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Crush It!

Crush It

With the second half of the year about to kick into gear on July 1st… I thought you’d enjoy a killer idea for CRUSHING YOUR THIRD QUARTER GOALS. Let’s get started…   …continues

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Knowing and Doing

Knowing vs. Doing

IN JUST A FEW DAYS, you will be at the half-way point of the year. This is an excellent time to reflect on your year to date performance, and if necessary, make some immediate course corrections.   …continues

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Become Indispensable

In this post titled Become Indispensable, we’re going to have a much needed rendezvous with reality…a reality check that kicks like a mule…and one that paves the way to the unleashing of your greatness.   …continues

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Number One

Look Out for Number One

WE’VE ALL HEARD the phrase as well as the importance of engaging in random acts of kindness, which is a selfless act, deliberately performed by a person to help, cheer up, and assist another person.   …continues

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THINK was a one-word slogan developed in 1911 by IBM founder Thomas J. Watson, Sr. Upon its introduction, he said: “The trouble with every one of us is that we don’t think enough. We don’t get paid for   …continues

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