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A Model of Excellence for Kids and Teens

Bobbi Deporter

Bobbi Deporter

Imagine a camp where kids and teens learn to become exceptional human beings. Imagine this camp as a place where kids and teens are taught quantum learning skills allowing them to significantly accelerate their mastery of math, reading, writing and memory. And imagine this camp that focuses your child’s efforts on adopting excellence as a core value and invaluable life skill.

This sound likes a really super camp doesn’t it? Well, this SuperCamp does exist and it is the brainchild of Bobbi DePorter.

In 1982, Bobbi broke the mold by creating a learning and life skills academic summer program for youth. The SuperCamp program based on the premise that every kid has a hidden genius and with the goal to bring that genius out.

Just as Southwest Airlines changed our perceptions of flying and Starbucks changed our perceptions of coffee shops — SuperCamp has throw away the rule book and created an innovative category in engaged, joyful, successful learning. Now with more than 50,000 graduates and programs in the U.S., Europe, Asia and Latin America, SuperCamp is an established leader in the field of youth development.

Here’s a note from a SuperCamp Graduate:

“I have been a SuperCamper for two years. One in the junior forum and one in the senior, and what I got from both of those years was this: anyone and everyone can learn no matter who you are, where you come from, and what your grades say, you are a talented and smart individual quite capable of learning. All it takes is belief in yourself and your abilities to make you a better and more able person. Combine this uplifting message with practical learning techniques and interpersonal skills for a fun filled and educational experience.” – Robert


Bobbi DePorter has changed the lives of over four million kids around the world. As an author of over a dozen books, she is recognized by many as a leading authority on effective learning and youth development.

You Are -- A to E

You Are -- A to E

The success of SuperCamp led Bobbi to create Quantum Learning school programs for educators and students. Quantum Learning is now a comprehensive school reform model producing significant positive change in thousands of schools and districts across the nation.

What impresses me most about Bobbi and the SuperCamp curriculum is their focus on excellence as a critical life skill. They place a premium on exposing kids to personal best practices by creating communities of excellence which unite all camp participants with a common bond; to live a life of exceptionally high standards.

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