonymous givings, and stare in the face challenges to people who need to rise up. I am planning a future for my wife and me that assures her comfort and security, while I continue to find challenges great and small to make the world somehow better.

    100 Days can help you achieve goals – we alums know that already. More importantly it can change you to be a consistent achiever of dreams. It can make you a great person who cares for and about others and can do something about it.

    Join us.

  • I have just submitted my second book to the publisher, a goal that was achieved by setting a deadline of December 20, 2010. I started writing the novel with just a thought. I persisted and the thoughts kept coming. With the 100 Day Challenge spurring me on with inspiring messages for setting goals with the expectation of achieving them, the value of persistence, consistency, 100% effort every day, always moving forward towards my goals, seeing roadblocks as little speed bumps to fly over or finding new ways to move forward.

    I published my first book at the end of June 2010, and completed six family history books of 100-200 pages each during the year. The After Action Reviews are encouraged each week to see what I have accomplished, what went wrong and what changes I need to make to reach my goals. Goals with deadlines for completion are the biggest take-away for me with the 100 Day Challenge so that “dreams” of twenty years ago have now become reality.

    In addition, the privilege and thrill of writing two books for publication has been amazing – neither of which I would have done without the encouragement and direction of the lessons from the 100 Day Challenge.

    The interaction on the Forum has been a real help and encouragement from others also in the challenge – a whole community of participants from around the world.

  • Hi Gary,

    This is Deb from ‘Down Under’ Australia! Please allow me to first say that I love your voice! You’re easy to listen to and your cadence is perfect for learning and inspiring.

    Your 100 Day Challenge made it possible for me to turn ‘hazy’, not so precise goals into set, measurable ones… and therefore achievable ones.

    Quite possibly the most impacting message for me personally is that ‘everything counts’ towards achieving my goals. From the type of food I consume (which gives one the energy to put in another few hours of effort towards one’s goal) through to how you spend your time standing in the queue at the supermarket (why stare into space or read the headlines of the gossip magazines when you could be perfecting your goal strategy or listening to your study piece on your iPod?!)

    Gary, thank you – and keep up your great work! You’ve made it possible for me to do so.

    Deb Stewart :)

  • Hey Gary,

    I just wanted to email you to say thanks for giving me the chance to be a part of the 100 Day Challenge earlier this year.

    When I contacted you it was the night before the start of the January exams in college and I was totally under prepared
    for my first exam. I was just thinking to myself, “Wayne – you have to sort yourself out, what the hell are you doing and where
    are you going??!”

    Then, out of the ether comes an email about the 100 Day Challenge.

    Just like everybody else I get loads of notices about different over email and like everybody else I usually quickly delete them.

    But this one really stood out, so I thought, it’s worth a try. But being a broke student I couldn’t afford the programme.

    So I emailed you on the chance you could offer the 100 Day Challenge at a discounted rate and then went to bed that night.

    Couple of hours later I wake up ill during the night, I became too ill to any of the exams. The end result being that the college allowed me to sit the January exams that I missed in August instead.

    I now had a second chance. So with my second chance I was determined to change the direction things were going in and I began the 100 Day Challenge to help me change things.

    Every morning before breakfast I would do the 100 Day Challenge, which I labeled my “100 Day C” when telling people about it.

    I have a notebook filled with notes from every day of the challenge that I read back over every couple of weeks to keep things fresh in my mind.

    The 100 Day Challenge got me focused on the important things and some of the messages in it were pure genius. The one message which stood out for me the most during the program was the principle that you must discipline yourself or somebody else will.

    I now live my life by that. Every time I start to feel lazy, or not in the mood to do something I remind myself that if I don’t discipline myself, somebody else will.

    Thanks to the “100 Day C” I went on to finish my law degree with honours. Which I am very happy with and had I never come across the 100 Day Challenge I would have probably failed in my final year.

    I just recently had my graduation ceremony and I wanted to say thanks for helping make it happen.

    I attached a photo of me getting presented with my law degree.

    Thanks Gary and let me know if you ever come to Ireland and I will show you round a few Irish bars!

    Best Regards,

    Wayne Donoghue

  • Hi Gary!

    On 13 April (above) I wrote and see that it still holds true…and I have “found” a lot more money and, for some reason, “lost” quite a lot more weight ! Yet I am only just getting started. Working at my own pace is one of the great gifts of the 100 Day Challenge ! I never thought I would be able to plan anything “strategically” – it’s not something that comes naturally – but now I use “strategically” in a sentence, even a paragraph, quite well !

    The biggest lesson learned throughout this, my second formal Challenge ?

    Having sorted out many mundane issues in my life has lead to being able to attempt a much larger vision with hopes of success.

    I cannot say strongly enough, that the programme is a true enabler of self-reliance and turning dreams into goals and reality. I started the Challenge on a wing and a prayer thinking it sounded too good to be true ! But it is quote real.

    By clearing away the detritus, the debris, of everyday living and setting myself on a realistic target-based, disciplined way of living,
    I am enabling myself to focus on bigger dreams. These are dreams of self-actualization, contribution, and legacy that can be accomplished only if you lay the groundwork. Sometimes this takes more than 100 Days and I willingly commit to however long it takes. Rome wasn’t built in a day!

    Having seen and joined the Challenge January 2010 and then repeating it again this September, I am aware that the increase in sophistication of technology has been, well, a quantum leap! The amount of energy put into making the programme user friendly has translated into it a mega-tool.

    In my reading, over the last year as I moved through the Challenges, it became clear that the skills we have been given by you to use – or ignore – are those that have enabled great acts and lives throughout history.

    Carry on the great work.

    Everything Counts !


  • Hi Gary

    I can’t tell you how important your program has been in the progress I have made in my life… I have lost almost 60 pounds and have greatly improved my health.

    In addition, I have increased my commissions this year by a staggering 125% and I am most happy to report that I have invested more quality time with people who are important to me and in improving those relationships.

    In short, I love your 100 Day Challenge and I love being EXPOSED to the way you think about business, life, goals, etc.

    Michael Karin, Atlanta

  • The 100 Day Challenge has been an amazing program for me. I joined in September 2009 hoping it would help me start a business and since then it has stretched my thinking and helped me define and start working on my ideal life.

    The daily lessons of the challenge program are awesome on their own. The weekly AAR calls are packed full of life-changing, easy to apply information on excellence. The alumni program takes it up another amazing notch. I’ve never received so much value for my time and money!

    I appreciate everything Gary Ryan Blair has done with this program. It has made an amazing difference in my life and in my performance.

    Bruce Knoll

  • In a short period of time I was able to completely pay off my $190,000 morgtgage and now I’m living a debt free and more importantly stress free life. I could have never done this without the massive call to action that I learned inside the 100 Day Challenge!

  • Hi Gary,

    Just wanted to let you know that when I began the program, I set a goal of buying my dream home by the 1st. I am just getting ready to leave for the closing now (two days ahead of schedule!).

    I also wanted to thank you again for the 100 Day Challenge. It has taken a few rounds of the challenge to get to this point, but when I started I was bankrupt in all areas of life. Your tools were
    instrumental…. So glad that I stumbled across your website!

    Mark Roberts

  • Dear Gary

    I wanted to say a massive thank you for the 100 Day Challenge Program, which I have completed twice now. Also, the Personal Strategic Plan which I implemented in full a year ago to define my mission and renewed this new year, and for the web site which I think are a fantastic resource.

    I came into the 100 Day Challenge Program having only a vague understanding of ‘goals’. I write this today having implemented the “Everything Counts!” philosophy in full, to skyrocket my productivity, sense of purpose and day-to-day achievement. I can’t tell you how grateful my wife and I are for these insights which have helped us to make a huge leap in our life trajectory!

    Keep up the great work! I wish you all the best, and thanks again for everything you have done for me and my wife. We’ll always be grateful.

    Best wishes,

  • Gary,

    I began the 100 Day Challenge for my own motivation and growth.
    Then, about 2 weeks into the program, I was asked to tutor a teen boy who had dropped out of school (he lives in a small developing country where educational opportunities are very limited and too costly for most families). He needed a great deal of help with reading. He also needed some “life-coaching” for self-confidence, goals, motivation, and managing his frustrations in constructive ways.

    I determined that he learned best through auditory and visual. So I thought, what a great way to teach him to read while at the same time giving him motivation and positive direction–the 100 Day Challenge videos! Each day we watched the daily video. I helped with his reading because he saw the words and visual aids on screen with Gary speaking in the background, and gave him positive messages.

    Several weeks later, his sister commented that her brother seemed happier and was communicating more than ever. A couple weeks after that he was accepted back into school (he had left the end of Feb and accepted in mid-June with only 5 weeks remaining in the school year). He was elated to be back in school. He wanted to continue with our tutor sessions AND he wanted to make sure we “watch the show” every lesson day.

    After missing so much of the second part of the school year, he finished 11th in his class and met his overall grade of a B! Incorporating the 100 Day Challenge messages into his tutoring sessions was the best “lesson plan” of all—it set the foundation for success.

    I fully support Gary’s idea of creating a Challenge program directed toward teens. I feel it is much needed and will help change the course of youth who participate.

    Thanks much,

  • I am now up to Day 90 of my first 100 Day Challenge and totally love it. As soon as I finish this Challenge, I plan to resign up for the next one. One of my biggest accomplishments in the past 100 days was performing my own stand-up comedy routine in front of a large audience. I used to be shy so signing up to perform the stand-up comedy was a huge risk. Seeing that I, the once-upon-a-time-timid-kid, had the courage to perform something so extremely outgoing as stand-up comedy has been a testament to the massive amount of change that I have undergone in my life. The experience was, and continues to be, like a dream come true.

  • I am a man with little words but big in taking action from the call to action that I learned from the 100 DC.

    It’s been 4 years now and my wife and I own six homes, three in Fl and three in CO free and clear and have no debt and a residual income from Real Estate. Looking forward to the next few years to enjoy our semi retirement and accomplish more of our goals.

    Michael Susan Wilcox

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