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Now or Later

Now or Later

Molding desired behavior when children are young and receptive is far easier than the far more challenging work required to change behavior when they are older and perhaps… less receptive   …continues

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Every Vote Counts

Voter ignorance potentially opens the door for both elite manipulation and gross policy errors caused by politicians’ need to appeal to an ignorant electorate in order to win office.   …continues

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Gandhi’s Way

Gandhi advocated a simple, humble and unassuming lifestyle. He had lived modestly, wore traditional Indian dhoti and shawl, and ate plain vegetarian food. He said it does not require money to be  …continues

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Up or Down?

Everything you think, say and do has a direction, which moves you one step closer to, or one step further from your goals. There is no standing still. There is no staying the same.   …continues

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What’s Your Bias?

When it comes to excellence, integrity, driving results and unleashing your greatness…I do not adhere to objective standards, nor do I make any pretense of being objective. I’M BIASED and proud of it  …continues

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Excellence is not a relative term; you have NO CHOICE but to view it as the standard by which you must judge EVERYTHING you do. And, once you get serious about holding yourself to the  …continues

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Why You’re on the Payroll

Regardless of your talents, experience, and responsibilities, this is why you are on the payroll and what you are REALLY hired to do… surprise and delight, go the extra mile, exceed expectations, focus on … continues

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The Purpose of Life

What’s Your Purpose? Every person born and every thing ever created has a definite purpose. While this may seem so obvious, it is the obvious that often gets the cold shoulder of our attention. Consider all … continues

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Be Happy

Happiness is an aphrodisiac; anyone who has experienced it will crave it again and again. Happiness is a choice; it’s an emotion that can be found in any circumstance  …continues

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