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Perfection Has an Identity Crisis

perfection-dali“Have no fear of perfection as you’ll never reach it.”
– Salvatore Dali

An identity crisis sounds like an awful experience, and that is precisely the position perfection finds itself in.

Perfection gets a bum rap and is constantly under attack by those unwilling to understand it’s true role and personality.

The fact is, perfection is about quality, and quality is all about the pursuit of perfection.

And while none of us are capable of achieving perfection, there’s much we can learn by viewing perfection through the eyes of quality.


  • is all about love.
  • is impossible to ignore.
  • fully engages the heart and soul.
  • calls for every ounce of your potential.
  • showcases the best of human performance.
  • prides itself on going the extra mile.
  • is a devastating competitive advantage.
  • means exceeding expectations.
  • demonstrates a commitment to highest standards.
  • is the result of intelligent decision making.
  • derives from skillful execution.
  • does not come quick nor easy.
  • inspires an exceptional performance.
  • is principled and uncompromising.
  • ensures that everything counts.
  • does not occur by accident.
  • separates good and great.
  • is a choice.

perfection-1Perfection is a flawless performance metric by which any company, person, project or idea can benchmark itself against.

It provides feedback for improvement and spotlights the gaps in the quality of our current efforts and results.

Any negative assumption regarding perfection stands at odds with the most fundamental premise of perfection: while perfection is not achievable, the pursuit of perfection is the ONLY thing capable of creating quality products and services.

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