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Extreme Productivity Tips

extreme-productivity5I don’t think I’m going too far out on a limb when I say that one thing we all have in common is the NEED for more, better and faster results.

To help you achieve these objectives, I’ve put together THREE tips on how to fast track results, and avoid feeling like your DAY and LIFE has slipped away without accomplishing much.

These tips work 100% of the time, but they ONLY work if you do the work!

Let’s Get At It…

1. Get Serious about Productivity.

If you are going to achieve extreme productivity, it has to be top of mind awareness at all times and you must ensure that your behavior is congruent.

You can disagree strenuously with the following aggressive statements,  but eventually you WILL come to the understanding that you have no choice but to accept them as reality.

You will become rich ONLY when you get serious about becoming rich and NOT one second sooner.

Until you get serious about getting rich by developing a plan and executing your plan consistently, you will forever remain in the situation you are in.

You will get in great physical shape ONLY after you get serious about getting in great physical shape and NOT one second sooner.

Until you make the decision to get in shape you will continue to suffer the consequences of obesity, high cholesterol and poor fitting clothing.

You will create more, better and faster results in all areas of your life and career ONLY after you decide to get serious about productivity.

Until you choose to focus on driving more, better, faster results your performance WILL BE inconsistent, lackluster, and your opportunities will be limited.

2. Respect Your Time

extreme-productivity2To get this point across, allow me to focus on myself.

Time is always on my mind. It’s never far from my line of sight, because I have strategically placed SIX clocks around the room and can’t look in any direction without seeing one.

As I have stressed throughout the 100 Day Challenge, I organize everything with start and predetermined end times.

If someone has an in person or phone appointment with me, they know in advance when it ends, not just when it starts.

I have trained and conditioned myself to be hyper-sensitive to time, and I want to train my clients to respect my hyper-sensitivity. Why?

Because your bank balance and your satisfaction or dissatisfaction with it is more a reflection of how you invest your time than a reflection of anything else.

Time is an UNRECOVERABLE ASSET as well as the most dominant factor in creating wealth or relative poverty, success or failure, fulfillment or frustration.

My primary area of specialization is helping people convert “intention / goals into results-fast” and every thing I do and share with you is laser-focused on that idea.

But truth is, your ability to be successful in any endeavor is sabotaged or supported by how much control you exercise over the investment, direction, and consumption of your time and, with it, your energy and creativity.


3. Execute Fast

You and your job exist to add value and create results.

The key is determining the precise results you are expected to deliver, by when, and to whom.

If the REAL objective is to create more, better and faster results, than you must get serious about speed and execution.

The following are a number of compelling reasons why you should start each day fast and use speed of execution to your advantage.


  • Slow Costs More. Every second or minute that you can take out of process or activity such as closing a sale, manufacturing a product, and customer response time saves you time and makes you more money.
  • Speed is Sexy. Speed is the ultimate customer turn on. Everyone is short of time. We all dislike delays, long lines, out-of-stocks, and waiting on hold. We love finding what we want and getting back to work (or play) fast. And we’ll pay for speed.
  • Speed is Impossible to Ignore. Speed brings with it a reputation of confidence, clarity of purpose, and execution. Once you develop a reputation for speed, both people and opportunities will seek you out.
  • Speed Trumps Size. In today’s world, the old rules no longer apply. It’s not the big that eats the small; it’s the fast that eat the slow.

Let me be perfectly clear about this, to create more, better, faster results in a highly competitive world, you MUST get serious about making productivity your top priority, you must place greater value on your time, and you must execute with speed and conviction.

These are ALL foundational principles of the 100 Day Challenge.

I created the 100 Day Challenge to show you how to get more done in 100 days than most people do over the course of 10 years.

That’s a bold yet true statement, as many people have made extraordinary productivity gains as a result of participating. AND you can too!

WHAT TO DO NOW? Share your thoughts on this post and how you can use it to be more productive.

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