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Choose to Lose


“Added value” is the popular name for what’s included at no extra charge.

But we have entered a time where the rules have changed, where added value has been redefined, where it’s NO LONGER sufficient to only tell the world what you include and what you stand for.

To hold the attention of the public, to sell into a crowded market, and to be THE leader in your field, you must identify what you leave out, what you will not tolerate, and what you stand against.

  • Organic fruit and vegetable growers leave out the fertilizer and pesticides.
  • The Insanity workout leaves out the weights and a trip to the gym.
  • Wholesale Clubs leave out plastic and paper bags.
  • Southwest Airlines leaves out assigned seating.
  • The Full Plate Diet leaves out fiberless foods.
  • Netflix leaves out the trip to the video store.
  • Digital cameras leave out the film.

Allow me to demonstrate this point as it relates to the 100 Day Challenge.

choose-to-lose3“It’s just as important for us to tell you who we aren’t as well as to tell you who we are.

Without apology or sugarcoating, the 100 Day Challenge is perhaps the most INTENSE hardcore goal setting program ever created and it’s certainly not for everyone.

To create radical results fast, there’s no room for procrastination, indecisiveness, mediocrity, self-pity or excuses.

Therefore, whiners, thumb suckers, 98 pound mental weaklings, nitpickers, crybabies, complainers, chicken hearts and fools need not apply for membership.”

Purposely leaving things out has become more important than ever, and you must find a way to build this into your product or service offering.

ACTION: Answer these questions:

  • What do you and your company leave out?
  • How can you use what you take out as a unique selling proposition?
  • Do you have the chops to implement these answers immediately?

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