The Price of Success

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What is it that brings one man success in life, and failure to another?

The answer is, some men succeed because the cheerfully pay the price of success while others, though they claim ambition, are unwilling to pay that price.

In this post, I want to introduce you to an important truth on your path to success, “Choose Your Suffering”.

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Everything you want in life, every goal you want to achieve, every dream you want to manifest comes with a price tag.

There is NO FREE LUNCH when it comes to true success and achievement.

To achieve any goal, you must choose the suffering that’s right for you, you must accept that reality, you must embrace that truth, and then you must live with it every day of your life.

Throughout the 100 Day Challenge, you will be reminded to pay the price of success each day and you will be astounded by the results that you are able to generate.

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22 Responses to “The Price of Success”

  • This video encourages me to pursue my goal in life and pay the price!

  • I agree with Gary. The price of success requires sacrifice and discipline. I was a competitive Chicago area distance runner for nearly thirty years. During this period, I observed that one of the main differences between the top runners and the rest of the pack, was their willingness to go that extra mile (suffer).

  • Wow…this is just a mindblowing video…couldn’t be truer!

  • Great stuff Gary. Well done.


  • Love your inspirational videos. Looking forward to your 100 Day Challenge! Your participants are welcome to take a free Nutripoint QuickCheck of their diet to help them evaluate where they stand, in achieving their diet/nutrition/weight goals at

  • Thanks for that thought provoking video. I’ve always felt that these sentiments exist, but this puts them in a nutshell, thanks!

  • Wow…this is great. My son and I loved the comment about your clothes fitting you poorly – that was funny. It’s easier to stay where you are instead of being uncomfortable while you work toward achieving your success.

  • Thank you for the insightful video. We move towards pleasure and away from pain. It was clear in your video, there is always more pain if don?t choose the path of success.

  • What a fantastic video. Beautifully illustrated with cartoons. How novel! Thank you so much for sharing it with us. I agree, there is NO FREE LUNCH when it comes to true success and achievement. I’m off to check out the 100 Day Challenge!

  • I had always wondered the difference between successful people and unsuccessful ones. The latter are not willing to leave their comfort zones in pursuit of their dreams, they always look forward to the easiest way out unknowingly causing untold failure. ACHIEVERS IN LIFE ALWAYS GO THROUGH THE THORNS TO REACH THE ROSES! Are we ready for the CHALLENGE?

    Kamugasa Andrew Timothy
    Masters Student
    Makerere University Kampala


  • Thanks for the enlightening video, it has helped in opening my eyes. The price i pay for mediocrity is too high! I’d better focus on excellence

  • Superb stuff. Couldnt be truer, simpler and straighter. Bull’s Eye !!

  • Hi Gary – I absolutely love your videos. I show them all the time to my students at Youth Build. I find the video that goes with the lesson I am teaching from Everything Counts and start by showing the corresponding video first.

    Thank you again for donating all the materials you sent. You Rock! and my students are getting so much from your book.

    It is an easy read and many of my students ask to borrow the book so that they can re-read the lesson on their own. Thank you for putting all this good info down in writing and then caring enough about others success to donate it to a program like the one I work for.

    I have even gotten requests from other teachers to read the book so that they can apply your info to their subject. You are so generous and are a beautiful person that cares.

  • Awesome video and inspiration Gary as always…YOU ROCK Dude!

    What matters is that you dedicate yourself to being a little better today than you were yesterday!


  • I loved this video! “Choose your suffering” could not have been put better. Truly, there is a price to pay…but the reward is tremendous once you start “making payments”.

  • Thank you for your great idea of using cartoon to get the message across. We are choosing to suffer the price of success and enjoy long term prosperity.

  • “Choosing your suffering” is truly inspirational, but one very important fact is left out; that the goal must be determined by you and not others. If we let others undermine our goals with their “opinion” or “feelings” or determine our goals for us, it will eat at our self worth and then we suffer the disappointing fact that “it our acheivements are never good enough”.

    I speak from experience that some people will never think your goals are high enough or of enough value and will always be critical of your achievements; no matter how large or small. Set goals; achieve them and reevaluate and set new or higher goals and continue to enjoy life and help others because we can not take it with us when we die.

  • I have contemplated over the last couple of years doing the 100 Day Challenge, but for one reason or another have not. The points you make in this video are the same ones I tout all the time to others, and to myself during my self talk. Now, it’s time to start putting it into action. With this being the beginning of the new year there really is no better time to begin challenging myself than right now. I look forward to working with you on my changes.

  • Trying to stay focused…. removing all enegy draning people and meaningless tasks from my life… working smarter not harder. It all starts with removing all negatives and keeping all positives around me to keep me going. Love the videos to keep me going. I can do this!!!


  • “Winners always pay the price”

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