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Start Fast – Finish Strong

“START FAST FINISH STRONG is a powerful philosophy for people who want to make a dent in the world, and who don’t want to wait long to do it.” – Gary Ryan Blair

Blitzkrieg is German for “lightning war.”

It’s a technique of battle that was developed in the 1930’s by certain German and British generals and deployed with spectacular success during WWII.

The first principle of blitzkrieg is to strike fast and hard…break through the enemies resistance and drive as fast as you can to his last line of defense.

This is exactly the mindset that you need in starting each day fast and finishing strong.

Allow me to explain why…

That new project or idea as well as every new day, week, month, quarter or year that lie before you … they are not neutral.

They are dug in, ready to rob your focus, test your character, place seeds of doubt and challenge your commitment.

Their power can be summarized in one word…Resistance.

Resistance is real. Resistance is tough. Resistance is a bitch.

Resistance metastasizes like an aggressive form of cancer and actively works to kill your spirit….and much like Kryptonite is to Superman, its aim is your total and complete destruction.

Resistance prevents writers from writing, painters from painting, singers from singing, and leaders from leading.

It could care less about you…your hopes and your dreams are irrelevant and meaningless to resistance….it wants you to live a small, compromised, fear-filled life.

Sadly, too many people cowardly capitulate their life and goals at the first sign of resistance.

You cannot afford to be naïve or delusional when it comes to the debilitating and demoralizing effects of resistance.

Resistance has every intention of cleaning your clock by doing the following….

  • Neutralizing your strength and rendering you hopeless.
  • Locating flaws, weaknesses and vulnerabilities…which you will use as an excuse (lame rational) for giving up.
  • Destabilizing and undermining your confidence so you won’t even try.
  • Interfering with your focus and concentration so that you waste your time on low level activities.
  • Creating and planting seeds of doubt that sprout with immediate effect.
  • Cutting off or reducing your competitive options so that you focus more on weaknesses than strengths.
  • Intimidating you into making mistakes…unforced and costly errors in judgement.
  • Disrupting any form of forward momentum by placing obstacles of all shapes and sizes in your direct path.

It is because of these very real consequences that you must kill and destroy that which is committed to killing and destroying you.

So, how do we deal with the resistance forces of procrastination, self-doubt, low self-esteem, fear, as well both real and imaginary threats, challenges and obstacles?

The answer…BLITZKRIEG.

Blitzkrieg means pouncing, it’s all about deploying a relentless offense…starting the day fast and focused, hitting any obstacle hard, building momentum quickly….overwhelming any resistance force with a far more powerful display of force, and maintaining that pace and intensity to secure a strong finish.

Your ability to deploy the blitzkrieg strategy of starting every day fast and finishing strong is the key for rapid goal achievement and massive performance gains.

I assure you, it will blow your mind as to how fast you can transform your life, career, sales results and overall productivity through its implementation.

The tools, weapons and strategies of blitzkrieg are illuminating and available to all of us.

They are the weapons of speed, clarity, flexibility, adaptability and mobility, weapons meant to move fast, build momentum and secure victory quickly.

To make this point crystal clear…their role is to kill resistance…to make fear take a long walk off of a short pier, to break through any obstacle and pounce on any opportunity…and ultimately to drive as quickly to the finish line as possible.

That’s your job and mine…as people who want to make a dent in the world and who don’t want to wait long to do it.

Start fast. Roll hard. Stop for nothing. Bypass or blow through strong points of any resistance force…get to the final objective—THE END—and achieve the goal as quickly as you can.

In life – in relationships, in sports, whatever – what people remember, is The Beginning and The End. The Opening and The Close. The Start and The Finish.

And…if you want to learn 100 unique strategies for starting fast and finishing strong, than be sure to participate in the 100 Day Challenge which is opening for enrollment very soon.

Make no mistake about it…you will ultimately be judged by how you start, the attitude and resolve you brought to the game…and even more so by how you bring things to an end…the results you deliver each day…and that’s precisely why you need to learn how to start fast and finish strong.

Get on the early bird notification list for the next 100 Day Challenge and download the Unleash Your Greatness Manifesto…it’s filled with some great ideas which are guaranteed to get your mojo working.

Everything Counts!
Gary Ryan Blair

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