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Excellence is a Choice


“A man’s reach,” wrote Robert Browning, “must exceed his grasp, or what’s a heaven for?”

This reaching, this searching for something better, for the realization of a dream or ideal, is the pursuit of excellence.

It’s the motivation of the monk entering meditation or prayer, the farmer sowing seed, the nurse adjusting a patients pillow, the executive charting an organization’s future.

Excellence is the pulley by which we lift the present into the future.

Why choose excellence?

Because the status quo is not enough, in fact, it’s unacceptable.

excellence-choice3Unfortunately, far too many people and organizations have not made that decision and function in a suspended state of mediocrity.

As a result, reputations are damaged, brands become diluted, and both opportunities and years are lost by blatant disregard for the small stuff which negatively impacts their overall results.

The popular philosophy that instructs us not to “sweat the small stuff” is flawed, because it breeds poor customer service, under performance, wasted opportunity, mistakes, inconsistencies, rework, and oversights.

From typos to tardiness, many people and organizations act as if details just don’t matter much. The result of this mind-set is that they treat customers poorly, deliver sloppy results, and show up both unprepared and late.

excellence-choice2While mission statements and service creeds extol excellence, quality, and consistency, clients and customers tend to receive mediocrity, apathy, and-far too often-incompetence.

Quite frankly, this has to stop…and it needs to stop now.

If a business, individual, family, church or country truly wants to create a culture of excellence and reach their full potential, then it must embrace and adopt EVERYTHING COUNTS as its operational philosophy!

This adoption will become the driver for organizing all educational, sales, service, government, family and quite frankly ALL performance-improvement initiatives.

WHAT TO DO NOW? Share your two-cents worth on committing to excellence both personally and professionally.

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