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Finish Strong Game Plan

Finish Strong Game Plan

“It’s not the first, but the last step in the race…the last shot in the basket, the last volley in tennis, the last swing of the bat that makes the lasting difference, for that is where the game is won and that is why you must always FINISH STRONG. – Gary Ryan Blair

When the novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald famously wrote that “there are no second acts in American lives,” he was obviously incorrect and ignorant to the fact that human beings have an enormous capacity for overcoming adversity both personal and professional, with intelligence, determination and moxie.

If you’ve ever felt that your back was against the wall and needed to turn things around quickly…

If you’ve ever found yourself in a position where you dropped the ball and had to stage a massive comeback

If you’ve ever underperformed and absolutely needed to find a way to redeem yourself…

Then you’re going to love what follows.

Comebacks, redemption and second acts are ubiquitous in our culture today…as so often it is a major setback — cancer, divorce, job loss, the death of a loved one, bankruptcy, underperformance, or an accident — that puts the spotlight on our lives and shows us the way to a meaningful “second act.”

Sooner or later we all hits the skids…we all fall short of an intended target…we all eat our fair share of humble pie. It happens to everyone.

At some point we all wind up with our backs against the wall and need to make a comeback.

So how do we do it? Here’s your game plan for success AND for finishing the year strong!

Comeback Rule #1 – Refuse to Die

Those with the character to triumph in the end tend not to allow the indignity of failure to force them down. A comeback accepts disaster, laughs in its face, and crawls to his feet again.

When you are down, other people will write you off, do not let them define you. No matter how you feel…get up, dress up, show up, never give up…and REFUSE TO DIE.

Comeback Rule #2 – Decide to Fight

Comebacks have an inner sense of justice that refuses to be violated.

They manage their emotions, reminding themselves of where they’ve been and why they’re here, and resolve that nothing will stop them.

Manage your darkest fears by doing something about it. Take massive action and if you don’t succeed at first, plot and plot again.

Comeback Rule #3 – Get Mad

Pain, failure, loss and embarrassment are such great motivators and you should allow adversity to force your hand to make new choices and take new actions.

Use the pain as fuel that drives your comeback because if you do not, it will become the fuel that perpetuates your current situation.

Comeback Rule #4 – Get Creative

The savvy fighter won’t make the same mistake twice. He accepts the hard rules of the real world, analyzes how he wound up on his back, and charts a course around the problem.

Often as not, he turns trouble to his advantage as they choose to see every situation as an opportunity for a second chance rather than a setback.

Part of being creative is knowing that for every problem there’s always a way out, always a way through, always a way around, and always a way for you to come out on top.

That’s a point worth repeating…there’s always a way out, always a way through, always a way around, and always a way for you to come out on top.

Comeback Rule #5 – Take Intelligent Risks

The fact is no mountains can be climbed, no hearts can be won, no opportunities can be seized, no books can be written and certainly no comeback enjoyed without taking a few risks.

There are two types of risk…intelligent, calculated risks which is a learned skill, and there are unintelligent risks.

It is primarily through taking intelligent, calculated risks that you will grow, learn, achieve your goals…and eventually redeem yourself.

No one ever made it big by playing safe…therefore a comeback demands taking some intelligent risks. This is a rule without an exception.

Comeback Rule #6 – Focus on Results

Once you’re on your way, don’t look back and do not allow a previous faux pas to slow you down. A hundred distractions, doubts, and setbacks will haunt someone recovering from disaster.

The true champion rolls with the punches and keeps coming back for more.

The ultimate reward for the person making the comeback is to see his or her vision come to life in the real world…and they enjoy the deep confidence of one who has fought their way through hell and emerged to see the stars.

Your challenge is to do just that, you must look at every obstacle, setback, rejection, and constraint as an opportunity to make some changes, to redeem yourself and to step up your game.

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Go here for all details and let’s begin implementing your FINISH STRONG game plan.

Everything Counts!

Gary Ryan Blair

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