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Hesitate in any way and I will outhustle you.

Show up unprepared and I will clean your clock.

Move slow and I will run circles around you.

Underestimate me and I will teach you a lesson.

Don’t follow up and I will gladly steal your customers.

Underperform and I will make you look foolish.

Make a mistake and I will use it to my advantage.

Don’t give it your all and I will make you pay for it.

Miss a deadline and I will capitalize on your carelessness.

Lose focus and I will eat you for lunch.

Refuse to go the extra mile and I will show you up.

Lie, cheat or steal and I will expose your Achilles heel.

Resist change and I will eliminate you from the game.

Don’t do things right the first time and I will outclass you.

If you have a weakness or vulnerability I will find it.

Each day I am determined to beat you and win.

Stay paranoid my furry friend as I am out to get you.

Who am I?

I am your competition.


I Am Your Competition

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