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How to Get the Monkey Off Your Back

monkey-off-back3Freedom isn’t free. It requires blood, sweat and tears. However, freedom is the ultimate prize for rising to meet the rigorous demands of a challenge.

In my many years of coaching and consulting, I’ve found that, in virtually every case, the decision to rise to meet a challenge boils down to the desire for greater freedom in one’s life.

This includes freedoms from and freedoms to.

monkey-off-back4…FREEDOM FROM the monkey on your back.
…freedom from self-imposed limitations.
…freedom from the opinion of others.
…freedom from the shackles of debt.
…freedom from self-limiting beliefs.
…freedom from the comfort zone.
…freedom from settling for less.
…freedom from the masses.
…freedom from fear.

…FREEDOM TO focus on projects you find important.
…freedom to succeed or fail on your own terms.
…freedom to doodle, wander and experiment.
…freedom to think and dream without limits.
…freedom to set and control the agenda.
…freedom to showcase your talents.
…freedom to set your own schedule.
…freedom to say no without guilt.
…freedom to love passionately.
…freedom to be authentic.

To enjoy these freedoms requires that you rise to the challenges life presents and pay the required price, in full, in advance, and without complaint.

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