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Never Give Up—Never Give In

It may lack the nobility of integrity, the charisma of enthusiasm, the grace of generosity, and the sparkle of excellence, but the beauty of perseverance is that, in time, it always makes up for that which it lacks. There is great virtue and glory in never giving up—in never giving in!

never-give-up-perserverePerseverance is an all empowering word and a force that stirs us on towards our goals. The inner passion of persistence, the indomitable emotional commitment to a worthy goal or an ennobling cause, is an awesome and liberating force.

With the endurance buoyed by conviction, we hurdle adversity; without it we stumble. With it we discover the depths of our commitments; without it we merely survive. With it we are undaunted; without it we succumb to fear and exhaustion.

Victory belongs neither to the fainthearted nor to the weak-willed or the uncommitted. Not if the challenge is great and the enemy strong. Only by facing the opponent head-on and with a vengeance can the battle be won.

Victory necessitates that we fight on with undying, inflexible persistence. The rewards for those who persevere far exceed the pain that must precede the victory.

Quitting is the path of least persistence.

never-give-up-churchillThere will be times when a voice within you seems to shout: “I doubt if I can continue.” “Why don’t you just quit and go back to safer ground.” “I don’t know if this will ever work.” “Who am I kidding?” “Why not just throw in the towel.” Whenever that happens, dismiss your doubts. Remind yourself there are always compensations for the assets you lack.

We cannot all claim genius, beauty, nor the best schooling but perseverance all can have. Perseverance has no peers, it’s more important than talent, more powerful than intelligence, and more resilient than the best strategy. It is omnipotent, and those infused with it will not be denied victory. The spirit of indomitable perseverance crowns every worthy effort.

Perseverance is a long slow obedience in the same direction, it is:

– Working by day and going to school at night for a number of years to earn a degree.
– Obtaining your Black belt after six years of hard, strenuous study and practice.
– Running a marathon when you suffer from asthma or some other ailment.
– Winning a huge deal after years of setbacks, rejections and competitive liabilities.
– Watching a small child crawl, fall, stumble, and finally learn to walk on her own.

The residual effect of perseverance sometimes doesn’t happen for years much like the drop of water that suddenly comes out of your ear with no warning – it just shows up.

never-give-up-excuseWhen you get into a pickle, when your back is up against the wall, when your options are paltry, and when it seems as though you could not possibly hang on a minute longer, never give up—never give in for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn. You must remember, it’s always darkest before the dawn.

However, if you are going to quit, do it right away – because the hardest is part of victory lies somewhere between starting and momentum, and success ensues when you persevere thereafter. Everything can look like a failure in the middle and that perception becomes reality only when you quit before you’ve succeeded.

Perseverance is ultimately a physical, emotional and spiritual demonstration of how badly we want to succeed.

Great challenge, adversity and set back is not the problem. It is the inability to persevere despite them that is the problem. Let them see you sweat, as perseverance is fueled by a heart-pounding, ego-bashing, soul searching test of your limits.

Why put yourself through so much pain and uncertainty? Because if you can pass this test, if you rise to meet this challenge, you will inspire others and prove to yourself that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

Take the 100 Day Challenge and unleash your greatness!

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