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Get Out

Whether the goal is to get out of the comfort zone or to deliver an out of this world speech, the solution is always the same…improve your how by outbehaving who you were yesterday. Outsmart Outperform Outlead Outcare Outmaneuver Outinvest Outlisten Outconnect Outgive Outlearn Outwork Outspend Outrespect Outinnovate Outrisk Outpersevere Outinspect Outproduce Outrisk Outlove…

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Crush It!

Crush It

With the second half of the year about to kick into gear on July 1st… I thought you’d enjoy a killer idea for CRUSHING YOUR THIRD QUARTER GOALS. Let’s get started…   …continues

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Knowing and Doing

Knowing vs. Doing

IN JUST A FEW DAYS, you will be at the half-way point of the year. This is an excellent time to reflect on your year to date performance, and if necessary, make some immediate course corrections.   …continues

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