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20 Seconds of Courage

20 Seconds of Courage

What can you do with just 20 seconds of insane courage 3 times per day?


With these next few lines, I’d like to speak into that idea and challenge you to embrace this simple, yet life changing strategy.


Because if you do, amazing things will happen in your life and business.

I promise – it works!

Twenty seconds. What if that’s all it took? Just twenty ticks of the clock to turn everything around?

There will be days when you do not feel very courageous, that you will be fearful and uncomfortable in reaching out, speaking to others, or in dealing with a challenging issue. Yet over and over again you are reminded to “BE STRONG AND HAVE COURAGE.”

How do you reconcile this gap?

Is courageous a state of being, a unique personality trait, a gift of high quality DNA, a special breed of human being?

Or can it simply be a conscious, momentary decision? Something we “take.” A choice?

20 Seconds of Courage(More on that choice in just a moment.)

Have you ever noticed who gets the most respect and the most rewards in life?

Look closely and notice that it’s not the wallflowers; it’s not the people that sit back and wait for others to do things for them.

Those who have accomplished much in life have been men and women with a spirit of boldness, courage and adventure.

When will your finest hour come, and how will it arrive? Do you really think it will materialize without an act of supreme courage, audacity or boldness?

What bold, courageous initiatives are you planning for today?

When you are facing a decision to act, consider it as an opportunity to prove your worth, to show whomever it is how much you believe in yourself and what you are about to discuss.

20 seconds of insane courage, are you feeling it?

Maybe courageous isn’t a word people use to describe you. But if you could muster up just 20 seconds of boldness today, 20 seconds of bravery…

What would you do?

What would you say?

Who would you call?

Where would you go?

What idea would you initiate?

Who would you reach out to?

What difficult conversation would you have?

What issue would you address?

Who would you encourage?

Who would you confront?

What would you believe?

What would you risk?

Use these examples to frame your own expectations for your future. Then ask:

“Can I find a way, 3 times per day to demonstrate 20 seconds of insane courage in order to take my life and career to unprecedented levels?”

I know you can. The real question is…will you begin doing it today?

WHAT TO DO NOW? Embrace this simple 20 second strategy and share your victories which will inspire others to do the same.

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