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Make Something Happen

Today, I want to share with you a simple, yet powerful idea that once implemented will make an immediate impact on the quality of your day and bottom-line results.

here it is…


I told you it was simple.

  • Make something happen, advance the ball up the field, move the needle on a project.
  • Make something happen right now, the moment you finish reading this, and stick with it.
  • Launch that idea, post that post, run that ad, call that customer, solve that problem.
  • Go to the edge, that edge you’ve been holding back from… and get started on it now.
  • Don’t wait, and by all means don’t ask for permission, make something happen!
  • Just go, get it done, and then do it again tomorrow.

This is just one of the many lessons you’ll learn in the 100 Day Challenge.

Get all the juicy details!

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