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  • I interrupt your life with this important message:

    Everything Counts!

    Everything Counts! is an execution strategy for inspiring excellence and driving exceptional results.

    Its meaning is simple, yet powerful!


Increase Your Win Rate

“You can spend the remainder of your life perpetuating the same behaviors and getting the same pint-sized results…or you can learn to increase your win rate and start achieving big goals quickly.” — Gary Ryan Blair Let’s get something straight right out of the gate… You exist to win, create, construct, contribute, exceed expectations and […]


What You Do…Is Who You Are

Practice what you preach; do as you say, walk the talk, and actions speak louder than words are all derivatives of what I believe are the three most important words in your life…Behavior Never Lies! Let me make this one real simple for you…What you DO is who you are. If there’s ever a discrepancy […]


The Future is Faster Than You Think

The goals that I strive to achieve with each post is challenging you and your paradigm in ways designed to accelerate your performance, grow your might and increase your overall win rate.  This particular message provides a prescient look at our impending future. Ready? Let’s do this… If PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel could do it […]


Dare Mighty Things

Call it self-righteous or contrived, but I am tired of the cynicism and aloof detachment so often displayed in society…and would rather focus on inspiring, promoting and celebrating the workers, the planners and the doers. I believe that life would be so much more rewarding if we encouraged people, especially our youth to do their […]

Trust The Process

Trust The Process

“Know what you want to accomplish and focus on the process rather than the outcome” —Nick Sabin Things are about to get interesting in your life…as in this message we’ll be taking a deep dive into a high performance execution strategy that once applied can and will radically impact your results. Let’s start with a […]


Be Like Nike. Just Do It!

When most people think of Nike, they tend to think of superstar athletes like Michael Jordan, Mia Hamm or LeBron James. Yet, when Nike’s own employees think of their company, they think of a scrappy 5’9″…139 pound mustache wearing runner named Steve Prefontaine, otherwise know as “Pre”. His spirit was and still is the cornerstone […]

10 Inspiring Quotes to Finish Strong

Finish Strong. Two words. One powerful philosophy! When you combine the word Finish with Strong you create a powerful platform for high performance achievement across all aspects of your life. What goal are you passionately pursuing? Marathon, writing a book, composing music, climbing a mountain, college degree or crushing your sales quota…whatever it is, you’ll […]

Steal The Show

Steal The Show

IT’S AMAZING TO THINK that in just a few minutes from now…you’re entire perspective on how you approach each moment, each role, and each remaining day of your life is going to change. In this post titled Steal The Show…you’re going to learn that you have far more in common with a Broadway Performer, a Hollywood […]

What Are You Waiting For?

Let’s face it… We’re all playing a high stakes game of one and done. You have exactly one life in which to do everything you’ll ever do. The problem is you think you have time. You don’t. For all the things you might want to experience in life… Time is running out. You never know […]

Stay Paranoid

Only the Paranoid Survive…

Is there a conspiracy going on, are people really out to get you, should you be paranoid…perhaps even afraid? Yes, Yes, Yes! Just a few moments of reflection will provide enough evidence that we are   …continues

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