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The Moot Shot

The Moon Shot

THE PHRASE NOTHING SUCCEEDS LIKE SUCCESS is just as true today as when Alexandre Dumas first referenced it in 1854.

The world recognizes, respects and rewards successful people with an avalanche of opportunities….and like any good avalanche, those opportunities grow with great speed, mass and velocity.

Success loves speed, success reveres action, success worships execution, success begets success.


The single best thing that you can do to attract people into your life and to trigger an avalanche of opportunity is to MAKE SOMETHING BIG HAPPEN, something that captures attention and which points all eyes in your direction.

(reread that last line)

While you may be tempted to chalk up any newfound opportunities as lucky breaks or as the unintended consequences of being successful…

…the fact is they should be viewed as the  intended consequences of success, the domino effect of winning big, the chain reaction or ripple effect of one success leading to a self-perpetuating cycle of good luck.

Cause triggers effect…massive cause triggers massive effect…and BIG WINS trigger a number of intrinsic and extrinsic benefits.


For our purposes, we’ll focus on the intrinsic benefits as there is no purer form of success, no more exact and demanding test of what you are capable of, than to take on and achieve a seemingly impossible goal or challenge and find joy in the capacity to meet it.

The ultimate reason for stepping up your game and ACHIEVING A MOON SHOT is to entice and empower you to become the person it takes to achieve it.

As you are about to find out, who you become, as well as the character traits and skill sets you develop in rising to meet a challenge are the real benefits…the delicious red cherry on top.

They are the things which inspire and allow you to play at the top of your game, and they are profoundly more important than the nature of the goal itself.

What follows are the TOP FIVE rewards for achieving a big challenging goal. Each one sends a powerful message which works to transform your mind in a meaningful way.

1. You Develop an Indomitable Spirit

In your efforts to achieve your goals, you will always struggle with unexpected, unwanted, and uncontrollable aspects of your environment, but your ability to overcome these seemingly indomitable obstacles reward you with an indomitable spirit as well as recognition, respect, resolve and results.

2. You Overcome Fear

Fear is only an excuse for those unwilling to face their doubts, insecurities, and mental boogie man. Your capacity to confront and overcome any fear or resistance force rewards you with confidence, conviction and a powerful sense of destiny.

3. You Become Courageous

The most important goal you could hope to accomplish in the course of your life is to become an excellent person in every respect…one who has the courage to pursue their dreams. Becoming courageous is one of those priceless rewards…a gift you give to yourself, and a gift that keeps on giving.

4. You Grow Up

Few things demonstrate that you are ready to become the great man or woman that you are meant to be…than the ability to set and achieve a big challenging goal.

By doing so you are demonstrating all the behaviors of a mature, responsible adult…focus, discipline, commitment, perseverance, integrity and follow through.

These are powerful intrinsic benefits that will pay off handsomely though out the remainder of your life.

5. You Become Self-Reliant

Your greatest asset and primary sense of security and freedom extends from your ability to produce results and that’s what self-reliance is all about.

By taking control and responsibility for your own life and delivering on what you set out to do…you are rewarded with a powerful set of execution skills and a mindset that says you can, will and must provide for yourself.

I created the 100 Day Challenge to show you how to MAKE BIG THINGS HAPPEN FAST…and to attract an avalanche of opportunity.

Enrollment opens on September 22nd…which just so happens to be the trigger for the last 100 days of the year…and it would be my great pleasure to show you how to…


Gary Ryan Blair

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