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For Hustlers Only – Part 3

“Let them sleep while you hustle. Let them play while you grind it out. Let them dream while you make your dreams come true.” – Gary Ryan Blair

The 100 Day Challenge is your catalyst for dramatically accelerating your results and overall performance… primarily because we focus on one thing—getting you from point A to B as quickly as possible.

The single best strategy for solving problems quickly, for creating radical results fast and for achieving your goals with supersonic speed is to…play a strong, relentless offense that is fueled by good old-fashioned hustle.

Teaching you how to hustle and deploy a strong offense…more specifically, how become a formidable opponent, an unstoppable powerhouse, a lean, mean results generating machine that is so dominant and so superior to your competition…is what this entire hustle series has been all about.


Grand Chess Master Adolf Anderssen said it best…“Attack! Always Attack!”.

In Chess, the process of making the pieces move has received a special name. It is called the attack.

The attack is an aggressive, proactive move meant to advance and strengthen your position, remove obstructions and weaken your opponent’s defense.

In life as in Chess…it’s not wise to be a passive player…to operate from a defensive position as you’ll be checkmated in no time and the game will be over.

What follows is a three-point game plan for becoming an offensive threat. Deploy it consistently and you’ll be literally astonished by the results.

1. Pounce on Opportunity

A good hustler pounces when the irons hot…as they know that opportunity has absolutely no value if not pounced upon the moment it presents itself.

Pouncing with speed, intensity and resolve is a brilliant offensive move that can quickly and radically transform your life and fast track your goals.

Every day of your life provides a multiple of unique opportunities to hustle…to shine, to deliver outstanding service, to go the extra mile, to showcase your strengths, and to dazzle and amaze.

Each one is important, each one counts, each one has infinite value…but only if you hustle and pounce on it.

2. Move Fast

Speed is a highly leveragable offensive strategy and a favored move for those who hustle.

The beautiful thing about speed is that it brings with it a reputation of confidence, clarity of purpose, strength of conviction and savvy execution.

Therefore, make speed your calling card and bake it into everything you do. Create a culture of speed: speed of decision-making, speed of execution, speed of customer service, speed of problem solving, speed of everything…

3. Enforce Your Will

Willpower is your offensive superpower…it’s an undeniable declaration that you are going to succeed.

To hustle involves enforcing your will over any obstacle, setback or resistance force. It means that you have the type of spirit that is incapable of being overcome, subdued, or vanquished and proves to yourself and to the world that you can do anything you set your mind to.

Great heart will not be denied, and those who know how to hustle realize that there is no such thing as great talent nor great results without great willpower.


To be forewarned is to forearmed…you are not the only one out there with your eye on the prize.

You are not the only one who wants that promotion…that big sale…that best selling book…

You are not the only one who desperately wants that trophy or first place prize.

You are not the only one out there looking to seize that new opportunity…the one that can set you up for life.

That’s why you must always stay hungry, always keep hustling as while things may come to those who wait…it will ONLY be the table scraps left by those who hustle.

Winning in this highly competitive world of ours requires that out-behave, out-perform, out-class and out-hustle your competitors.

And if you’re ready to put that hustle muscle into play, then you’re they type of person who the 100 Day Challenge was created for.


You just received a small taste of just 1 of the 100 powerful offensive strategies built into this very special program…and if you’d like to learn the other 99 strategies in full detail, then be sure to go here and check out all the exciting details.

It would be an honor to show you how to hustle your way to getting more done in the next 100 days than most people do over the course of ten years.

In closing, always remember that while others might be taller, better looking and maybe even more talented…that hustle will always beat talent when talent doesn’t hustle.

Everything Counts!

Gary Ryan Blair

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