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Take a Leap

Take a Leap

Every four years, the calendar reminds us to take a leap…but the truth is you can and should be leaping regularly.

To do so requires not just a change of behavior but also a change of beliefs…so let’s get after.

I believe…that you have no legal or moral obligation or, for that matter, logical reason to settle for small, marginal…incremental growth.

I believe…that you have the ability to multiply your performance quickly, and achieve goals on a scale that in the past seemed impossible.

I also believe…that in order for you to leapfrog your results and create a performance explosion, that you need to give up a few things to include false assumptions about how fast you change your life… self-limiting beliefs that undermine your progress…and the comfort zone that holds you back from unleashing your greatness.

If you’re down with that logic…by all means keep reading.

If not…adios amigo.


Primarily because of their remarkable leaping abilities…frogs are associated with leap years.

The Australian Rocket Frog is an especially amazing leaper as they can launch themselves over 20 times their own length.

That’s the equivalent of you and I jumping over 100 feet. Yeah baby…sign me up!

What is Leapfrogging?

Leapfrogging is an advance from one place, position, or situation to another without progressing through all or any of the places or stages in between: a leapfrog from worst to first in one short year.

Leapfrogging allows you to leverage the knowledge, experience, successes, and failures of others without having to pay the price yourself.

The leapfrog strategy allows you to rapidly advance without going through intermediary steps.

You see…right now, this instant, you are capable of exponential growth. You have the ability to multiply your performance, dramatically exceed your best expectations, and achieve goals on a scale that in the past seemed impossible.

You begin the leapfrogging process by stopping.


It’s actually a very simple concept to understand (the applying part is a different beast).

You must stop settling for things as they are, and surrender the belief that change is only marginal and incremental.

Few people or organizations ever come close to reaching their full potential.

Most do not even come close, and barely scratch the surface of what they can possibly accomplish.

In fact, the fundamental premise of this message is that no matter how successful you or your organization is, you are performing way below your awesome potential, and that you have far more to offer the world than what you are currently displaying.

Most people spend their lives settling for a small squeak, for table scraps when a bountiful harvest was available.

Maybe, just maybe, the itch has been scratched and the time has come for you to study the face in the mirror and decide once and for all that it’s time you finally got your ticket punched.

Let me be absolutely clear on this point, I am not talking about getting your performance to the next level, what we’re talking about here is getting to the next orbit!


Before we start leaping all over the place, I’d like to take a moment to provide you with a deeper understanding of this strategy.

Leapfrogging is a theory of development in which developing countries skip inferior, less efficient, more expensive or more polluting technologies and industries and move directly to more advanced ones.

We see leapfrogging all around us, a frequent example is countries which move directly from having no telephones to having cellular phones, skipping the stage of landline telephones altogether.

Another example is “ecological” leapfrogging, where countries do not repeat the mistakes of highly industrialized countries in creating an energy infrastructure based on fossil fuels, but “jump” directly into the solar age.

Two things which we can learn from these examples, is that Leapfrogging requires a change in both strategy and tactics.

Look at it this way…if your current bag of tricks were doing their job correctly…you’d be leaping regularly.


Leapfrogging has staggering implications regarding you, your potential, and the power of your mind.

Most people operate within a mindset that success comes incrementally…one step at a time.

While unspoken, the court of public opinion says that we must move systematically from our present level of achievement to the next.

This is a false and unfortunate misconception, and it’s clearly reflected in the way people function.

Leapfrogging implies an explosive jump, a controlled explosion in your personal performance that puts you far beyond the next logical step.

It’s a strategy for stunning advances in the achievement of your goals, and one that is best compared to multiplication instead of addition.

Leapfrogging for many people may appear to violate common sense. The idea of moving to a higher orbit, and leaping over several logical steps, strikes people as far-fetched, maybe even outrageous.

Oh contrare…and to learn how to execute the Leapfrogging strategy, be sure to check out part two which will be released shortly.

Everything Counts!

Gary Ryan Blair

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