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Become Indispensable

In this post titled Become Indispensable, we’re going to have a much needed rendezvous with reality…a reality check that kicks like a mule…and one that paves the way to the unleashing of your greatness.

So let’s begin by asking the obvious question.

Why is becoming indispensable so important, and what’s the urgency?

It’s important because the world we live in continues to change rapidly and the stakes are higher than ever.

We’re facing full-fledged revolutions on multiple fronts…and there is no end in sight.

Everything is changing, absolutely nothing is sacred…all rules are being rewritten.

No country, industry, profession, company or individual is safe…and just so that this point is crystal clear…NO ONE HAS YOUR BACK.

Hyper-competitiveness, relentless and ongoing challenges, disruptive technologies and mass consolidation is occurring at warp speed.


The time has come for you to make an important decision…

Are you going to choose to become indispensable, or simply become invisible and disappear?

Are you going to become remarkable, or have you decided that being irrelevant is a better alternative?

Are you going to rise and shine, will you view these changes as an opportunity to make a difference, and to finally unleash the greatness you’ve been hiding all of these years?

Or are you going to fold, wave the white flag and simply throw in the towel without a fight?

You must understand that there is no complaint department…so whining will get you nowhere, longing for the way things used to be and wishing you could turn back the clock is a waste of time, and denial will only succeed in making you delusional.

The only safe assumption you can make right now is that it’s best for you step up your game and play at a superior level.

There’s absolutely no downside to that assumption.

My goal in creating this lesson is to help you make the right choice…to Become Indispensable.


The truth of the matter, the reality of your life is that you weren’t born to simply to exist, to be a mindless, non-thinking cog in someone else’s wheelhouse.

The real truth is this…you have greatness and genius inside of you that desperately needs to see the light of day.

The world needs your contribution, it does not need another coward.

The world needs originality, creativity and far more humanity.

It does not need more followers, more non-thinkers and certainly no more selfish and self-centered fools.

The world needs people and companies who care about the work they do, the people they serve, the results they produce, and the impact they are making.

It has no use for another generation of callous, apathetic, greedy and selfish pigs who take far more than they give or produce.

The world needs strong, courageous, independent thinking young people who want to make a difference.

It cannot afford soft, sarcastic people who don’t know how to communicate, and who measure their self-worth by the number of likes on a post.

The world needs leaders who can lead, leaders who set inspiring examples, leaders who demonstrate trust, and leaders who actually make things happen.

It has absolutely no use for another round of incompetent leaders, who are incapable of telling the truth, who are driven by self-interest and who have sold themselves out to the highest bidder.

The world needs people with guts, people with passion and people who are willing to be shunned and rejected.

The world needs artists, people who are committed to using their gifts to make a mark, not a stain.

The real truth of the matter is that the world needs you…ALL OF YOU…the brave you, the risk-taking you, the bold you.

The world does not the fearful, insecure, easily intimidated and scared of your own shadow you.

The world wants what you have to offer…and the world needs you to make a decision…to BECOME INDISPENSABLE.

And, if you’ll allow me…I’d like to show you how to unleash your greatness and truly become indispensable.

You see for the past three years, I’ve been working tirelessly on a special project…a complete rebuild of the 100 Day Challenge.

My goal from the beginning was to create a transformational program capable of not only changing individual behavior…but a program that could radically change humanity.

That was not an accidental line, I’m not overreaching nor overhyping…it’s the truth, and on June 1st you’ll have an opportunity to get your hands on it.

Go here to get on the notification list, and get ready to pounce the second it goes live.

Everything Counts!

Gary Ryan Blair

P.S. GOT QUESTIONS?  Let me know how I can help as what you learn on June 1st will lead you on the path to becoming indispensable.

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