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Look Out for Number One

WE’VE ALL HEARD the phrase as well as the importance of engaging in random acts of kindness, which is a selfless act, deliberately performed by a person to help, cheer up, and assist another person.

When using the term, looking out for number one, I am referring to the conscious decision to engage in what I like to call selfish acts of kindness, whereby you deliberately engage in acts which build your mind, improve your attitude, protect your family, grow your income, steer clear of debt, build healthy relationships, maintain peace of mind and sustain peak health and energy to name just a few.

For this message to be effective, we need to understand the importance of selfish acts of kindness and why we must view them in the proper context.

Being selfish is quite the paradox, as selfishness is one of those words or actions which carries a heavy stigma.

However just like the word fat and even focus….there’s a dark and a bright side to every word. It all depends on association and context.

For example, in your daily diet there is both good fat and bad fat, just as there is good focus and bad focus.

It’s inaccurate and immature thinking to simply say fat is bad and focus is good…we must first consider the context in how they are being used.

The exact same principle applies for good selfish and bad selfish. The key is knowing how and when to be selfish without feeling guilty…and without coming off as some self-absorbed tart.

So let’s cut right to the chase on why you need to be selfish and look out for number one.

Simply put…the more time you and I take care of ourselves, the better we’ll be able to take care of others.  

It may sound strange intellectually but if you don’t take care of yourself then you really can’t serve those that depend on your efforts.

The question of whether it is right to look out for number one can best be answered with another question…

Can you think of any rational reason why you should not try to make your life more pleasurable and less painful, so long as your actions do not harm anyone else?

You have but one life to live. Is there anything unreasonable about nurturing that life and doing everything within your power to make it joyful and fulfilling?

It’s noble to give top priority to the needs of loved ones, because their happiness is often the greatest source of your happiness.

But you have no moral obligation to submit to playing the role of sacrificial lamb or martyr whose interests and goals as well as health, wealth and happiness are always subordinated to the interests, goals, and happiness of everyone with whom you come in contact.

Your performance will dramatically improve the moment you begin to make deposits into your mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual bank accounts.

Getting a good night’s sleep, regular exercise, eating well, meditating, communing with nature, listening to your favorite music, reading good literature, engaging in thoughtful conversation and  spending time with friends are selfish acts of kindness which you want to indulge in each day.

They will rejuvenate and restore you, and allow you to fully enjoy this one life you were given.

Looking out for number one is another great way to ensure that…
Gary Ryan Blair

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