The Rich Life

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Two pressing questions which we all need to contemplate are:

  • What does it mean to be rich?
  • How does one live a richer life?

In this video, I’ll answer these questions while also providing  you with a twelve-point plan for getting rich – right now.

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When you expand your comfort zone of what is possible in any area of your life, you are reaching out and living a fuller, richer, more prosperous life.

So, do you want to live The Rich Life?

It’s actually very simple, as your life-long challenge is to reach out, to expand your limits, to passionately pursue your goals and dreams and to enjoy the rewards as they always follow whenever you reach out beyond your current limits.

That’s exactly what you will learn once you begin the 100 Day Challenge.

WHAT TO DO NOW? Click here to learn how to get rich–right now!

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9 Responses to “The Rich Life”

  • This is great Gary.
    So many times we see the term “rich” only related to how much money we can collect.
    Your definition is so much more…

    Well done.

  • Amazingly well explained. Thank you for such a beautiful message!

  • Thank you for helping me understand what it means to become a rich person.

  • Great video… Really enjoyed that one!

    “Rich” can be a misunderstood word. Thanks for laying that out!

  • How true! In the same way there are different types of intelligence, there are a number of areas of being rich that we can build into our lives–the type of ‘rich’ that money cannot buy… and the choice is ours as to how rich we will be.

    Thanks for the reminder and now … I want to know the other 8 types of being rich!

  • Since joining the 100 Day Challenge almost two years ago, every aspects of my 12 point plan has increased to a priceless degree. A side benefit has also been more than a quarter of million dollars to my bottom line. Thanks for everything GRB.

  • Gary,
    As always, you never seem to amaze me with your wisdom and freely sharing of it. Moving forward, true North, in my personal and professional life has been attainable because God has blessed me to know you.
    Thank you so much Gary!
    Love & Respect,

  • Great message, fab video and you’re gifted with a speaking voice I could listen to all day. Your content and material really stands out in an ocean of information. Thank you very much Gordon

  • rich reach wealth health, connect deeply and expansively= prosperity gains by expanding to include.

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