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Establish Preeminence

Are you ready for three if’s and a left to the chin? Then, let’s get into it.

If you have ever felt that you have the talent, skills, and potential to be the leader in your market or profession…

If you earnestly believe that you have the ability to impact people’s lives by delivering a far superior solution then what’s currently available…

…and if you know deep within your heart that you are destined for greatness, to make a huge dent in the world but for some reason, you have not be able to put it all together, then start licking your chops as you’re about to learn exactly what it takes to Establish Preeminence.

In putting together the 100 Day Challenge…I asked myself…”What is the single most powerful, most comprehensive results producing system or strategy that anyone, anywhere can deploy…and the answer to that question is to Establish Preeminence”.

The one single concept that captures whether or not you succeed in truly unleashing your greatness with the one life you were given is your ability to consistently execute the strategy of Preeminence.

Why? Because preeminence extols, advocates, and champions every best practice and noble virtue known to mankind.

Let’s quickly clarify what it means to Establish Preeminence and why it is so important in helping you to fast track your goals.

Establishing Preeminence is the act or quality of being superior. It’s a type of high status or distinction for any person, place or thing considered to be the best at something, like the preeminence of gold. It’s is a philosophy, a belief system and a dominating strategy for operating a preeminent business, career, life and family.

Establishing preeminence should become the underpinning of your culture, hiring, marketing, client interaction – everything should flow from this powerful belief system that you can, must and will be the best.

Allow yourself to imagine what it would be like if just 100 days from now if you and everyone in your circle had this fundamental mindset. Would you be better? Would you be significantly better? You bet your sweet bottom you would.

Let’s be perfectly clear about what’s at stake here. For those businesses and individuals who execute the strategy of preeminence…for those who take their destiny into their own hands and who choose to play a superior game…the rewards can be extraordinary:

  • Dominance and ownership of the de facto industry standards.
  • Opportunity to claim premium prices, and reap financial gain.
  • Greater access to people, money and new opportunity.
  • Increases in the size and speed of lucky breaks.
  • Red carpet treatment wherever you go.
  • Influence standards and performance expectations.
  • Become the example and model for others to follow.
  • Higher morale and commitment.
  • Peer respect and admiration.
  • Superior reputational capital.
  • Greater joy, freedom, control and quality of life.
  • Establish a lasting and inspiring legacy.

By anyone’s standards that’s a harvest worth reaping, and those benefits along with a good number of additional strategic byproducts will be there waiting for you—once you commit to the goal of establishing preeminence.

I’m going to take the liberty of being blunt right now…

There’s no point in pretending that establishing preeminence does not have the capacity to transform your life and career. And while there are plenty of excuses, there’s no good reason for you to procrastinate, to say you’re not ready or that it’s not worth your time.

Establishing preeminence is a form of finishing school…as once take the superior route, once you start dominating your market and competition…I promise you that you’ll be finished with self-limiting beliefs, finished with settling for less, finished with excuses, finished playing a small game, and finished with living below your extraordinary potential.

That’s why you must establish preeminence. You must deliberately choose to lead the pack, to move yourself and your business to the front of the line and position yourself as the best in your market or profession.

By choosing to establish preeminence, you are sending a loud message to your competitors that there’s a new Sheriff in town and they either step up their game to play at your level…or prepare to be dominated.

From this very moment moving forward, competing against you should be like playing Russian roulette with five bullets in the chamber. You don’t give your competitors much of a chance to win.

Each one of us has the right, need and responsibility to position ourselves and our talents uniquely and in the best way possible.

Establishing Preeminence once fully comprehended and implemented is your ticket to the good life as it provides another brilliant example as to why…

Everything Counts!

Gary Ryan Blair

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