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Follow Up – Follow Through

“Instead of attracting success, too many people engage in behaviors that repel success…foremost among them is a lack of follow up and follow through.” – Gary Ryan Blair


SNATCHING DEFEAT from the jaws of victory is a term used when someone should by all appearances be gaining ground, making forward progress and winning, but somewhere along the way things go sideways, they exercise bad judgement and they end up losing.

In the spirit of calling a spade a spade, the inability or unwillingness to follow up and follow through on commitments, projects, meetings or any form of obligation is a self-inflicted wound, an implosion, a screw up of the highest magnitude.

It’s a complete, and pathetic waste of opportunity…as when you do not follow up or follow through on what you say you are going to dothere can be little sympathy for your well-deserved misfortune.

To follow up and follow through simply means to finish what you started…to continue until the end…to reach the final conclusion.

Why on earth is this such a difficult concept for people to comprehend?

The effectiveness of a meeting, project or commitment of any type is measured in terms of its outcomes…not its intentions.

In the end…it’s all about the end as you will be judged on what you do, on your ability to honor commitments, keep promises and deliver results.

And by not developing the habit of following up and following through on action plans, tasks and decisions…then you’ve made yourself highly vulnerable.


Because…you will have given everyone justifiable reason to question the quality of your character, work ethic as well as your intelligence.

Because…you will have planted seeds of doubt which undermine your reputation, and trustworthiness.

Because…you will have made such a bad impression that people will see no value in having you around, and absolutely no reason for giving you a second chance.

To secure ourselves against defeat, loss and embarrassment lies in our own hands, it is our sacred responsibility…yet, when the opportunity to win., to close the sale, to secure the job, to start the business presents itself…far too many don’t follow through and do the needful.

The greatest enemy you’ll face in your lifetime is the person in the mirror.

You are your greatest resistance force, you are the one who enables and repeats unprofitable behavior…and you are the ONLY ONE who can fix it.

Would you like to know how? Keep reading.


The first half of the year is coming to a close…that’s right SIX MONTHS are just about down and your performance speaks for itself.

If you had ambitions of making $250,000 this year, you should be closing in on $125,000.

If you had a resolution of paying off $20,000 in debt, you should be $10,000 lighter by now.

And if you said you were going to lose 40 pounds, you should have dropped 20 by now and be wearing baggy pants.

Are you on track with any of your goals?

Have you surpassed your expectations?

Are you even close?

IF you have not made as much progress as you’d like in the first half of the year…if you have NOT FOLLOWED THROUGH on the goals you set back in January…I can help.

Download Unleash Your Greatness and I’ll show you how to quickly make up for lost time and CRUSH YOUR 3RD QUARTER GOALS.

As you reflect on your performance for the first half of the year, be mindful that the world is NOT conspiring against you…you conspire against yourself.

Instead of attracting success, too many people actively engage in behaviors that repel success…foremost among them is a lack of follow up and follow through.

Everything Counts!

Gary Ryan Blair

Here’s the download link for Unleash Your Greatness…it will help solve that little follow though issue you’re dealing with.

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