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Necessary Endings

Necessary Endings

We all know about surprise endings, sad endings and even happy endings…however, none are as meaningful or transformative as “necessary endings”.

A moment’s reflection will confirm that life is a series of beginnings and endings. Many of those endings are natural, positive, highly predictable and seamlessly lead towards some type of graduation or commencement period.

Natural endings are best viewed as the next logical progression in your life or career growth …such as the natural ending of High School, and the beginning of the next exciting chapter of your life…College.

Necessary endings on the other hand are unnatural and the result of a rendezvous with reality.

There are times in all our lives when reality dictates that we stand up, draw a line in the sand and “end” something. In these cases, either its time has passed, its season is over, or worse, continuing it would be harmful to us in some way.

These types of situations require us to:

Terminate an unproductive employee.

End a marriage damaged by infidelity.

Say goodbye to an unattainable goal.

Stop doing business with unpleasant customers.

Leave a job that is toxic or not aligned with your values.

Put an end to a relationship which has no future.

Unplug from high-maintenance, drama fueled friends and family.

Eliminate a sales tactic or strategy which has outlived its relevance.

Purge any habits, rituals or behaviors that produce negative results.

Necessary endings fall under the “easier said than done” category as too many times, with clear and compelling evidence staring us in the face…we find it difficult to do the needful.


Few people choose to focus on the importance of well executed “necessary endings” except to lament the consequences and to formulate what they believe to be corrective solutions.

While endings are a natural part of business and life, we often experience them with a sense of hesitation, sadness, resignation, or regret. The strong tendency is to concentrate on the negative side of “necessary endings” and ignore their positive contributions.

The bright side must be acknowledged for what it is and why it exists. Only then can “necessary endings” and proposed remedies be properly understood and appreciated.

Our lives will only improve to the degree to which we can see endings as a necessary and strategic step to something better. If we cannot see “necessary endings” in a positive light and execute them well…the “better” reality we long for will never arrive.


When executed well, “necessary endings” allow us to proactively correct the bad and the broken in our lives and replace it with the good and healthy growth we seek.

However, when endings are avoided or managed poorly – as is too often the case – good opportunities may be lost, and misery perpetuated.

In creating this message…my goal is to help you get healthier, wealthier and happier by developing healthy confrontation skills and executing your own “necessary endings”.

Knowing when and how to let go when something or someone isn’t working is a smart and courageous move.

Therefore, I encourage you to take inventory of your life and focus on bringing “necessary endings” to the people, places and things that negatively impact your life…that slow you down or derail progress…or that compromise your character and peace of mind in any way.

This is important because for you to operate at the peak of your potential you must achieve a state of moral, spiritual and physical renewal and complete liberation from any contaminating influences.

Although it takes different shapes throughout your life, the essence of “necessary endings” remains the same…it’s a release from some burden (either physical or mental), it furthers healing and most important…it creates positive change through its renewing effect.

Well executed “necessary endings” free you from any form of bondage…they renew your spirit…revitalize your energy…refresh your perspective…and allow you to unleash your greatness.

It’s now time for my necessary ending to this message…

Everything Counts!

Gary Ryan Blair

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