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Abandonment Issues

Abandonment Issues

AS WE MOVE THROUGH LIFE we accumulate things…dreams, fantasies, habits, people, projects…stuff.

We often think about what else we would like to add to our life, but rarely think about what we should let go…relinquish and say goodbye to.

As a society, we’ve already given up on carrier pigeons, Morse code, drive-in movies, abacus, typewriters, pagers and fax machines.

We’ve abandoned vinyl records, rotary phones, yellow pages, disposable cameras and even physical maps.

We’ve said adios to encyclopedias, handwritten letters, travel agents, printed tickets, photo albums, and buying flowers from a florist.

We’re in the process of saying goodbye to physical money, paper checks, newspapers, automobiles, privacy, jobs as well as entire industries and even countries.

We see the process of systematic abandonment (a.k.a. change) happening all around us…it’s impossible not to notice and to not be affected by these externally enforced shifts.

So, why then is it so hard for people to wrap their minds around the idea that personal change and abandonment is, should and must be part of the human condition?

Why the resistance…why the stubborn refusal to do the needful and simply just change?

In order for you to operate at peak efficiency, and to unleash your greatness…

What self-limiting beliefs need to be abandoned?

What unproductive habits do you need to make obsolete?

What unhealthy relationships do you need to put the kibosh on?

In your business…

What systems such as the once-a-year employee review need the heave-ho?

What policies and procedures need to be intentionally discarded?

What meetings, strategies, rituals and culture need to be voluntarily surrendered?

The question is not if any of these should be abandoned, but when.

Now you can choose to do things fast or slow, but since you’ve read this far…I may as well give you my two-cents worth.

Rip that bandage off and get on with it.

Time is running out for all of us to make our dreams come true.

By allowing unproductive people, policies, beliefs and habits to stay in the game…you are in effect, abandoning a bigger, bolder and far more beautiful life.

Be deliberate, be intentional and be sure…

Everything Counts!

Gary Ryan Blair

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