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Going Up

Going Up

A VERTICAL JUMP or vertical leap is the act of ELEVATING your center of gravity higher up off the ground.

A high vertical jump is one of the key tests and important measurements in almost every sport to include, football, baseball, basketball, gymnastics and volleyball.

In our garage at home, I place a $5 bill on the wall and challenge my boys to jump up.

If they can touch the $5 bill….they get to keep it. I then place another one just a little bit higher, and challenge them to ELEVATE their performance.

This is another simple, yet highly effective goal setting exercise that anyone can do with their kids.


The word ELEVATE is a transitive verb which means to lift up to a higher place and improve morally, intellectually, physically, relationally, financially, spiritually, culturally….

In the spirit of making this a week of significant improvement in every area of your life, I’d like to challenge you to increase your vertical leap and ELEVATE your performance by leaps and bounds.

Implement the following game plan with immediate effect.

Elevate your…Conversations by discussing bigger, bolder, better ideas.

Elevate your…Beliefs by challenging old, outdated assumptions.

Elevate your…Attitude by focusing on what’s right, good and virtuous.

Elevate your…Expectations by demanding more from your self and others.

Elevate your…Discomfort by challenging your comfort zone.

Elevate your…Value by raising the bar and going the extra mile.

Elevate your…Gratitude by raising your consciousness.

Elevate your…Future by focusing on key priorities.

Elevate your…Joyfulness by engaging in joyful acts.

Elevate your…Reputation by delivering exceptional results.

Elevate your…Network by talking to strangers.

Elevate your… Profits by over-delivering on your promises.

Elevate your…Quality of life by improving the quality of your thoughts.

Elevate your…Focus by saying no and setting boundaries.

Elevate your…Fun by laughing more and worrying less.

Just as an elevator exists to transport you vertically to a higher floor, your thoughts, words and actions exist to elevate you to higher levels of health, wealth and happiness.

Use them wisely, and always remember that the only direction worth moving is north.

Everything Counts!

Gary Ryan Blair

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