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How to Become Massively Abundant

How to Become Massively Abundant

To make 2018 massively abundant…

I wanted to give you a piece of advice.

Perhaps the only piece of advice you’ll need.

But before I share it with you…I’m going to leave you with this cliffhanger…

The most important thing you can do is to find someone good, optimistic, grateful and loving to spend your life with.

And if you can’t find one person, then ONLY spend time with people you can learn from… people who INSPIRE you to be a better person.

Could there possibly be a better alternative to this advice?

What possible downside would following this advice bring to your life?

I frequently ask myself when I am with someone, “Does this person INSPIRE me to be a better person…do they make me stand taller, eat cleaner, behave better and dream bigger?”

Whenever I follow this rule, my life quickly gets better, bigger and more fulfilling.

Whenever I don’t follow this rule it, I always pay the price through loss of energy, unnecessary drama and other forms of pain or inconvenience.

If I am not with one person but with a group then I try to learn at least one thing from each person I am around. THE ONE TAKEAWAY.

If you go to a meeting, dinner, date or event and can’t get one takeaway that makes you a better person…then you wasted whatever amount of time you were in their presence.

To make 2018 massively abundant…

Forget business jargon. Forget social media. Forget habits. Forget KPI’s and minimum viable businesses.

Forget: “jump starting” and “e-myths” and “learn this.”


Think, dream and fantasize of the right person(s) to be with. Be with that person. Be good to them. Be inspiring. Be your best self.

When you find them…stay with them…remain fiercely loyal as you’ve struck gold my friend.

Live joyfully and be happy knowing that you have surrounded yourself with good, inspiring people.

The mission of the 100 Day Challenge is to inspire, promote and celebrate excellence.

I promise to provide you with ideas and insights that INSPIRE EXCELLENCE.

I promise to share stories and strategies that PROMOTE EXCELLENCE.

I promise to introduce you to a worldwide community of people that CELEBRATE EXCELLENCE.

I promise to over-deliver on my promises…to bring more goodness and richness to your life…and to help make 2018 massively abundant for you.

In 2018…I encourage you to be a beam of light…to focus on being the type of person that inspires others to think bigger, act bolder and who never settles for anything less than their absolute best.

That’s a win-win no matter how you look at it.

To make 2018 massively abundant…

Be sure to participate in the 100 Day Challenge.

Make your first decision of the new year…be the best decision of the new year.

Gary Ryan Blair

P.S. If you have not done so already…here’s five things you’ll want to do before 2018.

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