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The Power of Contribution

We live in an age of unprecedented opportunity and extraordinary levels of abundance: If you’ve got ambition, drive, and smarts, you can rise to the top of your chosen profession – regardless of where you started out.

But with opportunity comes responsibility, and one of your most important responsibilities has to do with increasing the quality and quantity of your contributions.

Allow me to explain why this is one of the savviest moves you can make, as this is a rule without any exceptions.


Everything in life wishes to reward its contributor.

In fact, every contribution you make turns you into a benefactor, allowing you to enjoy the fruits of your contributions.

By giving to the garden, the flowers reward you by blooming with bright, vibrant, and beautiful colors.

By donating to your children’s education, they reward you by becoming responsible, disciplined, and productive members of society.

By working for your client’s best interests, they reward you with loyalty and ongoing prosperity.

By giving money to your retirement fund, it provides you with both peace of mind and an enjoyable final chapter of your life.

And by contributing to the health and well-being of your body through exercise and nutrition, it rewards you with responsiveness, flexibility, longevity, and optimal performance.

Those who contribute their time, talents, networks, and personal experience will be repaid in one way or another.

It may seem strange intellectually, but the world begins to conspire for you as whom or whatever benefits from your contributions wishes to respond.

The lawn wishes to grow; the muscle begins to strengthen; and as the student’s mind expands, she will wish to repay you with her own success, accomplishments, and contributions to others.


EVERY INSTITUTION needs performance, especially in the building and developing of children, teens, and leaders of tomorrow. And if deprived of performance, potential will decay and die.

Therefore, to ensure strong families, communities and prosperous businesses, a focus on unique contributions must be built into the very fabric of society and citizenship.

The definition of a successful life must include a contribution to the lives of others.

Any person who sets their sights on increasing the quality, quantity and consistency of their contribution, raises the sights and standards of everyone with whom they come in contact.

The heroes and heroines worthy of emulation are those who enrich our lives each day and each moment. Their contribution – their imprint upon our lives – is enduring and indelible.

Your commitment to contributing must therefore be a vow to responsible living and proper citizenship. A meaningful life requires meaningful contributions and to focus on contributions is to focus on creating a meaningful life.


Each day provides you with a good number of known and unknown opportunities to make a powerful impact and contribution into the lives of others.

Consciously and deliberately set your mind on maximizing your contributions and by doing so, you automatically add significant value to your community, strengthen your reputation, and inspire people to make greater contributions as well.

Everything Counts!

Gary Ryan Blair

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