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How to Slow Down and Speed Up Time


I believe that if you are going to work hard to achieve a goal, than you owe it to yourself to find the fastest way to get it done.

If that thought sounds appealing than here’s what you have to do.

You have to say adios to conventional wisdom, and surrender whatever self-limiting beliefs you’ve been hanging onto regarding rapid goal achievement.

They have no place in your life and only serve to compromise performance, spook you into quitting, and relegate you to the slow lane.

If you can’t, won’t or simply refuse to accept or dismiss out of hand what I’m about to share with you…you’re making a huge mistake, one that will cost you your life, future and legacy.


If the goal is to become debt free…why perpetuate the pain and do it slowly?

If the goal is to get in great shape…why on earth should it be a long draw out process?

If the goal is to get better grades…why should it take any longer than the next exam to turn things around?

If the goal is to become the sales leader in your company… why should it take until next quarter or next year when you can wear the crown next month?

If the goal is to get rich…then you might as well get rich fast, and while your young for that matter.

The fact is…any goal, plan, intention or idea expands so as to fill and reinforce the unrealistic amount of time you have made available for its completion…


And if you simply choose to learn how to compress time rather than expand it…you will dramatically accelerate the result.

To put this idea into another context, think about what happens when you push down on a spring and collapse it.

That’s right, you compress it, and by squishing it, you shorten its length.

The same principle works with time.

A short list of behaviors that compress time and which demonstrate a strong offense include…

Focus, Accountability, Consistency, Discipline, Enforcement of Deadlines and Gritty Perseverance to name just a few.

These behaviors, and only these types of behaviors advance the ball and put points on the board.

The problem however is that the majority of people have turned expanding time into an art form.


A short list of behaviors that compromise results and expand the amount of time it takes to achieve a goal includes…

Apathy, Indecision, Excuses, Blaming, Procrastination, Worry, and Low Self-Esteem to name just a few.

These types of behaviors ONLY succeed in stretching, lengthening or expanding the length of time it takes to achieve your goals.

In fact, these types of behaviors actively work to expand and accelerate the distance between where you are and where you want to be.

They sabotage any chance of success…they perpetuate pain, increase tension, compromise performance and intensify suffering.

I believe that behavior never lies and that if you want predict someone’s chances of success (or your own for that matter), just watch how that person spends his or her time.

Time can only be compressed or expanded and that is precisely why you need to learn how to compress its use.

If you’ll allow me, I’d like to help you compress time by creating a life plan for every area of your life.

One that positions you for greatness and one which shows you how to fast-track your results.

I’ve put together this Life Planning program (the one that I use) that walks you through the entire process, and the best part is that as one of my readers…you can use this code to save 50% on your plan.

Go here to get your life plan, and use this code to save a bundle.

The code is: success

Everything Counts!

Gary Ryan Blair

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